Thursday, September 2, 2021

Buried Treasure

August Journaling

1.    Covid week 71, watched church online. My husband still has another week off work.

2.    Heard our daughter will be coming home on the weekend for a wedding.

3.    I’m annoyed with my disability pension company. My payment which usually comes in on the 27th still isn’t in. I had to wait over the long weekend to call them and they said it would be in tomorrow. I have bills to pay.

4.    Still no pay. Annoying. My mom is returning home after spending ten days in London with my aunt while we were away.

5.    Visiting the grandkids since my husband is still off. We went to the war plane museum and had a picnic lunch. The kids got to sit in a plane. I’ll post a picture. Our four year old granddaughter said she wants to be a pilot when she grows up and will take us wherever we want to go. Then we ordered in. Our other daughter arrived this evening by train. It’s way cheaper than renting a car and she’s double-vaxed.

6.    My disability finally came in ten days late. We had rainbow trout from up north and Greek salad, and Mexican street corn. I discovered it last week and can’t do just butter anymore. Olympic gold in men’s 200 metre race and women’s soccer.

7.    We had Pino sausages from Sault Ste. Marie. This time we were smart and bought five packages of six. They are unlike anything else; not greasy at all. My cousin married a Pino and the store belongs to them.

8.    Our daughter went to a friend’s wedding reception yesterday and is returning home tonight. COVID week 72.

9.    Writing day. Our dishwasher broke just before we went up north. When we returned, we called in a company without checking up on them. They scammed us for $300. When we called back to say it was still broken, they said we’d have to pay $900 for parts. I don’t think so. Then we checked reviews on yelp and BBB and found they are not to be trusted. Don’t use the A team appliance repair. I wrote some reviews and also posted on our neighbourhood facebook page. So we bought a new one instead. The other lasted eight years.

10. Pain clinic and delivery of our new dishwasher.

11. Since no diet has worked for me with significant results, I’m going to try one that is working for a woman at church. It’s called Eat Like a Bear. It’s basically one meal per day; a ridiculously large salad with protein, and then intermittent fasting. I can’t eat that much in one sitting; it’s supposed to be done in an hour. I will divide it in two and eat over a five hour window, of lunch and supper (12-5), then fast for 19 hours. I hope I can do it. I did 12 hours before the first meal. Starting today. I weigh 174.4 lb. At my heaviest I was 186. My goal is to lose 50 pounds, or to get to 125 lb ideally. Let’s roll!

12. I lost 1.6 pounds overnight. They say most lose five pounds in the first three days. Two days to go.

13. I lost 2.6 pounds in two days. It was surprisingly easy to fast considering how full you feel.

14. We had a fundraiser at church for missions. We have people at our church who work for LEGO and the Raptors, so we have good items at the silent auction.

15. We went for a picnic lunch at a local conservation area. Our daughter from Ottawa is coming for one night. She had a friend’s bachelorette weekend. COVID week 73.

16. Our daughter did a painting. I’ll post a picture. I was quite impressed with it. She let us keep it.

17. The grandkids came for two nights.

18. Went to a local farm with the kids. They loved feeding the animals.

19. The kids went home after we went to Rotary Park for a picnic, playground, and water park, then out for ice cream.

20. I’m doing intermittent fasting and it’s actually not hard. I’ve never fasted before except for a 30 hour famine fundraiser years ago, which was soooo hard. My husband has another two weeks off.

21. Drove up to Muskoka to visit and celebrate my brother-in-law’s 55th birthday.

22. COVID week 74.

23. Driving to Ottawa for two nights to see our daughter. Went out for dinner at a local restaurant.

24. Went on a touristy cruise of the Ottawa River then to the Chateau Laurier for lunch. Walked over 8 km; so tired. Then out for dinner at a steak and seafood place.

25. Drive home. Stopped at the Big Apple.

26. Groceries. Laundry.

27. Beach day.

28. We’re going to take the grandkids for two nights tomorrow, since my husband is still on vacation and my daughter needs a break. He has been telling them pirate stories so we bought a little box that looks like a treasure chest and filled it with coin shaped chocolates in silver and gold foil. My husband will bury it in our yard. He also made some treasure maps with clues, which we’ll put in a bottle and leave in the yard.

