Saturday, June 1, 2024

Curacao trip


May Journaling

1.     Got highlights in my hair, trying to look younger still. My hairdresser bought a baby seal toy from me, and offered to let me bring in a small basket of items for sale, for Uganda.

2.     Bible study. Crocheted a baby yoda, a cactus pin cushion, a white chick, a watermelon keychain, and working on a crochet bag for myself.

3.     Went to a special physiotherapist today for an assessment. Filled out travel documents for Curacao and started our packing.

4.     Laundry, prepping for my class, and crocheting. Made a rainbow (real rainbow) chicken for my grandniece, as well as a baby seal, a mini mushie pop and a leggy froggy backpack buddy for her. They live in B.C.

5.     Church. My husband preached in the evening. A lady from Nigeria and her three children showed up on the doorstep; we got them dinner, found a place for them for the night, and permanent housing beginning the next day, but she is not likely to be able to stay in Canada. She came to visit, overstayed her welcome, and thinks she can just work without a permit. Not likely.

6.     Picked up my blister pack of meds for our trip, and got my eyebrows waxed. Made a rainbow caterpillar; I’ll post a picture. I also made two rainbow mushie pops, a leggy froggy keychain, and a frog purse.

7.     Finishing up packing.

8.     Botox.

9.     Chiro and massage.

10. Heading to Curacao for a week. Staying at Dreams Resort.

11. Going for Indonesian food with John’s relatives.

12. Swam with sea turtles. Saw flamingos in the wild. Had a special birthday dinner in a private room, courtesy of our travel buddies. They are so thoughtful.

13. Stayed on the resort, ate at the seafood restaurant for dinner.

14. Walked on the ocean floor with a special helmet for 45 minutes; fed fish, held a sea urchin. My legs were so white it looked like I had white pants on in the video. We couldn’t stop laughing. Took pictures in town and went shopping.

15. The beach at the resort is very nice. They showed us the new concept pods they are building; first in the world. Went out for dinner with John’s family again, for pasta. I gave his aunt a copy of my book.

16. Played cards together most evenings. Went back into town for Punda Vibes with John’s cousin, the live music and open stores every Thursday. Crossed the Queen Emma bridge and had to take the free ferry back over because it swung open for a ship to pass.

17. Last morning swim, then the flight home.

18. Laundry; exhausted from travel.

19. Church, then helping to host a missionary family for lunch.

20. Our third grandchild is having a birthday party for her fourth birthday. Beautiful day to be outside. Our friend’s sister and her family arrived in Canada from Venezuela as permanent residents. They already have work.

21. Pain clinic, without my mom.

22. Physio. Prayer meeting.

23. Final Bible study until September. Had CAA change my battery in my car for the long trip this weekend. Finishing up some more amigurumi projects.

24. An eye appointment with my mom to check if her cataracts are any worse, or need surgery. She doesn’t. Going to host the speaker of the women’s retreat this weekend. Making salmon wellington and asparagus. Packing.

25. Driving to Elim Lodge. I will be bringing my amigurumi toys.

26. Returned from the retreat. Left a favourite cardigan behind. Sold $200 in products.

27. Writing and crocheting. Made a few more rainbow mushie pops which are popular, and a garland of fall coloured maple leaves for my mantle.

28. Made a walrus, a cat, a leggy froggy keychain, and a colourful water bottle carrier. Shopping with my mom. Dropping off more amigurumi at the hairdressers. Prayer meeting.

29. Started the online safe food handling course since I am in charge of snacks for the VBS this year.

30. Worked on the course for another hour. Ran some errands for my mom. Sent $350 to Uganda from craft sales.

31. Continuing the food handling course. Crocheted some pumpkings and a corn on the cob.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

My 60th!


April Journaling

1.     It’s our daughter’s final day of school. She was working on her Masters’ degree in Social Work at U of T. Now she’s done and will be rehired at her current work place as a therapist.

2.     My mom is going to get a 24 hour blood pressure monitor put on. It’s all over the map each day. Our daughter and her fiancĂ© are coming by on their way to Ottawa. He is moving here from Colorado. Also meeting his dog, Aldo today.

3.     Chiro and massage. I can’t believe I let the dog on the couch and a bed; we never did that with our dog, but then this one is old and set in his ways.

4.     Finished watching The Ten Commandments movie, then did our course online instead of going downtown. Just one class to go.

