Sunday, May 31, 2020

Pandemic Third Month

May Journaling

1.    I filled up my tank only because gas is so cheap; 80 cents/litre. I could have easily gone six weeks to the tank.

2.    I’m growing vegetables hydroponically from scraps. I’ll plant them outside when it warms up.

3.    COVID19 week seven. Indoor grilled steak and shrimp.

4.    I’m so grateful we still have an income and employment. When this is over, I’ll be even more grateful for hugs from my grandkids.

5.    I planted some vegetables grown from scraps into my stand-up planter boxes. Made chicken fajita lettuce wraps.

6.    Beautiful day for a walk in the neighbourhood. So many people out walking these days. Made Lake Erie pickerel and corn on the cob. Virtual prayer meeting.

7.    Making turkey and mashed potatoes. My husband’s big project is to clear out the garage so he can fit both cars in instead of just mine. He also needs to buy a small shed for the backyard.

8.    Homemade mushroom soup and turkey club sandwiches.

9.    It’s snowing! Snowing! On May 9th! I can’t believe it. We had steak and baked potatoes and salad for dinner.

10. COVID19 week eight. Also the second Lord’s Supper. It’s Mother’s Day. My girls bought me a Downton Abbey cookbook for my next dinner party. We ordered High Tea to go from the Tartan House B & B where we’ve taken our moms before. I also ordered one for myself. I am going to my mom’s to share ours together in her backyard, while staying apart. I also bought her a washable mask from a local designer. I am bringing some salsa to my sister for her birthday.

11. I bought some groceries, took a nap, and worked on my podcast.

12. It’s my sister’s 58th birthday. I can’t believe we’re both grandmothers (Mummis) now. I also had a pain clinic appointment for nerve block injections to my back. Glad they’re still open.

13. Virtual prayer meeting. My husband did the Bible study.

14. My mother-in-law turned 75 today but because of the pandemic we can’t celebrate. My daughter’s mother-in-law turned 65 today. My mom turned 80 in March and we had to miss that celebration, too.

15. It’s been two months now since we’ve been self-isolating. They’re starting to ease restrictions. Looking forward to seeing my grandkids again. Our daughter is due with her third baby any day now. She will deliver at home with a midwife for obvious reasons.

16. Not sleeping very well for some reason.

17. Ordered Greek food delivered.

18. Victoria Day.

19. Ravi Zacharias has died. He was a Christian apologist and preacher. He was converted from Hinduism after attempting suicide at the age of 17. He lived to age 74. Another great Christian leader of our generation promoted to glory. He was a Hindu from India. One of his best friends was a young man named Nabeel Quereshi, who was a former Muslim from Pakistan, who predeceased him quite young. According to the world, these two should have nothing in common. But in Christ, they are brothers. I can imagine the reunion, as they meet at the feet of the Saviour they both loved and served.

20. Virtual prayer meeting. Today was so warm, our whole neighbourhood seemed to be out walking.

21. We have a third grandchild; Maren Emilia. She was born at home during the global pandemic. “Thursday’s child is full of grace,” as a poem says. The midwife barely got there on time. Her mom only had a few hours of labour, and only 20 minutes of active labour. They called 911, the police got there first. They must have been afraid they’d have to deliver; as they didn’t even go into the room. Then the paramedics arrived, so the police went out to their car. The midwife ran up the stairs as she was pushing. So the paramedics left. You were born on a beautiful sunny day. She weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces which is a good size. It took a while for her parents to agree on a name. She is a rainbow baby; a baby who is born after a pregnancy loss; because she represents hope, like the rainbow after the global flood in Noah’s day.

22. We went and picked up the other two to sleep at our house for three nights. We hadn’t seen them for ten weeks because of the lockdown. The new parents wanted some time to spend with the new baby alone. We never expected to have more than two grandchildren, so she was a nice surprise!

23. I forgot how busy these kids could be. They saw my husband’s mom today, which made them all happy.

24. My mom came over to see the grandkids, we sat outside. She hadn’t seen them in ten weeks.

25. Snow earlier in the month, then a heat wave. Crazy.

26. Pain clinic for nerve block injections to my face. So glad they’re still open. These two pain clinics make my life bearable.

27. The weather is all over the place; snow two weeks ago, then a heat wave this week.

28. We got a garage door opener on the second door. My husband’s goal since we moved in ten years ago was to fit both cars in the garage. He has cleared out a lot of junk but needs to buy a shed before it can happen. Staying at home, all our news is about the house.