29. COVID week 75. The kids arrived today.

30. Treasure hunt and water park. I’ll post pictures. My grandson said it was the best day of his life.

31. Brought the kids back home.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Cottage life


July Journaling

1.    Canada Day! Not too proud to be a Canadian these days, with the recent discovery of over 1,000 bodies of indigenous children buried at residential schools among other things like the passage of a law restricting freedom to counsel. We bbq’d but are really feeling the side effects from our vaccination. Sore, heavy arm and lethargy.

2.    It’s been eight years since we had to put our dog, Kody down. Still miss him.

3.    My mom is mostly moved in and getting used to using the stair lift.

4.    COVID week 68. No evening services till September.

5.    Our youngest daughter got her second shot today. Our other daughter and her husband got theirs a day before we did.

6.    School prep for the last time for my middle grandchild.

7.    Final day of pre-school with Mimi for Robin. I wrote a report card too. I loved doing it but it’s a lot of work. Now I have two years ‘off’ until the newest one is ready for nursery school.

8.    Calm before the storm. The two older grandkids are coming to sleep over for two nights. Trip to Costco.

9.    Greek food for dinner.

10. Busy day with the kids; we’re too old and sick for this, but love having them over.

11. Church online since the grandkids are here, then lunch and driving the kids back home to Hamilton. Then watched the Euro Cup soccer final. Italy defeated England. Boo.

12. Dentist.

13. Aah, grooming, how I missed you. Got my eyebrows done, my haircut, and a mani-pedi. I feel like a human being again.

14. Chiro and massage. We had a virtual prayer meeting with one of our missionaries from Zambia. Oh, technology!

15. Step Three in Ontario, so indoor dining is on again! Going out of course.

16. Always nice when I hear of someone who read and enjoyed my book. It’s been out for two years now.

17. Got an idea for a new novel, but need to do a LOT of research first. Mayybe I’ll plan to do the first draft in November during NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing month. I did it two years ago for my Joseph story, which will probably just sit ‘in a drawer’ for a while, since one of my favourite authors in this same genre just released a book on the exact same characters. I’m afraid to read hers because I don’t want to be influenced when I’m doing my editing. I know mine is different, and I had already started it when she announced it as her next project, so I know mine is ‘original’ in that sense. But too bad, I really like it and would have liked to send it out there. Oh well.

18. Covid week 69. We had three baptisms today, so nice to hear the testimonies.

19. Our newest granddaughter is signing ‘more’, can clap, wave, blow kisses, and play peek-a-boo. She also does a lot of baby talk and can say about ten words.

20. Packing for our trip up north next week.

21. Zoom meeting with one of our missionaries in Zambia. At first people weren’t concerned about COVID since they thought of it as a rich person’s disease. Only rich people could travel, so they were the only people infected. Then it spread to others, no vaccines, and no supplies in hospital, so then the fear took hold. Our friend had some staff and students at the seminary and Bible college die.

22. Last minute cooking of sauces and dressings and soups so it’s easier there.

23. So much to pack.

24. Long drive up north to a cottage for seven nights with the grandkids and our daughter and son-in-law again, like last year. During Covid this is the only option for travel. Likely the last one since next year the Americans will stay there again. Although it still took nine hours because we had to stop frequently because of the kids, it seemed faster than last year, maybe because we left earlier, so we arrived earlier. The kids are so excited.

25. My cousin and her husband came to visit us and spend the day. They both have cancer, hers is more advanced but responding well. They are both unsaved. Also saw two guys who were friends forty years ago. Man, we’re old. Covid week 70 but no church this week.

26. It’s our 35th wedding anniversary! Visiting friends at the camp/cottage that used to belong to my aunt and uncle. I spent a lot of time there when I was young. It’s the only place I can still go to where my dad has also been.

27. My husband went fishing to a remote lake with a friend who has a float plane. I’m doing some crafts with the kids. He came home with ten fish.

28. Visiting my dad’s gravesite and then spending the day at my cousin’s house on a lake. My son-in-law kindly touched up his name on the tombstone. I’ll post a picture. We didn’t have time to do the dates; maybe next time. My daughter wanted to go water skiing. There were three generations there: cousins, second cousins, and third cousins. Should have taken a picture.