5.     Pain clinic. I made a white and purple snail and a giant hippo.

6.     I made keychain coffee cups and a mini octo.  I made a water bottle carrier for my grandson, now two more for the girls.

7.     Church.

8.     My friend had her surgery. It looks like she either doesn’t have cancer or it is only early stage. So thankful.

9.     Took my mom to her doctor’s appointment. Total solar eclipse today but the sky is overcast so I may not get a chance to use my glasses. Didn’t see it.

10. Made a youtube video of my crocheting for the month of March. I changed the name to MimiMadeThis!

11. Bible study class. Final class on Romans. We arranged pizza, samosas, treats, coffee, tea, and pop. I also gave out copies of my book as a gift.

12. Went to John and Esther’s for dinner to reconnect with missionaries to Zambia who are back home in Canada permanently.

13. Working on my lesson for next week. Pricing my amigurumi for my first official sale next Saturday. All proceeds to, orphans in Uganda.

14. Church. One of the men drove a corvette stingray that belongs to his friend.

15. Went to a skin clinic to lift my eyebrows since one has been droopy since the pain clinic doctor did it two months ago. It’s so annoying.

16. Getting new spring/summer tires on.

17. Grandparents’ day at the grandkids’ school. Staying for dinner with my mom. Bringing the kids’ water bottle carriers that I made.

18. Bible study Exodus 23 and 24. My husband is writing his exam this evening.

19. Our grandson came for the weekend, just him, for some special attention because he had a rough week. He and my husband watched the first Star Wars movie.

20. Today, they went to a trout pond with friends and he caught two large rainbow trout. Then they watched the second Star Wars movie. Then they went downtown to watch a TFC soccer game, which they got free tickets to, from a man at church. It was a long, full day. Meanwhile, I went (along with my mom) to Trinity Baptist Church to speak at one of their women’s meetings. It was also lunch and a wedding shower. So I spoke on marriage from Scripture, and then gave some marriage advice. I was also able to sell a few books and toys. I sold $300 in toys, plus $150 elsewhere, and all of the money goes straight to Uganda.

21. We had church this morning where we accepted two new members. Then we had a newcomer’s lunch. And then my husband drove our grandson halfway home where his parents picked him up. I gave them all new toys; a Scottish cow, an elephant, and a turtle.

22. We’ve got to start preparing for our trip. I have to drop off all my pills at one of my pharmacies so they can put them in blister packs and there won’t be any grief at the border. I take too many to bring the original bottles. Also doing laundry and tidying up for spring cleaning tomorrow by our housekeeper and a friend of hers. It’s a big job.

23. Spring cleaning. My mom has a cardiologist appointment today, so I go with her.

24. Prayer meeting. My sister is retiring.

25. Bible study on the furnishings of the tabernacle. There are so many Scarlet Threads in that chapter. I had an appointment with my family doctor today. I need to go to physio for a problem.

26. Bought a few things for our upcoming trip, like water shoes and bathing suits. Paid my taxes.

27. Women’s ministry breakfast. It’s a cultural breakfast, so I’m bringing Finnish pancakes (like crepes). I started a granny triangle grey shawl but I ran out of yarn, so I’ll have to buy another ball of yarn before I can finish it. I have so many wips (works-in-progress).

28. Church. Made an emotional support pickle, which my mom wanted, and two mini stingray keychains, a purple butterfly and a phone/sunglass case.

29. Trying to catch up with my writing but the next crochet project keeps beckoning me. I procrasti-crochet.

30. It’s my sixtieth birthday! My sister retired today.

Monday, April 1, 2024

Mom is 84!


March Journaling

1.     Went to dinner at John and Esther’s and to encourage each other after a tough week at church. Had butter chicken and played cards.

2.     Working on my lesson for this week about the ten commandments. Then the following week is March break so I’m off.

3.     Church.

4.     Chiro and massage. VBS meeting. I’ll be doing snacks again.

5.     Crocheted a silly goose, a mouse, a bunny, and a donut bear.

6.     Crocheted a leggy froggy. Prayer meeting.

7.     Taught my class, then went downtown for dinner and our seminary course on Romans. More drama at church. The elders have spent sooooo much time on these issues.

8.     The grandkids are coming for three nights. It is March break.

9.     The situation at church imploded, but things should get calmer afterwards.

10. Church, minus two couples.

11. Made a big frog, a pink and a grey mini whale, a clown fish, and a light green snake.

12. Made a reversible octopus and a teal-coloured mini whale. Working on my podcast; I am not teaching this week because of March break.