29. Our new little granddaughter is so cute.

30. We had a virtual women’s ministry meeting to meet the new team.

31. My husband is staining our new deck that was built last summer.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Easter Dinner by Zoom

April Journaling

1.    April Fools’ Day, the only holiday of Atheists. “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” We did an online Bible study and prayer meeting. So nice to chat with friends from church.

2.    So my daily new normal is to have my coffee while I read my Bible, have breakfast, tidy up, then write for most of the morning, eat lunch, nap two hours, make dinner, and sit in front of the t.v. the rest of the night. Sometimes I write more while the t.v. is on. Nowhere to go, no one to see. We still have income, which is more than many, so we are thankful. My husband works for water supply, which is an essential service, so he still goes in to work every day. The gas prices are down and traffic is light. They’ve split up the skilled workers for safety because they’re the only ones who can run the system. Some days it’s just him and one other.

3.    Face-timing with the grandkids is all we get these days. I miss them.

4.    COVID week three for church online.

5.    Getting my winter tires off today. Walked back from there.

6.    Taking daily walks in the neighbourhood, so at least that’s good.

7.    With the new restrictions we can’t see the grandkids at all and may even miss the birth of the new one if it’s as stringent by the end of May when she is due.

8.    My daughter is in her third trimester and is nesting; getting the room ready for the new one. The other two are now in bunk beds we bought them.

9.    I’m pandemic-baking. Today was lemon poppy seed cake. I froze some, and will give some away.

10. Good Friday. We listened to some favourite hymns before the online service. Some of my faves are O Sacred Head and His Robes for Mine. We had Moroccan Carrot soup and crab cakes for lunch and pickerel and salmon, mushroom risotto and green beans and carrots for dinner. We’re eating well.

11. Nice long walk listening to preaching.

12. Covid week four online at church. We had a virtual Easter dinner over zoom with 21 of us. We were on for 2-1/2 hours. We look like the Brady Bunch. I’ll post the picture. It was nice to see each other. We also each did a rant and rave.

13. We’re all going to be fitter or fatter at the end of this. Even though we’re walking more, we’re also cooking more, so it could go either way. Today I made pea soup to freeze.

14. My husband took a day off to switch his winter tires.

15. Online prayer meeting again.

16. My chiropractor and massage therapist’s office is closed so my appointment was cancelled.

17. Thinking of trying to record some videos of me making soup. We’ll see how that goes.

18. Facetimed with the grandkids. I miss them so much.

19. Church online covid week five. Soup and crab cake for lunch. Roast chicken, steamed carrots, Caesar salad for dinner.

20. Beef stir-fry for dinner. Walked to the drug store.

21. Our three year old granddaughter swallowed a one-inch metal piece of a music box on purpose last night. They brought her to the children’s hospital emergency room and did an x-ray. It had already started traveling so they think she’ll be able to pass it without a problem. We were so worried about her.

22. Our granddaughter safely passed the little key from the music box. They washed and saved it. I’ll post a picture. I’m going to include it with the yearly letter I write to each of them that they will open at age 18. We had a virtual Annual General Meeting last night.

23. Virtual prayer meeting tonight.

24. Dropping off some food to missionaries we support. We are still getting an income and we have more than enough, since there are just two of us. I can fill five bags of groceries to give away and not feel it at all. They have a new baby and he just lost his job. My husband has his virtual exam for his seminary apologetics course that was started live and finished online because of COVID.

25. Church online covid week six. Shrimp stir-fry for lunch.

26. Last sunny day of the week so I went for a walk. Chicken and dumpling soup and Greek salad for dinner.

27. I’m trying to make some videos for youtube about making soup. Today was cream of mushroom.

28. Today is the national day of mourning for those killed or injured in the workplace. My dad died at the age of twenty-eight after being thrown off the back of a pickup truck at Algoma Steel when the driver decided to drive erratically. It was totally preventable and so tragic. How our lives would have been different if he had still been with us.

29. Writing, writing, writing.

30. It’s my birthday; 56. Over the hill and picking up speed. Ran some errands, a friend made me strawberry muffins, my husband bought me roses, and my grandkids sang me happy birthday over facetime. We ordered in; I got Italian. Many nice greetings on facebook.