29. Last day at the cottage. Lots of fishing and campfire and packing.

30. Travel day.

31. So. Much. Laundry.

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Stair lift for mom

June Journaling

1.    Pain clinic for back injections.

2.    My husband’s cousin sent a family tree record of his mom’s side of the family going back four generations.

3.    This is the 23rd anniversary of my husband’s cancer surgery and his cancer has never recurred; thank God!

4.    It’s Friday so we ordered in; my husband got his usual Pho Vietnamese soup, I got Greek chicken souvlaki and Greek salad.

5.    We are having jerk chicken today.

6.    Covid week 64.

7.    We have an online appointment to renew our life insurance but I wouldn’t be surprised if they cancelled it because my husband has had cancer (23 years ago) and I have chronic illnesses. I find they’ll say I’m too sick to be insured and not sick enough for benefits. We had a company come in and give us a quote for a stair lift since my mom is moving back in with us at the end of the month.

8.    I had an appointment with my hormone doctor. Going to try a detox and booked an appointment with a dietician. Why does nothing work for me?

9.    School day brought to you by the letter Hh, the number 11, hieroglyphics, the story of Hannah, Heaven, Hopeful Homer. My daughter cut my bangs. At one point we walked past my mom with my bangs combed forward so she asked my daughter, “What’s the name of your horse?”

10. Penultimate Bible study before summer break.

11. The patios are open today, so we went out to an Italian restaurant patio.

12. Happy to hear our grandkids will be going to Christian school afterall.

13. Covid week 65; back to in-person worship again. Yay!

14. Chiro and massage, and a home appointment for insurance for bloodwork and a medical history.

15. A good day of writing.

16. Dental appointment to replace a filling.

17. Summary of the book of Job. Now a three month break. It’s my husband’s 58th birthday. Celebrating tomorrow when the grandkids come over.

18. Dietician consult. The grandkids are coming over for one night.

19. Exhausting morning with the grandkids, making crafts for father’s day tomorrow, long nap once they left.

20. It’s been two years since my book launch. Covid week 66. Father’s Day!

21.  First day of summer!

22. Prepping for school tomorrow.

23. School day brought to you by the letter Ii, the number 12, the colour indigo, the shape cone, making ice cream, learning about the 12 disciples and the 12 months of the year. Virtual field trips of an ice cream parlour and learning about the Inuit, inukshuks, and igloos. Making an igloo out of mini marshmallows, and inukshuks on the flag of Nunavut.

24. Our daughter is coming home from Ottawa for the weekend.

25. Making sea bass and scallops for our daughter.

26. Had a difficult conversation with our daughter. Much prayer needed.

27. COVID week 67, in person at church.

28. My mom moved back in with us today.

29. Pain clinic for back injections.

30. Getting a stairlift installed for my mom’s apartment in the basement. I'll post a picture. Also getting our second COVID shot today, so we’ll be fully vaccinated when we go up north in a few weeks. It was done by my pain clinic doctor who also works with my family doctor. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

700th blogpost!


May Journaling

1.    This is my 700th blog post!

2.    Church covid week 59.

3.    I made a 3-D blanket for my sister-in-law so we dropped it off and had a roadside visit.

4.    Pain clinic.

5.    Cinco de mayo. Tacos for dinner.

6.    Finally finished a blanket for my mother-in-law’s birthday. I’ll post a picture of it as well as the one I made for my sister-in-law.

7.    My husband’s elderly aunt died in Florida.

8.    The women at our church are doing the 30 hour famine this weekend, to raise money for hungry people around the world. There are 800 million people who are food insecure. Staggering numbers. I’ve done it before, when I was healthy. So I’ll sponsor all of them instead

9.    Church. Covid week 60. I had a BOTOX appointment tomorrow, but my doctor was suspended for not wearing a mask. He’s an antimasker/antivaxer so I don’t know if he’d wear one once he returns, whenever that is. He has a replacement who only works once a week, so I don’t know when he can fit me in.

10. Doing school prep for Wednesday.

11. Trying to send money to a friend in Malawi, but the banking is not set up for etransfer.

12. It’s my sister’s 59th birthday today.

13. This third wave is legit. I know of six people with covid; some are young and hospitalized.

14. Botox appointment with the replacement doctor. I needed it; so much pain in my head.

15. Went to the nursery today to get soil and vegetables for my backyard garden.

16. Church. Covid week 61.

17. Chiro and massage.

18. I lost a crown off my tooth while I was eating, and the worst part is I think I swallowed it. Eww.

19. Getting my crown replaced.

20. Got some podcast writing done.

21. Our third grandchild, Maren is one today. Born at home during the pandemic, she hasn’t met many people. But she is a happy baby and completes the family. I’ll post a picture.