13. My aunt in London has bone cancer. She is 79. My mom went for an abdominal ultrasound. Her doctor wants to see her on Thursday to discuss the results of it and her bloodwork. I’m concerned. She may have gallstones or something worse.

14. Prayer meeting was incredible. Four times the number of people as a week ago and such peace and great fellowship. Same as Sunday.

15. Went to the doctor with my mom. No gallstones but her liver needs more investigation, bloodwork repeated. Downtown for our course.

16. Getting all the paperwork together for the accountant to do our taxes. So tedious. I hate doing it….but it’s necessary so we get our money.

17. At church for a joint men’s and women’s ministry breakfast. Also packing blessing bags for the unhoused.

18. Finishing up paperwork for taxes and to sign my mom up for the free government dental care plan. Crocheted an orange and black striped snake for my grandson and made five cute oysters. My youngest granddaughter wants all of them. Annual general meeting tonight. It went well.

19. Telephone appointment with my mom’s doctor. Her liver bloodwork was normal, but her ultrasound showed some coarse texture but no cirrhosis, fatty liver, or lesions. She will be referred to a liver specialist anyway. Crocheting. Made a little hen, a donut buddy snowman and a mini blueberry. I want to make some small items to add to keychains or hooks for backpacks.

20. Dentist. Prayer meeting.

21. Watched the first half of the Ten commandments movie. Downtown for a course.

22. Dropped off our taxes and ran some other errands.

23. Went to a seminar at church on finances.

24. Church, then my husband counselled a friend who is having marriage trouble. Made a few brown chickens, a chicken nugget keychain, and some water bottle holders. One is for my mom’s birthday.

25. Making the final payment on our upcoming trip. Made a yellow and black striped snake, a pink chicken, a grey hippo, another blueberry keychain.

26. Housekeeper. I had forgotten, so had to scramble to tidy up. Booking appointments for my mom, working on a message for an upcoming women’s meeting at another church, and working on my podcast message. I’m at Joshua chapter twelve.

27. It’s my mom’s 84th birthday; so glad she’s still with us and fairly independent. Heard today that our friend Esther, who we travel with has cancer. So shocked.

28. Our Romans course. My husband was off this week writing his paper. We drove downtown and had dinner at our usual place, The Blake House.

29. Good Friday. We’re having a joint service with the Mandarin church plant.

30. Crocheting like crazy. A baby seal, a koala donut buddy, a gator, chicken nuggets, oranges, a watermelon slice, a red hen and a giant white hen. And two mini whales.

31. Resurrection Sunday. Christ is risen!

Wednesday, March 6, 2024


February Journaling

1.     Our first grandchild, Benny is nine today. I know it is clichĂ© to say time flies but it really does. He is the sweetest boy.

2.     So busy; helping with the AGAPE Gala seating plan and appetizers. Editing some papers for my husband and our pastor, keeping up with my podcast and Bible class, learning amigurumi patterns, taking a seminary course, running a household, going to medical appointments for me and my mom, and helping out with the grandkids when I can. All while fitting in a daily nap so I can keep going.

3.     Ordered some safety eyes for my amigurumi projects, along with some chenille soft yarn for plushies.

4.     Church. Something’s brewing.

5.     So busy. Someone sent a paper for me to edit; it is 23 pages. I sell myself short and only charge $1 per page, but it takes a long time, for some more than others if English isn’t their first language.

6.     Making the seating plan, almost done. We have room for 66, we’re at 62 confirmed. Crocheted a little cow.

7.     Crocheted a leggy froggy. So cute.

8.     Our granddaughter is seven today. At our Bible study today the ladies gave me a nice thank you card and $150 I was so surprised. I went and bought yarn, because, you know, addictions. Doing the Romans course from home tonight because Esther is sick.

9.     Crocheted a medium sized plushie turtle.

10. Crocheted a mini stingray.

11. Church. My husband preached in the evening. Steak for dinner.

12. Writing day. Chicken noodle soup for dinner.

13. Yesterday I made more amigurumi: another manta ray, a mini dino, and a little duck. I also started an elephant.

14. Started a crab and made another leggy froggy. Valentines Day. Prayer meeting.

15. Taught this morning on the song of Moses and manna. We did our course online because of the snow. People in Toronto have no clue how to drive in snow, speaking as a northern Ontario girl.

