Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Niagara Falls trip

August Journaling

1.    Today we covered two small windows in our family room with a film that looks like stained glass. The alternative is to look at our neighbour’s brick wall. I’ll post a picture.

2.    Church: Covid week 20. We’re doing our bbq today instead of tomorrow. Steak and scallops.

3.    Civic holiday. The last day of this part of my husband’s vacation. He’s going on a fishing charter with a guy who taught him to fish in high school, and a man and his teenage son from church. They each got a giant fish. My husband got the second largest, an 8 pound, 26 inch chinook salmon which he filleted and froze once he came home. The young man, 16 who came with them caught the largest and first fish. He was so amazed he kept touching it like he didn’t believe it was real. He wants to do more outdoorsy things now.

4.    Writing an article looking on the bright side of the pandemic.

5.    Went to Hamilton with my mom. Spent an hour with the grandkids who were riding their new bikes. My five year old grandson can ride without training wheels really well; he learned quickly. The three and a half year old still has training wheels. The baby recognizes me from our week together up north and is smiling and cooing at me. I love it.

6.    There’s a new leadership race for the federal conservatives, with two pro-life candidates. It’s not likely they’ll get it but it would be nice if the party would acknowledge the influence of the social conservatives.

7.    I got my hair highlighted, first time since October. Some are using the pandemic to embrace their true colours, but I’m not ready to stop fighting the greys. Then my husband and I had dinner at a restaurant patio.

8.    Vacuuming, once a month is all I can do. Then my husband cleans the floors downstairs once a week. I also did the laundry and checked on my garden. My tomatoes and red peppers are ripening. Sausages for dinner.

9.    Church; covid week 21. Ribs for dinner.

10. Trip to Costco.

11. Pain clinic appointment.

12. Chiro and massage appointment.

13. My grandniece who just turned one is coming over for her first sauna. Also my sister, mom, nieces, and daughter and grandkids for a bbq.

14. A few errands and a nap. My husband is off for another two weeks. Pain clinic.

15. Chiro and massage.

16. Covid week 22. Picked up the grandkids for a three night sleepover.

17. Bike riding, long walks, and a visit to their other great-grandmother.

18. Went to a lakeside park with the grandkids for a picnic, bike riding and waterpark. Then a sauna.

19. Dropped the grandkids back home. Exhausted. Childcare is for the young and healthy.

20. Going downtown to have dinner at Barsa Taberna for Spanish cuisine which I learned to love in Barcelona last year. I’m having Mangria, pan con tomate with manchego cheese, garlic shrimp and churros with dulce de leche for dessert.

21. Dinner party at our friends’ place.

22. Church covid week 23 at church. There are a lot more people out now. Then we went for a walk on the Ajax waterfront path.

23. Brunch with friends from our old church.

24. Pain clinic for face injections.

25. Feeling kind of bored for some reason.

26. It’s our youngest daughter’s 28th birthday!

27. Going to Niagara Falls for two nights since my husband is still on vacation. We stopped at our daughter’s to see the grandkids since we can’t check in to the hotel until four. We’re staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel. Very nice. We had dinner at the Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse. It was very good, but everything is overpriced here.

28. We walked along the Falls today, and went underground to view the falls from beneath. Beautiful and powerful. Then a nap, and dinner at a different Brazilian Steakhouse called Brasa. Again, I try not to think of how much food the cost of that one meal could buy.

29. Stopped at my daughter’s on the way home to drop off a gift for our newest granddaughter. They’re camping. Back home and doing laundry.

30. Church covid week 24. There were two baptisms of young adults.

31. My husband took an extra day off work, so last day of vacation.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Stage Three: Northern Ontario Cottage Vacation


July Journaling

1.    Happy Canada D-eh!

2.    We’re getting our windows cleaned on our house for the first time in ten years. We cleaned the inside and all the screens.

3.    We had two posts replaced on our fence and now it’s nice and straight. They are also laying patio stones at the side of the house. Our daughter is visiting from Ottawa. We hadn’t seen her since Christmas.

4.    Our other daughter and her family came to spend the night so our youngest can meet her new niece. Feasting.

5.    My husband is preaching this morning. It was good to have the whole family together again.

6.    Took my car in to check the A.C. which isn’t working.

7.    Going to Hamilton with my mom today.

8.    My mom went to the ER today with tachycardia and hypertension. She was found to have atrial fibrillation and they had to shock her heart after putting her to sleep. Her heart rate went from 123 to 66. They started her on medications and had her follow up with her cardiologist. I was worried mostly because of her spiritual condition. She’s 80 and still unsaved. I prayed for one more opportunity to talk with her.

9.    Went to a mall for the first time in months. Mandatory masks indoors. But the numbers of COVID in Ontario are improving, unlike in the U.S.

10. My husband and I went out for dinner on a waterfront patio. There was no shade so we left after an hour as I was burning.

11. Packing for next weekend.

12. I decided to start a second podcast, reading my novel, since I don’t have an audiobook. Since I have the rights to it, I can do it. Look for Benaiah: Mighty Man of God on podcasts.com

13. Spent most of the day recording podcasts.

14. Pain clinic for back injections.

15. Chiro and massage.

16. Cooking, shopping and packing for the cottage.

17. Last day of packing. Ajax has a drive-thru ribfest so we’ll get that for dinner today and tomorrow.

18. Travel day up north. Driving with our daughter’s family as this is the grandkids first really long trip. They did well, but with all the stops it took 9-1/2 hours instead of 7.

19. Sunday, no service because there’s no service here. As in, internet. A true downtime. Our grandson caught his first fish; a small mouth bass. He was so proud.