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Global Pandemic Official

March Journaling

1.    Church day. I slept poorly last night. Nice afternoon nap.

2.    Dentist.

3.    Pain clinic.

4.    School day; brought to you by the letter Ss, submarines, sheep, the number 19, and the parable of the lost sheep.

5.    Women’s Bible study and errands.

6.    Grandkids and daughter are coming for two nights. My husband is sick, but it’s not likely COVID-19 which is starting to spread all over the world. Public service announcement: It’s named that because there are many types of corona viruses and this stands for Corona Virus December 2019 when it was discovered to distinguish this particular strain.

7.    Nice day with the grandkids.

8.    Church. Such excellent preaching.

9.    So this COVID-19 is officially a global pandemic. What I don’t understand is why people are buying water and toilet paper. Neither of those things is will be affected even if you are quarantined. But you can’t fix stupid.

10. I was featured on a website yesterday called ReadingismySuperPower. It was an author Q&A and was fun. Here is the link.

11. School day was a field trip to Little Ray’s reptile zoo which the kids love.

12.Getting my tax receipts together.

13. Schools are closing for an extra two weeks after March break because of the pandemic. Also they’re discouraging large gatherings like concerts and unnecessary travel. Some churches have canceled their services. Ours is still on so far.

14. New restrictions every day; people are getting nervous, but really, the stores are still open, water is still running in the taps, the power is still on. All people are asked to do is avoid crowds. Welcome to my life.

15. Our church is still holding services, for now.

16. Grandkids are coming for one night.

17. Went for a hike then drove thru A & W, most restaurants are closed to patrons, only take out and drive through because of the pandemic, which is getting more serious by the day. Borders are closing. We have some friends and relatives who are still on vacation and don’t seem to be in any rush to get back, even though the government is urging them to do so while they still can.

18. I ran some errands and stopped at Freshii. The owner knows me by name, which says something about how often I go there. The pandemic has decreased their income by 60% and he feels bad for many of his employees who are students.

19.I sent off our taxes today. Hopefully they come in soon.

20. First day of spring. Very warm, about 15 but windy. Restaurants are closed, so we ordered skip the dishes to help support local businesses.

21. Extra cooking to pass the time, and this enforced home arrest is only beginning. They say this may take months.

22. First online church service.

23. Feeling an underlying hum of anxiety.

24. Had a telephone appointment with my hormone doctor.

25. Will not do school this week. My grandson is missing school so much.

26. Really needed a haircut but now all salons are closed as they are non-essential. My husband is an essential worker, because we still want water to come out of our taps.

27. Today it’s my mom’s 80th birthday! We’ve had to delay her party.

28. Watching some concerts on Youtube through our big screen t.v, like Supertramp and The Police. We like to be in our time warp.

29. Second week of virtual church. My husband is preaching this morning.

30. Is it really likely this will last half a year? I can’t imagine.

31. Went to one of my pain clinics for nerve block injections to my back. I’m glad they’re still open even though it’s mostly empty and everyone is covered from head to toe. I even wore a mask there and to the grocery store. No one looked twice. A friend who runs The Tartan House bed and breakfast is now offering soup and scones, so we bought some to help her out. They are delicious.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Leap Year Party

February Journaling

1.    Our grandson is five years old today! I can hardly believe it. I love that kid. He’s so sweet. Yesterday he and I had a great conversation about the things we’re looking forward to in heaven.

2.    Church.

3.    Chiro and massage.

4.    Pyjama day.

5.    School day: brought to you by the letter Qq, the number 17, Quebec, and the Golden Calf story.

6.    No women’s Bible study today due to weather. Wrote a few chapters of the Job commentary.

7.    Final planning meeting for the Agape Gala next Saturday.

8.    Our granddaughter is three today. She’s a firecracker. Life is not boring with her around. I’ll post a picture.

9.    Church.

10. Movie night at church with the women’s ministry; they showed Overcomer. Very good.

11. Pain clinic.

12. School day, brought to you by the letter Rr, the number 18, rabbits and rainbows, the

13. My podcast is now also on itunes. Search Bible Companion Series. Almost finished the book of Job.

14. Setting up for the Agape gala tomorrow. Baking 80 mini cupcakes.

15. The Agape Gala was a success. My husband did the message. My mom was a guest.

16. Church. Also, my dad would have been 81 today, but he died in a workplace accident at age 28.

17. Family day, heading to Hamilton to spend the day with the grandkids.

18. Home day, writing plus a few errands.

19. Errands.

20. Women’s Bible Study. We’re in 1 Timothy.

21. Writing day.

22. Baking for tomorrow. I finished writing all the podcasts for the Book of Job. It could be put into hard copy. I’ll talk to my husband about it. Maybe just print 100 copies.