16. Our pain clinic appointment got cancelled. The grandkids and parents came by on their way to a friend’s farm for Family Day weekend. I made them dinner. I was excited to show the kids the amigurumi toys I made. Of course they wanted them all.

17. Catch up day.

18. Church then out for lunch with a new couple and our travel buddies. No evening service.

19. Our daughter returned from her two week trip to Costa Rica engaged! It is Family Day.

20. Pain clinic. I made an elephant, a few clams, another leggy froggy, a crab, a mini octopus, a donut animal-elephant and a chick.

21. Prayer meeting. Going to H-town tomorrow for an overnight.

22. Made a mini blue whale, a chameleon, and a pink octopus.

23. Home from H-town. My cousin and his wife are in town so we went out for dinner with them.

24. Quiet day at home preparing my lesson for this week. Finished crocheting my grandson’s dinosaur. Started a donut animal Scottish cow.

25. Church. There’s trouble brewing.

26. Want to book our trip in May. For my 60th birthday we will go to Curacao with our travel buddies John and Esther to an all-inclusive resort.

27. Housekeeper, doctor’s appointment with my mom.

28. Dental appointment with my mom; it’s my first time at my new dentist, who goes to our church.

29. A meeting at church with the elders and the people who are stirring up trouble. Praying for unity, repentance, and reconciliation, but if not, there will need to be discipline.

Friday, February 2, 2024

Worry Worms


January Journaling

1.     Started the new year with a mimosa. Quiet evening last night, which is how I like it. Cooked and baked ahead.

2.     Cleaned out some closets and brought stuff to value village. Undecorated from Christmas. My husband is sick and will work from home; he wants to get better before the grandkids come on the weekend.

3.     Chiro and massage.

4.     Ordered our photo book from the previous year.

5.     My mom has a dental appointment then I’m driving out to pick up the grandkids for the weekend.

6.     Busy day for the kids, Finnish pancakes for breakfast, kids’ shows, shopping for fishing lures, a long hike to tire them out, building forts in the basement, grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, smelts and scalloped potatoes and carrots for dinner, and a sauna in the evening. That always tires them out.

7.     Church with the grandkids with us. Our daughter and son-in-law came for lunch and to pick up the kids. I made ribs, baked sweet potatoes, and salad for lunch. Church in the evening.

8.     I baked a cinnamon loaf with the leftover sweet potatoes. It was so-so.

9.     Bought a new fire-proof box for important documents. The fire on the deck this past summer has made us nervous. Also our toaster oven caught fire the other day, so after two toaster ovens we opted for a regular toaster again. Writing.

10. Prayer meeting. Crocheting so many scarves, usually one per evening. I gave away many at Christmas and these will be for women in my Bible study class.

11. In the new year I started Finnish lessons with duolingo to improve my vocabulary and grammar.

12. Our photo book arrived. I like it but I wish they would let me choose my favourite pictures.

13. Baking for tomorrow at church. Got my hair highlighted.

14. Church. Paid for our course at seminary starting this week. Roast beef, mashed potatoes, and corn.

15. Writing; I’m far behind on my podcast episodes.

16. Crocheting, laundry, cooking, writing, Finnish lesson.

17. Writing. Prayer meeting. Baking a cake for our class on Thursday.

18. Taught my class and then gave out some scarves and ear warmers I made for them. Nap, then went downtown to have dinner at a restaurant and then we had our first course on Romans. The cookies and cake were a hit along with timbits and coffee.

19. Posted a podcast after a long while. It seems to be taking me longer to write each episode. Goin out for dinner with friends. He was the best man at our wedding. They live a few blocks away yet we only see each other maybe once a year. At least we stay caught up with them through facebook.

20. Our daughter and grandkids are coming over for the day. We had a good day.

21. Church.

22. Home day; writing and crocheting and tidying up.

23. Housekeeper. Attending a doctor’s appointment with my mom.

24. Went to Hamilton because the daycare for the youngest is closed today. Picked up the others from school and made dinner, babysat while the parents got a break to themselves, and slept over.

25. Dropped off the kids at school and drove home to an appointment with my mom but it was canceled and she didn’t get the message, so I could have taught today after all. Romans course downtown tonight.