22. Got my homework done for Bible study.

23. The provincial government announced new rules for reopening; it’s incredibly slow compared to last summer, considering that this summer more people are vaccinated.

24. It’s the long Victoria Day weekend. Woot! Woot!

25. Doing school prep for tomorrow.

26. School day brought to you by the letter Gg, the number 10, the Ten Commandments, and gravity.

27. Bible study and grocery shopping.

28. The grandkids are visiting this weekend. We ordered sushi for dinner, then had a sauna.

29. Our daughter and her husband went hiking while we took the grandkids out for a long walk in the ravine.

30. Church covid week 63.

31. A man at our church died last Sunday night quite suddenly. His son found him. He had the same last name as my husband and was also from Jamaica and looked a lot like my husband’s dad so we always joked we were probably related.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Mimi's sweatshop


April Journaling

1.    We are going out to eat at The Keg, one of our favourite restaurants, since I’m between diets, and a third lockdown is coming.

2.    On March 27th my mom turned 81. She came over to see her great grandkids who were visiting since she’s had her first vaccine and she hasn’t seen them for months.

3.    My husband and I got our first COVID vaccine today! We got an email from our doctor’s office yesterday saying they had an extra fifty doses of Astra Zeneca, so we booked an appointment and got it done. So thankful.

4.    Resurrection Sunday. Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Covid week 55.

5.    Finland was voted happiest country in the world for the fourth year in a row. I’d say more like content than jolly. Finns aren’t super emotive people.

6.    Pain clinic with my mom. I’m starting the keto diet today. I have forty more pounds to lose. I lost ten on Dr. Bernstein diet, but it’s not sustainable.

7.    I found a store called Ketotastic, which sells keto products and premade keto meals. I like this diet; I don’t feel hungry or deprived.

8.    Women’s Bible study online, continuing in the book of Job.

9.    I just found out that my sister and her daughters and granddaughter may be moving to New Zealand to work next year, so my mom will move back in with us.

10. Third lockdown; hopefully the last one. So we won’t see the grandkids this month.

11. My diet is going well; not losing pounds as much as inches, which is even better. Covid week 56.

12. Dental appointment.

13. Writing day. My grandkids each asked for a blanket for themselves, so Mimi’s sweatshop got to work. I’ll post pictures.

14. Paying the mortgage.

15. No Bible study this week since it’s the new Spring break because of Covid. Also, the provincial government has closed all schools and moved back to online learning indefinitely. Sad for my grandson who will probably not be going back to the Christian school. They’ll start in public school next fall.

16. Finally got ahead in writing my podcast episodes.

17. I heard my grandniece who is one and a half has COVID. My mom lives there so she needs to get tested.

18. Good news/bad news. My cousin’s lung cancer treatment is going well, and her tumors have shrunk by 50% so they’ll continue on. But her husband was just diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Covid week 57.

19. Frustrated with keto, I’m enjoying it, but not noticing any significant weight loss.

20. Good news: my cousin’s husband who was also diagnosed with cancer, just found out he has low grad Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, so it will just be watched and won’t require treatment till it changes to intermediate or high grade. He still has enlarged lymph nodes in his neck though.

21. Doh! I recorded a lengthy podcast only to find my microphone wasn’t linked. Virtual prayer meeting. My husband led the study.

22. Women’s Bible study, then writing. Also rerecorded the podcast. I wish I knew someone who could add intro and outro music to it. This is my second year in and still don’t have that which makes it more professional sounding. I get anywhere from 30-300 people listening to it, depending on the topic, but no subscribers other than myself. I guess I’m my biggest fan J. Women’s ministry online in the evening. Nice to be able to crochet while I listen and watch.

23. Every Friday we eat out or order in; more ordering in since the pandemic. My husband’s go-to is Vietnamese Pho soup which he’s enjoyed for about fifteen years. He even calls it Pho-riday. I like a variety. Today will be chicken souvlaki stick with tzatziki sauce and Greek salad, both of which are allowed on a keto diet.