23. Church, and in between services we had a luncheon for new visitors to the church, to meet the elders and their wives. I brought cupcakes for dessert.

24. Doctor’s appointment to fill out forms. I hate going, but it was okay. Purchased things for our leap year party this weekend.

25. Errands.

26. Skipping our weekly trip to Hamilton because of the weather.

27. Women’s Bible study canceled due to weather. It doesn’t bother me, I grew up in the Soo, but some are nervous.

28. Cleaning, cooking, preparing for our dinner party tomorrow.

29. We are dressing eclectic, serving our dinner in reverse order, playing games and taking silly pictures for our Leap Year Dinner Party.

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Podcast Ongoing

January Journaling

1.    Happy New Year’s Day! And Happy New Decade! Started with a mimosa, as usual. Our daughter returned to Ottawa. I recorded my third podcast on my Bible Companion Series: One Chapter at a Time. You can find it on Also a pyjama day.

2.    Haircut and writing. My podcasts, which just started have about two dozen downloads each, which makes me happy that anyone is listening, and makes me want to continue.

3.    Feeling kind of low today for some reason. Another pyjama day.

4.    Also feeling sick since yesterday; probably caught it from my grandkids last week. I’m not eating, have body aches, upset stomach, and lethargy.

5.    Not going to church today because I’m sick.

6.    Feeling somewhat better.

7.    Chiro and massage.

8.    Accompanied my husband to a procedure.

9.    Women’s Bible study. Ordering blinds for our patio doors.

10. School day brought to you by the letter Mm, the number 13, the story of baby Moses, and monkeys.

11. Another pyjama day; also cleaned out the freezer, made a budget, and finished my summary of the book of Acts. Called Rogers to decrease our bill. Saved $200 a month!

12. Church, long nap, church. No internet or t.v. today because Rogers turned it off in anticipation of their appointment on Tuesday.

13. Rogers coming today.

14. Rogers coming again today.

15. School day brought to you by the letter Nn, the number 14, Moses and the burning bush, and narwhals. I also went with my grandson to his swimming lesson.

16. I presented the Summary of the Book of Acts to the women this morning, then we went out for lunch. They bought my lunch as a thank you for my hard work.

17. Working on the Bible Companion Series podcasts. Then a long nap, then my husband and I are seeing the movie 1917 at the VIP theatre.

18. The elders and wives dinner at the Mandarin restaurant during a snowstorm.

19. Big snow storm last night. Church today.

20. Baked some banana muffins. Delicious recipe.

21. Pyjama day; writing.

22. School day; brought to you by the letter Oo, the number 15, ostriches, octopuses, owls, ovals, orange, and the ten plagues on Egypt.

23. Women’s Bible study beginning the Pastoral epistles: 1, 2 Timothy and Titus. Then working on podcasts. My husband is starting another course tonight at Toronto Baptist Seminary; this one on apologetics.

24. Writing, nap, bank appointment, dinner out, and a movie at home.

25. Women’s breakfast, nap, and dinner at a friend’s place planning a gala for church next month.

26. Church.

27. Meeting out daughter at Terroni for dinner. She had to come into town from Ottawa to work for a week so she’s at a downtown hotel, close to court.

28. Went to stay overnight at my mom’s to make it easier for her to come by to my grandkids.

29. School day brought to you by the letter Pp, the number 16, crossing the Red Sea, and penguins.

30. Women’s Bible study, errands, new alarm system.

31. Our daughter’s family came by on their way out of town for the weekend. She’s past the halfway point in her pregnancy, and everything looks good this time. We had another planning meeting for our church’s AGAPE gala.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Podcast Launched

December Journaling

1.    Church this morning only because of an ice storm.

2.    Dental appointment.

3.    I’m on t.v. this morning. 700 Club Canada 10:30. Look it up on youtube or facebook. Author P.H. Thompson talking about Benaiah: Mighty Man of God.

4.    School day brought to you by the letter Jj, the number 10, the ten commandments, and Christmas crafts.

5.    Chiro and massage.

6.    Our daughter is coming from Ottawa. We are having our Finnish family Christmas celebration in London tomorrow.

7.    We’re doing Italian food this time.

8.    Home again.

9.    Errands and Christmas shopping. Sent some snowsuits up north to a family in Nunavut. It’s through an organization called Helping Our Northern Neighbours and it pairs the sponsors up with a family. The food prices are crazy high. This is a family of six in a remote fly-in only town.