20. The grandkids had a hike, a swim, and a campfire. They love octopi.

21. My husband went fishing today for speckled trout and caught his limit. His friend Harry flew his float plane in and they went to a little inland remote lake. The grandkids went to the beach. After my husband got back, they went in the little, rustic wood burning sauna on the property and sat in the creek in a natural whirlpool.

22. Today we headed into Sault Ste. Marie, the town I spent my first twenty years in. We went to the main mall, paid our mortgage, paid a visit to my dad’s gravesite, yes, there were tears, stopped in to see the friend who took my husband fishing, drove around town and down memory lane, discovered our old house is being resold again, and then went to my cousin’s house on Lower Island Lake for dinner and a sauna. Got home late, so the kids slept in.

23. Today they took the motor boat out to a sandy beach, I stayed back and napped. Then my cousin and her husband came over for dinner and we had a campfire.

24. Today we went to a friend’s cottage nearby. He bought my aunt and uncle’s camp which is where I spent a lot of time growing up. They have a motor boat, a pontoon boat, and a floating sauna. I’ll post a picture of it.

25. Traveling back home. It was a great week. The kids had good memories.

26. It’s our 34th anniversary, so we went to the Keg for dinner. They are allowing indoor dining now that our region is in Stage three of reopening.

27. Still unpacking and doing laundry.

28. I drove my mom out to her pain clinic appointment because her blood pressure is low.

29. Prepping for the beach tomorrow, cutting up fruit and vegetables.

30. Went to a Provincial park nearby with our daughter and grandkids. We had burgers, chips, water, raw vegetables, fresh pineapple, watermelon, cherries, strawberries, and wild blueberries from up north. Then butter tarts, carrot cake cupcakes and coffee. Yum. Also reading a new historical fiction book written by a fellow Canadian writer of Biblical fiction. It’s called Under the Cloud about Miriam during the exodus.

31. A nice writing day. Long weekend, and my husband is still on vacation.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Stage Two: Back at Church

June Journaling

1.    First trip to Costco in three months. It wasn’t too bad.

2.    The province is beginning to open up again in stages after three months; but people are tired of it and are getting sloppy. The weather is warmer and they want to start taking advantage of the outdoors. My husband has seven weeks of vacation this year, and nowhere to go.

3.    Today my husband is 22 years cancer-free. It’s an anniversary we never tire of celebrating.

4.    Every store you go to, everyone is wearing a mask.

5.    My attempt at meal planning. All we do is eat. We’ll see how closely we stick to it. I have freezers full of food we need to eat. 

6.    My husband is staining our cedar deck.

7.    COVID-19 week 12 Church service online. I can’t believe we’ve been away from church for three months.

8.    My husband took the day off work to finish staining the deck. I’m writing.

9.    Grocery shopping; homemade pizza.

10. Errands, podcast, dinner and virtual prayer meeting. After three months away from church, our Premier just announced places of worship can reopen, but we’re taking a slow and cautious approach because of the vulnerable people in our congregation. Great news to hear of the conversion of the sister of one of our members in Venezuela, who has brain cancer.

11. I was going to say, another day at home, writing. You know you have a chronic illness when there’s a global pandemic and your life barely changes.

12. Fridays we don’t cook, we order through SkipTheDishes and support local businesses.

13. Cleaning day. My husband went to hug his mom since restrictions are easing now, slowly. We are in stage two.

14. Last day of virtual church; COVID week 13, plus the Lord’s Supper. We start back next week slowly, with only 30% capacity; and many are too nervous to come back yet. Understandable, but because my husband is an elder, we’ll be there.

15. It’s been a year since my book launch party.

16. Pain clinic.

17. It’s my husband’s birthday. Our grandkids are coming over for the night. It’s our newest granddaughter’s first visit. We got a new bbq. My husband made steak, salmon, shrimp, grilled veggies, or rather, I prepped them and he cooked them. Also a chocolate cake.

18. Our region has moved to stage two of reopening. My granddaughter made a coronavirus. A vaccine can't be far behind. See the picture.

19. We went and had dinner at an outdoor patio. Such a beautiful sunny day.

20. My hair is so long. I was able to get an appointment for a haircut for next Friday. So excited. Canning some vegetables; organic baby carrots, green beans, and beets.

21. Our first time back at church after three months away; COVID week 14 only about 40 people, with physical distancing, masks, no singing, no socializing except out on the grass far apart, and no snacks. But so nice to hear live preaching and see people again.

22. Finishing up the book of Genesis for my podcast. I’m loving seeing new connections between Joseph and Jesus.

23. Meal planning is going well.

24. Toronto moved into stage two.

25. Visited the grandkids today with my mom.

26. First haircut in four months.  I feel like a human again. Out for dinner to an Italian restaurant patio.

27. Our new shed is assembled and my husband moved all the stuff out of the garage and was able to park both cars in there for the first time in ten years. He’s so excited.

28. Second week back at church, COVID week 15. Roast beef dinner.

29. We booked a cottage in northern Ontario with our daughter’s family for a week in July.

30. Our younger daughter is coming home this weekend from Ottawa, first time in months. She got a new job as a lawyer in Ottawa, starting as soon as her current one ends in July. It is permanent, but that’s not the norm, usually just contracts, but they told her they really want her on their team. She’ll be working for the Justice Department with Veterans Affairs.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Jesus in the Joseph narrative