24. Did some rare cleaning today. I hate cleaning.

25. Covid week 58. Online only. Ten are allowed in person, but that’s basically the team that opens and preaches and records. My husband is preaching next week, so I’ll go in person to support him. My mom and sister are coming over to clean the basement apartment in preparation for my mom moving back in with us at the end of June.

26. Getting a nice tax refund this year. J

27. Prepping to see the grandkids tomorrow, as my daughter needs childcare for an appointment and that is allowed during the lockdown.

28. School day; brought to you by the letter Ee, the number 8, the shape octagon, Ancient Egypt, and emotions. We had a great day, and I brought them each a blanket I had crocheted. They loved them. It’s the national day of mourning for those killed in workplace accidents. My dad would have been 82 this year, but he died at age 28 in a preventable accident. I’m 56 so I’ve lived two lifetimes for his one.

29. Bible study.

30. It’s my birthday. I can’t believe I’m 57. We ordered takeout from Chanterelle, a French bistro in Bowmanville. Delicious.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Honeycomb blanket


March 2021 Journaling

1.    Spent the morning writing. Our women’s Bible study group is beginning the book of Job on Thursday; I’d already written up my research notes for it for my podcast, so just filling in a few details, like Scarlet Threads.

2.    Writing some more; I had gotten behind on my podcasts. I’m now in the book of Leviticus. I’ve completed Genesis, Exodus, and Job. This will really be a life’s work, for however many years I may have left. It took one year to do those three books. Only 63 more to go. J At least some of them are short, only one chapter, like Obadiah, Nahum, Jude and Philemon. I hope to finish the Pentateuch by the end of the year.

3.    I crochet as fast as if I was getting paid for it, but I’m not.

4.    Women’s Bible Study on line. It went well.

5.    Writing in the morning. Made some tomato soup and mushroom soup.

6.    Finished the blanket for my daughter in Ottawa. I’ll post a picture.

7.    Covid week 51 in person at church.

8.    Writing.

9.    Pain clinic for back injections.

10. To Hamilton for school, brought to you by the letter Cc, the number 6, the hexagon, and the 7 C’s of History. We also did three crafts and played outside.

11. Bible study online.

12. Going to stay with the Dr. Bernstein diet till the end of the month since I paid for it, but I feel too deprived on it. I miss eggs, cheese, and bacon. So I’m looking into keto and it fits my lifestyle better.

13. Lost 15 pounds so far, but about ten inches, and I don’t snore, I sleep better, have more energy, my skin is healthier and softer, my husband says I look healthier, my heartburn is gone, my bp is a little lower, and according to the blood work, my inflammation levels are down, which affects my neurological symptoms and pain, and they are lessened as well. My mental clarity is a little better too. Imagine if I’d lose the other 35 pounds too!

14. Sore back today; hoping the appointments tomorrow will help. This was COVID week 52, which I’ve been counting by Sundays since the first lockdown. A year already. How much longer, I wonder.

15. The ides of March. Went to chiro and massage today.

16. A day of writing and crocheting; so many projects.

17. Went to Costco after a long time.

18. Women’s Bible study this morning and women’s ministry meeting online this evening.

19. Lost 16 pounds. Disappointed that it’s going so slowly.

20. Our granddaughter said, “I feel so tired, I think I have covid.”

21. Covid week 53, or year two week one. Getting our tax information together for the accountant.

22. Writing day.

23. Shopping; the two older grandkids are coming for the weekend, first time since Christmas. Our church AGM.

24. Baked a blueberry pie to help out a friend. Preparing for school on Friday.

25. Women’s Bible study.

26. My husband is off today. Picking up the older grandkids for the weekend. We did school there: brought to you by the letter Dd, the number 7, the shape semi-circle, the colour purple, dinosaurs, Daniel in the lion’s den, and painting using bok choy ends as stamps.

27. Our four year old granddaughter was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. She said, “A boss.” #yougogirl #girlpower

28. COVID week 54, or year two week two. Stayed home with the grandkids and watched online.

29. Went to scan our tax documents so I could send them in.

30. Taking a week off from dieting to have a few carbs before I start the keto diet. Looking forward to it, and researching it and recipes to try. Also found there’s a keto store in Oshawa Centre which has fresh foods to buy.

31. So many errands, then a nap, and got my hair cut and highlighted, as we’re sure to be heading into another lockdown after Easter.