10. Pain clinic injections.

11. School day, brought to you by the letter Kk, the number 11, kangaroos, Jacob wrestling with God.

12. Writing my Christmas card, sending my yearly update letter, and sending some free copies of my book.

13. More lines at the post office to send everything. Ran some errands. My sister-in-law is 50 today.

14. The grandkids came for a surprise sleepover.

15. Church flanked by dinner at the Mandarin for my sister-in-law. My husband is preaching this evening.

16. My husband is writing his final exam tonight. Then most of his stresses of the past month are over.

17. Pain clinic today, then a quick birthday stop in the evening.

18. Final school day of the calendar year; brought to you by the number 12, the letter Ll, lungs, lizards, lions, and the Christmas story.

19. Home day. I went from a high of hearing from a man at church who read my book and wants to buy it for his siblings because he loved it so much, to reading two bad reviews, which makes me think it’s the worst book ever written. How can some say they couldn’t put it down, it’s the best book they’d ever read in this genre, I’m like Francine Rivers, to saying it was a waste of money? I know every book isn’t for everyone, but do they have to be so unkind? Writers are people too. Now I’m moping around.

20. Last few gifts purchased, nap, and dinner out with my husband. Our youngest is coming home tonight.

21. A quiet Saturday.

22. Church and nap. Our daughter did all of her Christmas shopping in one day.

23. Feeling kind of down lately, don’t know why. Also anxious, it’s like I’m getting a resurgence of all my early symptoms from exactly five years ago. I have visual disturbances, balance issues, nightmares, insomnia, memory issues, more pain, TMJ, teeth grinding, sensory hypersensitivity, and food sensitivities.

24. Hauskaa Joulua! Having Finnish Christmas dinner at my sister’s.

25. Merry Christmas! A quiet home day baking cookies.

26. Jamaican and Finnish Christmas hosted by our daughter’s family in Hamilton.

27. Pill prep day, random other work.

28. I’m researching the idea of doing short youtube videos about my book and writing in general. I got a tripod for Christmas for holding my phone still.

29. Shopping for art work for our bathroom. The grandkids and family are coming over.

30. Fun time with the grandkids.

31. I started a podcast channel called Bible Companion Series, through which is my Bible teaching like I do for the women at my church. This one goes through the Bible chronologically.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

NaNoWriMo Winner!

November Journaling

1.    I’m attempting NaNoWriMo again. I have never been able to finish writing a novel in a month, but I have it outlined so it should make it easier.

2.    I’m sending off a few parcels of food up north. It’s fun to be the answer to someone’s prayer. We went to a 70th birthday party for a lady at church.

3.    Church, nap and long walk with my husband.

4.    Chiro and massage.

5.    Heading to St. Catherines overnight. We are staying in a hotel.

6.    My author interview was today. It went well. I’ll post pictures. It will air on December 3rd at 10:30 on Vision t.v. No school today, but we stopped in Hamilton to spend the day with the grandkids.

7.    Bible study, then walking in the mall because today was the first snowfall.

8.    Seasonal tire changeover.

9.    Drove to Peterborough to pick up some parts for our bathroom renovation, which is almost done. I’m almost at the halfway point of my next novel, doing NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month.

10. Church. Dropped off two Christmas boxes for Samaritan’s Purse.

11. Remembrance Day. Tire changeover for our other car.

12. Renovations done, just getting things back into the cupboards. Our daughter and grandkids are coming for one night.

13. Eye appointment. Out for lunch with the grandkids.

14. Women’s Bible study.

15. Went to see the movie, Midway.

16. We have an event at church with Answers in Genesis. Of course I had to buy books.

17. Church, nap, church.

18. Still keeping up with NaNo, at 30,000 words.

19. Home day, preparing for school tomorrow.

20. School day: brought to you by the letter Hh, the number 8, the shapes heart, and octagon, and learning about heaven, horses, hearts, hair, and hedgehogs.

21. Bible study, then writing.

22. Pain clinic for nerve block injections. Welcome to my life.

23. Our son-in-law and grandkids came overnight last night because our daughter went to Ottawa to go to a spa with our other daughter for her birthday.

24. Church.

25. I reached the 80% mark on my NaNoWriMo novel, 40,000 words. This may be the year it happens! So exciting. So I am spending the day writing, since my husband will be writing a paper this week, and will be on the computer.