There are so many aspects of the life of Joseph that foreshadow the life of Jesus Christ as a type, or scarlet thread.
In chapter 37, we see that both Joseph and Jesus had an exceptional birth (30:22/ Isa. 7:14, Lu. 1:27,34,35). He was born to Jacob when he was old, like a root out of dry ground (37:3). Jesus was born of obscurity, like a root out of dry ground (Isa. 53:2). They both foresaw their exalted position (37:5-9/Matt. 24:30,31). The first dream related to exaltation on earth, the second in heaven (37:6-10). Jesus dominion will be over heaven and earth (Phil. 2:9-11). His brothers rejected his claim to pre-eminence (37:8/John 7:5, Lu. 19:14). Joseph and Jesus were both beloved of their father (Gen. 37:3/ Matt. 3:17), They were shepherds of their father’s sheep (37:2/ John 10:11,27). He was given a special robe that represented who he was (37:3/Matt. 27:28) He brought back a bad report of his brothers (37:2). Jesus testified that people hated Him (John 15:18). Both were sent on a mission to his brothers (37:13,14/John 3:16, 17, 5:37, 6:39, 8:29, 17:25, 20:21, Heb. 2:11). He willingly obeyed his father (37:13/Heb. 10:9). He left his father’s home of comfort (37:13/2 Cor. 8:9, Phil. 2:5-7). Joseph sought and found his brothers (37:16,17). Jesus came to seek and save the lost (Lu. 15:4-7, 19:10, John 6:37,39, 10:11). Joseph was thought to be a dreamer (37:19). Jesus was thought to be mad by His brothers (Mk. 3:21). They thought they could prevent his exaltation by killing him, but it would be the means of his exaltation (37:19,20, 42:6, 1 Cor. 2:8, Col. 2:15). Both Joseph and Jesus were envied, hated by their brothers, rejected and condemned to die (37:4,11,18/ Matt. 13:54-57, 27:18, Mark 15:10, John 1:11, John 15:25b, 19:16, Lu. 23:23, Mk. 15:15). Others plotted to harm them (37:20/ Matt. 26:3,4, John 11:53, 7:19, 8:37,40). Both had their robes taken from them (37:23/ John 19:23). Joseph was thrown into a pit (37:24). Jesus would be in the heart of the earth three days and three nights (Matt. 12:40). Judah wanted to profit from his death (37:26). Judas (the Greek version of the Hebrew name Judah) wanted to profit from Jesus’ death (Matt. 27:3-10). One brother didn’t want to see him harmed, but could do nothing to stop it (37:22,29,30). Some Jews, Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea, didn’t want to see Jesus harmed, but could do nothing to stop it (John 7:50,51, Matt. 27:57, Mk. 15:43, John 19:38). Joseph was raised from the pit (37:28). Jesus was raised from the grave (1 Cor. 15:4). Both were handed over to Gentiles (37:28/ Mk. 10:33,34, Lu. 18:32). Joseph was sold for twenty pieces of silver, the price of a slave (37:28). Jesus was sold for thirty pieces of silver, the price of a slave who was killed (Ex. 21:32, Zech. 11:12,13, Matt. 26:14-16). His brother looked for Joseph in the pit but couldn’t find him (37:29 His friends looked for Him in His grave but couldn’t find Him; it was empty (John 20:2,4-8). Joseph’s empty coat given as proof he was no longer there (37:32,33). Jesus’ empty grave clothes given as proof He was no longer there (John 20:5). Joseph’s brothers covered their sin of selling him by the blood of a substitute to cover their guilt (37:31) Jesus, like the Passover lamb, died as a substitute to cover the sins of His people (Ex. 12:13, Rom. 8:3, 1 Cor. 5:7). News of his death caused great grief to those who loved him (37:34,35/Lu. 24:17-21, Mk. 16:10, John 16:22). He was taken to Egypt for his survival (37:36/ Matt. 2:14,15).

In chapter 38, Judah, who would become the head of one of the tribes of Israel, bore a son named Perez (38:29). Jesus would be descended from the tribe of Judah through Perez, on both Mary and Joseph’s sides of the family (Matt.1:1-3, Lu. 3:23,33).

In chapter 39, Joseph and Jesus both became servants (39:1,2/Lu. 22:27, Matt. 12:18, Mk. 10:45, Phil.2:7). Everything they did prospered (39:2,3,5,21,23/ Isa. 53:10, Lu. 2:52). Both were tempted (39:7/ Matt. 4:1, Heb. 2:18, 4:15). Both resisted temptation (39:7-12/ Heb. 4:15, 7:26, Matt. 4:4,7,10,11). Both Joseph and Jesus were falsely accused (39:16-18/Matt. 26:59-61). Both were bound (39:30/ Matt. 27:2).
In chapter 40, both Joseph and Jesus were “numbered with the transgressors” (Isa. 53:12), or thrown in with criminals (Gen. 39:20/Luke 23:33, Matt. 27:38). Both foretold the future accurately (Gen. 40:21, 41:13/John 13:19). Both promised deliverance to one of the criminals (Gen. 40:13/Lu. 23:43). In both cases, the other prisoner was lost (Gen. 40:21/Lu. 23:39). The chief butler would be restored by the king to his former position of honor after three days; Jesus was raised from the dead by God after three days (Gen. 40:13/John 1:1, Heb. 12:2, Lu. 24:7,46, 1 Cor. 15:4). Joseph asked the chief butler to remember him in prison and not leave him there; Jesus, through Psalm 16:10 foresaw He would not be left to decompose in the grave (Gen. 40:14/Psalm 16:10, Acts 2:26-31). Both Joseph and Jesus were forgotten by those they helped (Gen. 40:23/Lu. 17:14-17).