26. I’m so proud of myself. I wanted to learn how to make amigurumi, which are crocheted stuffed toys. Two nights ago I watched a youtube video and made a little yellow octopus, then a grey, purple, and blue one. Now I’m hooked and want to make all kinds. The grandkids want them all of course. I made them worry worms. I’ll post pictures.

27. Women’s meeting this morning.

28. Church, then lunch at a friend’s house to try out the sample menu for the upcoming Agape Gala.

29. Laundry, writing, crocheting.

30. Another day at home, I’ve been keeping up with daily Finnish lessons on duolingo. I had one day when I was in first place.

31. Planned for the women’s retreat speaker, they wanted the same one as last year, and she was happy to come.

Sunday, December 31, 2023



December Journaling

1.     Getting my winter tires on today. Went to a President’s Banquet at the Old Mill. It is for Toronto Baptist Seminary, and our Pastor and his wife came along. So nice to see old friends.

2.     Our daughter is here for the weekend again. Slept poorly last night. Sauna this evening. Ready for my class on Thursday.

3.     Church. Went grocery shopping.

4.     Writing. I didn’t post one episode of my podcast last month because I was so busy. Chili and cornbread for dinner.

5.     Crocheting. Discovered a new stitch on youtube. Made a scarf with fringe and an ear warmer to match. Haddock and corn on the cob for dinner.

6.     Chiro. Haircut. Prayer meeting. Cobb salad for dinner.

7.     Taught my class. My husband had his work Christmas party so I drove him there and picked him up so he could have a drink. Ordered my Christmas meal from Longos again.

8.     Pain clinic.

9.     Crocheting scarves; found an easy and unique pattern and learned how to put fringe on them.

10. Church. My husband preached in the evening. Italian wedding soup for lunch and spaghetti carbonara for dinner. It seems we’re Italian today. Our grandkids were in the Christmas play at church; the oldest boy was a wise man; his dad painted a beard on him and now I can’t tell him apart from his dad, the oldest girl was a cow in a cow suit with a painted face, and the youngest girl was a sheep with a white face and a black nose. So cute.

11. Writing. My final lesson for this week is done, so working on my podcast episode.

12. Botox injections for pain.

13. Prayer meeting. Spaghetti and sauce with sausage for dinner.

14. Final lesson of the year. Chicken pot pie for dinner, also made four for the freezer.

15. My husband and I are going to babysit this evening so our daughter can go to a Christmas party.

16. Baking for coffee time tomorrow.

17. Church. Our friends who we travelled with this summer are back from another cruise.

18. Writing. Cleaning out a cupboard. Our church Christmas party is at a Greek restaurant tonight.

19. Home day; preparing my pills for the next month.

20. Elders and wives’ dinner tonight. I am bringing dessert; a chocolate cake.

21. Going to Hamilton to watch the grandkids in their school Christmas play of some songs from Handel’s Messiah.

22. The parcels of Christmas gifts for the orphans in Uganda arrived today, just in time for Christmas. An answer to prayer. Our daughter came from Ottawa and her boyfriend from Colorado. They decorated the Christmas tree. I crocheted six strings of white snowflakes. I’ll post a picture.

23. My sister who lives in B.C. showed up unexpectedly for Christmas. My mom was so happy.

24. The grandkids aren’t coming to sleep over after all since one of them has been vomiting all night.

25. Hosted Christmas dinner for sixteen family members. Our grandkids have a lull in illness so they’re coming for the day after all, which makes the whole holiday better.

26. Clean up.

27. Our daughter went back to Ottawa and her boyfriend returned to Colorado. Making turkey broth for soup and turkey pot pie with leftovers. Setting our budget for the new year.

28. Baked some vegan eggnog bundt cake to freeze for my daughter and her boyfriend. It was made with oat nog, vegan butter, and flax eggs.

29. I crocheted about twelve scarves this month. It takes one evening to make one along with a matching ear warmer if I have enough yarn. I’ll post a picture. I learned how to make fringe on youtube. My wrist is sore from the repetitive stress.

30. I made homemade shrimp and okra soup which we haven’t had in years.

31. Church. Had Mary Brown’s chicken and okra for dinner. I’ve been doing my Bible teaching podcast, Bible Companion Series for four years now. I have 259 episodes, covering the books Genesis to Deuteronomy, Job, and now into Joshua. If you are planning to read through the Bible chronologically in 2024, come along with me. Bible Companion Series | Podcasts