26. Our eldest daughter is 29 today!

27. On the home stretch for Nano.

28. I did it! I wrote 50,343 words of the first draft of my second novel in 28 days! First time winning NaNoWriMo! Yay me!

29. Grandkids over for the night.

30. School at our place today, brought to you by the letter Ii, the number 9, Jacob and Esau, and making homemade ice cream. Dinner party at a friend’s place after a plumber came to fix a leak that may have been there for at least two weeks in our basement, where we never go.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The World in Miniature

October Journaling

1.    Heading downtown because the pastor of Jarvis Street Baptist Church has offered to take twenty of my books to be sold in their bookstore, which is very kind. My daughter is coming for the night with the grandkids and we’ll do school here instead.

2.    In place of our usual lessons, we took the kids to the Science Centre. It’s a rainy day, and they’ll love it.

3.    Bible study, then home day. Renovations ongoing in our master bathroom.

4.    The grandkids and my daughter and her husband came for the night. Campfire tonight.

5.    A man in our church works for the Raptors head office. Because they won the NBA cup, he gets it for a period of time, so he is bringing it to church if people want to get their picture with it. So we’re going. I’m also bringing my book, to keep up with the theme of having the novel in key locations, which I post on Instagram. Then going to my mother-in-law’s for lunch.

6.    Church.

7.    Chiro and massage. Home alone because my husband is at his course.

8.    I put the second coat on the bookshelf I started painting with the grandkids. I haven’t had the strength to paint in years. Watched the federal candidates debate.

9.    Purchased mirrors, paint, and lighting for the master bath. They’re almost done.

10. Bible study.

11. Cooking my turkey. Our bathroom is almost done.

12. Thanksgiving dinner at our house. Menu: Appetizers: Bacon wrapped scallops, smoked salmon on Finncrisp, devilled eggs, pumpernickel and spinach dip, artichoke dip and crackers, breaded calamari rings, spicy shrimp. Mains and side dishes: Turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, ham, curried goat, rice and peas, lasagna, peas with mint, green beans and carrots, salad. Dessert: pumpkin pie cheesecake, apple pie and ice cream, fruit platter. Drinks: red and white wine, beer, flavoured sparkling water, water, pop, coffee, tea.

13. Church today was a joint service with the Mandarin and Spanish churches. I’ll post a picture of all the nations represented. I love that our church is a miniature of the world. Bono was wrong, in the kingdom come, all the colours won’t bleed into one. We won’t all be beige. Instead,

After these things I looked, and behold, a great multitude which no one could number, of all nations, tribes, peoples, and tongues, standing before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes, with palm branches in their hands, and crying out with a loud voice, saying, ‘Salvation belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!’” Rev. 7:9,10 Then we went out for dinner with friends from the Soo. They are newlyweds, although they are older than us.

14. Happy Thanksgiving! We went and voted in the advance polls yesterday for the federal election. We also shopped for an outfit for my television interview in November. Our daughter returned to Ottawa. She was here for the weekend. My husband and I walked five km today. I haven’t walked that far in years. Hope I don’t crash.

15. School prep.

16. School day; brought to you by the letter Ee, the number 5, elephants, eagles, and the story of the flood.

17. Bank appointment to update our mortgage. No Bible study this week because of Thanksgiving. Nice to have a break.

18. Our master bath is finished. Tired today. Must have been overdoing it.

19. International breakfast at church to kick off Missions Week.

20. More missionaries speaking. So encouraging. Then we had a missionary family we support over for refreshments after church.

21. Election day. We voted early.

22.Hormone doctor appointment.

23. School day brought to you by the letter Ff, the number six, Noah’s rainbow, frogs, fish, fingers, and feet.

24. Bible study, then I got my hair highlighted in preparation for my t.v. interview in two weeks.

25. Pain clinic and then cleaned out my fridge with my mom. The after looks much better than the before. My husband is on his yearly fishing trip so my mom is here to keep me company.

26. Errands, walk, and restocking the cupboards and drawers in our newly renovated master bathroom.

27. Church.

28. I heard about a way to help out some families in Nunavut with food. The prices are ridiculously high because it’s a fly-in community. So I got us matched to sponsor a family of five. We have so much, I can’t not share.

29. Errands.

30. School day, brought to you by the letter Gg, the number seven, the attributes of God, and giraffes and goats.

31. Visiting the widow of our first pastor. Our grandkids are trick or treating; our grandson is Batman and our granddaughter is Snow White.