In chapter 41, both were abandoned; (Joseph, after correctly interpreting dream was still imprisoned 2 more years (40:23,41:1) Jesus, abandoned by the disciples at the cross (Matt. 26:56). Both Joseph and Jesus began their life’s work at the age of 30 (Gen. 41:46/ Lu. 3:23). Joseph was taken from the dungeon, a place of death and raised by the king to a place of glory (41:14,39-41); Jesus was raised from the grave and seated at the right hand of God in the heavenly places (Eph. 1:19,20, Phil. 2:8-11)). Joseph was regarded as a great counsellor (41:39). Jesus was a wonderful counsellor (Isa. 9:6, John 7:46, Lu. 4:22). Both were exalted by God to worldwide dominion and thus were instruments of saving Gentiles and Jews (Gen. 41:41-43/ Phil 2:9-11). Joseph was given a new name; Jesus will be given a new name that He alone will know (Gen. 41:45/Rev. 19:12). He was given a Gentile bride (41:45) Jesus’ bride is the church, which includes many Gentiles (Rev. 19:7,8, 5:9,7:9,21:9, Eph. 5:23-35, Psa. 2:7,8). Joseph was given authority over the whole land (41:41), Jesus has authority in heaven and earth (Matt. 28:18, John 17:2). Both sat at the right hand of the most powerful ruler when exalted (41:40/Psa. 110:1, Heb. 1:3,8:1). All people were commanded to bow before him (41:43); all will bow before Jesus (Phil. 2:10). The whole world had to get their bread from Joseph, there was no other way to be saved (41:57); Jesus is the bread of life. There is no other name that saves (John 6:35, Acts 4:12). It was said of Joseph, “Do whatever he tells you.” (41:55); it was said of Jesus, “Do whatever He tells you.” (John 2:5). Both saved Jews and Gentiles (41:7, 45:7,25, Eph. 2:11-22). Once we learn where to find the bread of life, we should search for it without delay. Why should we starve while we see others getting food? Once we’ve been fed, we need to share where it can be found, like the Samaritan beggars who looted the Syrian tents until their consciences bothered them (2 Ki. 7:8,9).There’s a quote by D.T. Niles that evangelism is just “one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.”

In chapter 42, Joseph’s brothers didn’t recognize him (42:8), Jesus’ disciples didn’t realize who He really was for a long time (John 14:9) and the Jews of His time definitely didn’t realize who He was (2 Cor. 3:14, 1 Cor. 2:8). Joseph knew all about his brothers’ past sins and could hear and understand everything they said (43:33) Jesus knows all about our past and even now knows not just what we say, but what we think (John 2:24,25). Joseph was kind and gracious and generous to his brothers, even though they didn’t deserve it (42:25); even when we were His enemies, Jesus graciously provided for us out of His common grace, giving us more than we deserved, freely and then saved us (2 Cor. 8:9, Rom. 5:8, Mt. 5:45, 1 Tim. 6:17). Joseph’s brothers bowed down to him (42:6), Jesus was worshipped (Mk. 5:22,33, 7:25, John 12:3, 9:38) and will be worshipped by all (Phil. 2:9-11, Rom.14:11, Rev.1:17, 5:8).Joseph’s brothers’ consciences were pricked even all this time after the event (42:21,22); after Jesus’ ascension, when He poured out the Holy Spirit, the consciences of those who crucified him were convicted (Acts 2:37). Jacob thought everything was against him (42:36), but behind the scenes it was actually working out for their good, (45:5, 50:20) just as it is for believers (Rom. 8:28).

In chapter 43, just as Judah promised to be a surety for Benjamin, and bring him safely to his father, (43:8,9) so Jesus Christ, because of His work on the cross, can guarantee that He’ll bring us safely to the Father. We will not be lost (John 10:27-30, 3:16, Heb. 5:9,7:22). Joseph is gracious and kind to his brothers even though they don’t deserve it (43:16,23,24,27,29,34), Jesus is gracious and kind to sinners even though we don’t deserve it (Rom. 5:8, Titus 3:5, 1 Pet. 1:3,2:10, Heb. 4:16). The brothers were afraid, but Joseph’s servant comforted them (43:23), when we fear punishment from God, His servants should offer words of comfort on His behalf (2 Cor. 5:18-20).
In chapter 44, just as God sovereignly used insignificant things to prick the brothers’ consciences (44:12), so God draws us (John 6:44, Rom. 2:15, Heb.10:22,Acts 2:37). Just as the brothers were still tested after they’ve been recipients of Joseph’s kindness and favor (44:4,15) so we are tested even though we are saved (1 Pet. 1:6,7) to bring us to repentance, to prove the genuineness of our faith, and to remind us how much we owe to Jesus’ mercy (Js.1:2,3,Rom.2:4,9:22). Joseph’s brothers again bowed down to him; this time all eleven, as in his dream (37:6,9,10) All people will bow before Jesus (Phil. 2:9-11, Rev.5:8,14,7:11,19:14,22:8). Judah was a surety or guarantor for Benjamin, so he’d be brought safely to his father ( 44:43) Jesus is our surety, guaranteeing we will be brought safely to our Heavenly Father (Heb. 7:20-22, John 6:37,39). Judah offered to be a substitute for his brother (44:33) Jesus was the substitute, first for the guilty Barabbas, (Matt. 27:26, Mk. 15:11,15, Lu. 23:18) then for all His people (John 10:11,15,15:13, 1 Pet. 3:18, Mk. 10:45). Just as Judah did not want to go to his father without ‘the boy’ (44:34), so we should desire the salvation of our children (33:5, 1 Cor. 4:14, 2 Cor. 6:13,Gal. 3:26,4:19,28,1 Thess. 2:11, Heb. 2:13, 1 John 3:1,2). Just as Judah now clings to Benjamin, so the tribe of Benjamin will remain united to the tribe of Judah when the nation divides (1 Ki. 11:31,32,35,2 Chron.11:1). Also, the Apostle Paul, who was from the tribe of Benjamin, is faithful to Jesus, from the tribe of Judah (Rom. 11:1, Heb. 7:14).

in chapter 45, both Joseph and Jesus were conscious of God’s sovereign plan for their lives and patiently waited on God’s timing to fulfill His word (45:5,7,8,9/Lu.2:49, John 2:4,10:27,17:1,19:11, Lu.22:53,Gal.4:4). Joseph’s brothers didn’t recognize him until the second time, causing them to be troubled (42:8,45:3,4,14,15). Jesus’ brothers (the Jews) did not recognize who He really was at His first advent (John 5:46, 14:9 1 Cor. 2:8, 2 Cor. 3:14-16), but they will at His second coming, causing them to weep (Zech. 12:10, Rev.1:7). Joseph wept over his brothers (45:2). Jesus wept over Jerusalem (Lu. 19:41-44). Joseph revealed himself to his brothers privately (45:1) Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, works to regenerate a person privately, silently (John 3:8). After Joseph revealed who he was, he comforted them (45:3-5) After Jesus was raised from the dead, and showed Himself to the disciples, He told them not to be afraid (Lu.24:36-39). Joseph invited his brothers to come close to him (45:4). Jesus invites us to come to Him. Because of the cross, we who are far off have been brought near (Matt.11:28, Eph.2:13). Joseph knew God had sent him so many people could be saved (45:5,7,11) Jesus knew God had sent Him so many people could be saved (Mk. 10:45, John 3:16). Both forgave those who wronged them, and provided for them (45:1-15/Lu.23:34, 2 Cor.8:9,1 Tim. 6:17,Eph.2:6,7). Joseph kissed his brothers (45:15). Jesus kissed us with the cross; mercy and peace have kissed each other (Ps.85:10). After they were reconciled to Joseph, they talked with him (45:15) After believers are saved, they enjoy fellowship and sweet communion with Jesus (John 14:23, 15:14,15). The men were told not to worry about leaving their things behind, because they were going to greater riches (45:20). We can leave our worldly goods, knowing we are going to something much greater (Matt.19:29,16:26, Heb.10:34,35). Joseph’s brothers were blessed by Pharaoh because of their connection to Joseph (45:16-23). Believers are blessed by God because of their connection to Jesus through faith (Rom.8:17, Gal.3:29, Eph.3:6, Titus 3:7, 1 Pet.3:7). Benjamin was given more gifts because of his special relationship to Joseph (45:22). Jesus gives gifts and rewards to believers according to His relationship with them (Matt. 20:20-23,1 Cor. 3:11-15). They were told not to quarrel with one another (45:24). Believers should not quarrel with one another, but should be forgiving, for we have the same Father (Phil. 2:2, 4:2). Jacob couldn’t believe Joseph was alive, until he saw the evidence (45:26). The disciples didn’t believe Jesus was alive again, until they saw the empty tomb and the grave clothes (Matt. 28:5,6, Mk. 16:11,13, John 20:5-8). Knowing that he was going to see Joseph, Jacob was content to die (45:28). Knowing that we will see Jesus when we die, we can be content to leave this world (2 Cor. 5:1-8).
In chapter 46, God promised Jacob (Israel) He’d be with him when he went down to Egypt, and He would surely bring him back to the Promised Land (46:4) Jesus, the true Israel went down to Egypt, and returned safely to the land of Israel (Matt. 2:13-15) but He also left Heaven to come down to earth and returned safely to the Heavenly Promised Land (Isa. 9:6, John 3:16, 10:36, 13:3, 10:17, 13:36, 14:2,3, 14:12,16:10, 1 John 4:14). Jacob was taken to Egypt by others (46:5). Jesus was taken to Egypt by Joseph (Matt. 2:14). All the family of God were named and counted, not one was missing (46:7-27). All that the Father gives to Jesus will come to Him, none will be lost (John 6:37, 39, 40, Phil. 4:3, Rev. 3:5). Jacob and Joseph had a tearful, joyful reunion (46:29). We will have a tearful, joyful reunion with Jesus (John 16:22, 2 Cor. 5:8, Rev. 7:17, 21:4). Joseph’s father received his son ‘back from the dead’ (45:28). God the Father received His Son back from the dead (John 20:17, Lu.23:43, Heb.6:19, 20). Jacob knew Joseph was really alive when he saw him for himself (46:30). Thomas didn’t believe Jesus was back from the dead until he saw Him for himself (John 20:24-29). Joseph’s brothers could be brought before Pharaoh only because of Joseph’s intercession and based on his favor with the King, otherwise they would be seen as enemies (46:31-34). We can only approach God the Father because of Jesus’ intercession on our behalf; otherwise we would be seen as enemies (Rom. 5:1, 2, 9-11).

In chapter 47, Joseph was first a servant, counted as a criminal, although innocent, then exalted to the right hand of the king, and ruled over all the people in righteousness (chap. 39-47). Jesus came to earth as a servant, was treated as a criminal, although innocent, then He was exalted to the right hand of God, and rules over all people in righteousness (Phil. 2:5-11, Isa. 53:9, Lu. 23:32,33,41, Psa. 2:6-12, 9:8, 110:1, Heb. 1:3,13, 10:12, 12:2, 2 Pet. 3:13, Rev. 19:1,6,11). Though Joseph was powerful, he was not ashamed of his family (47:1,2,7). Jesus is not ashamed to be associated with us (Heb. 2:11, 11:16, Matt. 28:10, John 15:12-15, 20:17). The people gave themselves and their possessions to Joseph willingly (47:14, 17-19) Believers also give themselves and their possessions, because of what Jesus did (2 Cor. 8:2-5, 9). The people became servants of Pharaoh and Joseph (47:19-23, 25). We are servants of God and Jesus Christ (Rom. 6:16-22, 2 Pet. 1:1, Rom. 1:1, 1 Cor. 3:5, 4:1, 2 Cor. 4:5, Phil. 1:1, Col. 4:12, Rev. 22:3). Joseph collected the people’s offering and presented it to Pharaoh (47:24, 25). Jesus will one day deliver the kingdom over to the Father (1 Cor. 15:24-28). Joseph charged people for the bread that sustained them (47:14,16,17,20,23,24,26). (Lesser to Greater) But Jesus gave Himself willingly; the gospel is free (Isa. 55:1, John 6:32-35, Heb. 10:7, John 4:10,13,14, Rev. 22:17). Both expect us to give all we have (47: 14,16,20/Lu. 14:25-33, 9:62, Matt. 19:27-29). Both provide us with all we need to be fruitful (47:23,24/John 15:4-8,16, Titus 2:14, Eph. 2:10, Phil. 2:13, Matt. 5:16). Joseph saved the lives of Jews and Gentiles. He was acknowledged as savior and ruler (47:25). Jesus has saved Jews and Gentiles. He is the Savior and Lord of the world (Eph. 2:11-22, Phil. 2:10,11, 2 Pet. 3:18, Rev. 5:9, 7:9).
In chapter 48, Jacob gave a good testimony at the end of his life (48:3,4,11,15,16,21). Jesus gave a good testimony at the end of His life before Pilate (1 Tim. 6:13, John 18:35-38, 19:10,11). Jacob brings Joseph’s sons (outsiders) into the family of faith by adoption (48:5,6). Jesus brings outsiders (Gentiles) into the family of faith by adoption (Rom. 8:15-17, Gal. 4:3-7, Eph. 1:3-6). Jacob spoke by prophecy (48:14,19-21). Jesus spoke prophetically (Mk. 10:33,34,13:2, Matt. 16:4, 20:18,19, 26:31,32, Lu. 23:28-31, John 2:19-22, 3:14). Even when dying he was aware of what he was doing and saying (48:10,14-17). Even when Jesus was dying on the cross, He was aware of what was happening and what He was saying (John 19:26-30, Matt.27:46, Mk. 15:34, Lu. 23:32-46). Jacob received his son back from the dead, and saw his offspring (48:11). God the Father received His Son back from the dead and saw His spiritual offspring (Isa. 53:10, John 16:10, 17:24,20:17,Heb. 2:13, 8:1, Eph. 1:20,21). Joseph didn’t understand what his father was doing and it troubled him (48:17-20). The disciples didn’t understand much of what Jesus did at the time, but only after He was raised from the dead (John 13:7, 2:19-22). Jacob dug a well and gave it to Joseph (48:22). Jesus, who is greater than Jacob sat there and offered living water (John 4:4-6).

In chapter 49, Judah would be praised by his brothers (49:8). Jesus will be praised by the whole earth (Rev. 5:8-14). Judah is blessed to be the tribe through whom kings would come, culminating with the Messiah Himself (49:10). David, Solomon, and others were from the tribe of Judah (1 Chron. 28:10,11). Jesus would come through the tribe of Judah (Matt. 1:2,3,16, Lu. 3:23-33, Heb. 7:14, Rev. 5:5). Judah is associated with a lion (49:9). This is where the phrase the Lion of Judah comes from, and will be applied to Jesus, who is from the tribe of Judah (Rev. 5:5). The obedience of the nations would belong to this future king (49:10). People from all nations would submit to the rule of Jesus, the Messiah. This points to the worldwide gospel (Ps. 2:7,8,Rev. 5:9, 7:9, Matt. 28:19, Gal. 3:8). Knowing the promised Offspring of the woman (3:15) would come through his family in the future, gave Jacob comfort in his death (Heb. 11:13). We look back on the promise fulfilled in Jesus, and knowing God always keeps His promises, gives us comfort in death, because He will come again (Rom. 5:2, 8:23-25, 1 Cor. 15:57,58, 2 Cor. 1:10, 3:4,12, Eph. 1:18-21, Col. 1:5,27, 1 Thess. 4:13-17, 2 Thess. 2:16, 1 Tim. 1:1, Titus 1:1, 2:13, 3:7, 1 Pet. 1:3,13). The blessings ascribed to Judah of health and wine (49:11,12) are given to us in Christ, the true vine, as we abide in Him (John 15:1, 4,5). The reason the tribe of Issachar were willing to work hard is because they saw the land of promise was pleasant (49:15) Likewise we should look with the eye of faith to our heavenly Promised Land and be willing to labor (Heb. 12:1-3). Even though they were harmful to the cause of the nation, Jacob longed for deliverance to come to Dan (49:18). In this life we will likely be disappointed by people, but our hope is in God and His salvation (John 16:32, 2 Tim. 4:16,17). The tribe of Gad were valiant fighters (49:19). The Christian life is seen as a conflict (1 Tim. 6:12), the weapons of our warfare are not weapons of the world (1 Cor. 10:4) and we are soldiers (2 Tim. 2:3,4) in the Church Militant and we are to don the armor of God (Eph. 6:10-18), knowing the victory is sure (Rom. 8:37, John 16:33, Rev. 19:11). Both Joseph and Jesus suffered greatly yet were faithful to the end because God was with them (49:23,24/Rev. 3:14,19:11, Isa. 53:11, Heb. 2:9,10,18,5:8,13:12). Likewise, any strength we have to withstand temptation comes from God (1 Cor. 10:13, 2 Cor. 12:9). Joseph was called a prince among his brothers (49:26). Jesus is the Prince of Peace (Isa.9:6, 5:31). Jacob wanted to rest in the Promised Land of Canaan (49:29-32). Jesus went to Paradise when He died (Lu. 23:43). We long for our rest in the Promised Land, Heaven, of which Canaan is a type.

In chapter 50, the mourning of the Egyptians as Israel departed prefigures the Exodus when they will be mourning as Israel leaves for Canaan (50:10,11/Ex. 121:29,30). The glory of Egypt that goes with them hints at the gifts and plunder that the Egyptians will give to the children of Israel as they leave (50:7,9/Ex.11:2,3,12:35,36). Joseph’s brothers recognized they had sinned against him and knew any punishment would be just (50:15-18). Sinners acknowledge their sin is against God and any punishment would be just (Ps. 51:4, 130:3, Acts 2:23, 1 Tim. 1:15). Joseph is a model of forgiveness without bitterness towards those who have hurt them, one who comforts the fearful sinner who recognizes his guilt (50:19-21). Jesus is the greater Joseph who does this to all who come to Him by faith (John 6:37,Matt. 11:28). Joseph, like a shepherd provided for his family (50:21). Jesus provides for His spiritual family (2 Pet. 1:3, Matt. 5:45). Joseph was faithful till the end of his life/Jesus is faithful to the end of time (50:24,25/Matt. 28:18-20,Rev. 3:14,19:11). There is no record of sin in Joseph’s life, unlike other Bible characters, so he prefigures Jesus in a lesser to greater sense. Jesus truly was sinless (Heb. 4:15, 7:26,). Joseph had a virtual death, resurrection, and exaltation. Jesus had a real death, a real resurrection, and has been exalted to the right hand of God (Heb. 1:3,13,10:12,12:2,1 Pet. 3:21,22). Joseph’s life story is summed up in the verse, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” (50:20) This is a theologically sound statement about the sovereignty of God that is demonstrated time and again in the pages of Scripture; most notably in reference to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, which was a far greater travesty of justice than the sale of Joseph into Egypt. Acts 2:23 says, “This Man was handed over to you by God’s deliberate plan and foreknowledge; and you, with the help of wicked men, put Him to death by nailing Him to the cross.” Joseph’s bones would be brought to the Promised Land; (50:25). Jesus went to the heavenly Canaan (Heb. 6:19,20, Lu.23:43). Both used their power for good/both returned good for evil. Joseph’s earlier claims to future greatness came true; Jesus predicted His future glory, which will happen (see the Book of Revelation). Both forgave those who wronged them (50:19-21/Lu.23:34). Joseph went ahead of his brothers and prepared a place for them, brought them to himself, and they saw his glory, and couldn’t believe he was the same humble person they had known previously (45:5,7,8). They had joy and shared his blessings. Jesus has gone ahead to prepare a place for us and will return for us (John 14:2,3). We will see His glory, and He will be so unlike the humble Man He was on earth. We will have joy and share His blessings (John 16:22, Rev.21:4, 22:3).

Sunday, May 31, 2020

Pandemic Third Month

May Journaling

1.    I filled up my tank only because gas is so cheap; 80 cents/litre. I could have easily gone six weeks to the tank.

2.    I’m growing vegetables hydroponically from scraps. I’ll plant them outside when it warms up.

3.    COVID19 week seven. Indoor grilled steak and shrimp.

4.    I’m so grateful we still have an income and employment. When this is over, I’ll be even more grateful for hugs from my grandkids.

5.    I planted some vegetables grown from scraps into my stand-up planter boxes. Made chicken fajita lettuce wraps.

6.    Beautiful day for a walk in the neighbourhood. So many people out walking these days. Made Lake Erie pickerel and corn on the cob. Virtual prayer meeting.

7.    Making turkey and mashed potatoes. My husband’s big project is to clear out the garage so he can fit both cars in instead of just mine. He also needs to buy a small shed for the backyard.

8.    Homemade mushroom soup and turkey club sandwiches.

9.    It’s snowing! Snowing! On May 9th! I can’t believe it. We had steak and baked potatoes and salad for dinner.

10. COVID19 week eight. Also the second Lord’s Supper. It’s Mother’s Day. My girls bought me a Downton Abbey cookbook for my next dinner party. We ordered High Tea to go from the Tartan House B & B where we’ve taken our moms before. I also ordered one for myself. I am going to my mom’s to share ours together in her backyard, while staying apart. I also bought her a washable mask from a local designer. I am bringing some salsa to my sister for her birthday.

11. I bought some groceries, took a nap, and worked on my podcast.

12. It’s my sister’s 58th birthday. I can’t believe we’re both grandmothers (Mummis) now. I also had a pain clinic appointment for nerve block injections to my back. Glad they’re still open.

13. Virtual prayer meeting. My husband did the Bible study.

14. My mother-in-law turned 75 today but because of the pandemic we can’t celebrate. My daughter’s mother-in-law turned 65 today. My mom turned 80 in March and we had to miss that celebration, too.

15. It’s been two months now since we’ve been self-isolating. They’re starting to ease restrictions. Looking forward to seeing my grandkids again. Our daughter is due with her third baby any day now. She will deliver at home with a midwife for obvious reasons.

16. Not sleeping very well for some reason.

17. Ordered Greek food delivered.

18. Victoria Day.

19. Ravi Zacharias has died. He was a Christian apologist and preacher. He was converted from Hinduism after attempting suicide at the age of 17. He lived to age 74. Another great Christian leader of our generation promoted to glory. He was a Hindu from India. One of his best friends was a young man named Nabeel Quereshi, who was a former Muslim from Pakistan, who predeceased him quite young. According to the world, these two should have nothing in common. But in Christ, they are brothers. I can imagine the reunion, as they meet at the feet of the Saviour they both loved and served.

20. Virtual prayer meeting. Today was so warm, our whole neighbourhood seemed to be out walking.

21. We have a third grandchild; Maren Emilia. She was born at home during the global pandemic. “Thursday’s child is full of grace,” as a poem says. The midwife barely got there on time. Her mom only had a few hours of labour, and only 20 minutes of active labour. They called 911, the police got there first. They must have been afraid they’d have to deliver; as they didn’t even go into the room. Then the paramedics arrived, so the police went out to their car. The midwife ran up the stairs as she was pushing. So the paramedics left. You were born on a beautiful sunny day. She weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces which is a good size. It took a while for her parents to agree on a name. She is a rainbow baby; a baby who is born after a pregnancy loss; because she represents hope, like the rainbow after the global flood in Noah’s day.

22. We went and picked up the other two to sleep at our house for three nights. We hadn’t seen them for ten weeks because of the lockdown. The new parents wanted some time to spend with the new baby alone. We never expected to have more than two grandchildren, so she was a nice surprise!

23. I forgot how busy these kids could be. They saw my husband’s mom today, which made them all happy.

24. My mom came over to see the grandkids, we sat outside. She hadn’t seen them in ten weeks.

25. Snow earlier in the month, then a heat wave. Crazy.

26. Pain clinic for nerve block injections to my face. So glad they’re still open. These two pain clinics make my life bearable.

27. The weather is all over the place; snow two weeks ago, then a heat wave this week.

28. We got a garage door opener on the second door. My husband’s goal since we moved in ten years ago was to fit both cars in the garage. He has cleared out a lot of junk but needs to buy a shed before it can happen. Staying at home, all our news is about the house.

29. Our new little granddaughter is so cute.

30. We had a virtual women’s ministry meeting to meet the new team.

31. My husband is staining our new deck that was built last summer.

Friday, May 1, 2020

Easter Dinner by Zoom

April Journaling

1.    April Fools’ Day, the only holiday of Atheists. “The fool has said in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” We did an online Bible study and prayer meeting. So nice to chat with friends from church.

2.    So my daily new normal is to have my coffee while I read my Bible, have breakfast, tidy up, then write for most of the morning, eat lunch, nap two hours, make dinner, and sit in front of the t.v. the rest of the night. Sometimes I write more while the t.v. is on. Nowhere to go, no one to see. We still have income, which is more than many, so we are thankful. My husband works for water supply, which is an essential service, so he still goes in to work every day. The gas prices are down and traffic is light. They’ve split up the skilled workers for safety because they’re the only ones who can run the system. Some days it’s just him and one other.

3.    Face-timing with the grandkids is all we get these days. I miss them.

4.    COVID week three for church online.

5.    Getting my winter tires off today. Walked back from there.

6.    Taking daily walks in the neighbourhood, so at least that’s good.

7.    With the new restrictions we can’t see the grandkids at all and may even miss the birth of the new one if it’s as stringent by the end of May when she is due.

8.    My daughter is in her third trimester and is nesting; getting the room ready for the new one. The other two are now in bunk beds we bought them.

9.    I’m pandemic-baking. Today was lemon poppy seed cake. I froze some, and will give some away.

10. Good Friday. We listened to some favourite hymns before the online service. Some of my faves are O Sacred Head and His Robes for Mine. We had Moroccan Carrot soup and crab cakes for lunch and pickerel and salmon, mushroom risotto and green beans and carrots for dinner. We’re eating well.

11. Nice long walk listening to preaching.

12. Covid week four online at church. We had a virtual Easter dinner over zoom with 21 of us. We were on for 2-1/2 hours. We look like the Brady Bunch. I’ll post the picture. It was nice to see each other. We also each did a rant and rave.

13. We’re all going to be fitter or fatter at the end of this. Even though we’re walking more, we’re also cooking more, so it could go either way. Today I made pea soup to freeze.

14. My husband took a day off to switch his winter tires.

15. Online prayer meeting again.

16. My chiropractor and massage therapist’s office is closed so my appointment was cancelled.

17. Thinking of trying to record some videos of me making soup. We’ll see how that goes.

18. Facetimed with the grandkids. I miss them so much.

19. Church online covid week five. Soup and crab cake for lunch. Roast chicken, steamed carrots, Caesar salad for dinner.

20. Beef stir-fry for dinner. Walked to the drug store.

21. Our three year old granddaughter swallowed a one-inch metal piece of a music box on purpose last night. They brought her to the children’s hospital emergency room and did an x-ray. It had already started traveling so they think she’ll be able to pass it without a problem. We were so worried about her.

22. Our granddaughter safely passed the little key from the music box. They washed and saved it. I’ll post a picture. I’m going to include it with the yearly letter I write to each of them that they will open at age 18. We had a virtual Annual General Meeting last night.

23. Virtual prayer meeting tonight.

24. Dropping off some food to missionaries we support. We are still getting an income and we have more than enough, since there are just two of us. I can fill five bags of groceries to give away and not feel it at all. They have a new baby and he just lost his job. My husband has his virtual exam for his seminary apologetics course that was started live and finished online because of COVID.

25. Church online covid week six. Shrimp stir-fry for lunch.

26. Last sunny day of the week so I went for a walk. Chicken and dumpling soup and Greek salad for dinner.

27. I’m trying to make some videos for youtube about making soup. Today was cream of mushroom.

28. Today is the national day of mourning for those killed or injured in the workplace. My dad died at the age of twenty-eight after being thrown off the back of a pickup truck at Algoma Steel when the driver decided to drive erratically. It was totally preventable and so tragic. How our lives would have been different if he had still been with us.

29. Writing, writing, writing.

30. It’s my birthday; 56. Over the hill and picking up speed. Ran some errands, a friend made me strawberry muffins, my husband bought me roses, and my grandkids sang me happy birthday over facetime. We ordered in; I got Italian. Many nice greetings on facebook.