Sunday, September 3, 2017


August Journaling

1.      My daughter passed her Bar exams! Now a year of articling, then she gets called to the Bar. She was so stressed out waiting for the result. So proud of her.

2.      Went to the beach with my daughter today. Nice but draining.

3.      Last yoga for the summer. Happy for the break.

4.      Shopped for a few clothes today, but the changing exhausted me.

5.      Daughter is coming over with the grandkids today.

6.      Driving up to Port Carling to visit my husband’s brother and his wife. The grandkids and our daughter are coming too.

7.      Went to the church that my brother in law is preaching in. His preaching style is similar to my husband’s.

8.      The Civic holiday. My husband made jerked chicken. Delish. The basement is all emptied as much as possible, and cleaned in preparation for our renters who are coming next week.

9.      Today is my daughter’s first day in her articling position with the Ontario government. She didn’t sleep well last night because she’s a little nervous, but I know she’ll do well. I’m without a car, and forgot that I wanted to get my hair cut. Oh well, maybe Friday.

10.   Our eldest daughter and family are coming over today. Her husband is on vacation this week and she’s in her final month of maternity leave since she’s going to start back to work earlier, next month in a new job.

11.   Haircut today. It’s been a bad few weeks for pain.

12.   Final preparations for our renter, who is moving in on Monday.

13.   Church today, and a nice nap.

14.   Our renter moved in today. Also, our eldest came with her kids for three nights, since her babysitter is on vacation. Also I had a chiropractic appointment.

15.   Kids are exhausting, but at least my daughter is here to help me out.

16.   My daughter went for a hair appointment.

17.   I have a massage this morning.

18.   Pain clinic today, for back injections. There was a terrorist attack in Finland today. Sad.

19.   Going to the Carey conference just for the weekend to catch up with friends. Next year we’ll go for the whole week. We will stay in the motel onsite this year. Hopefully next year we can get our trailer back.

20.   Sunday at the Carey conference.

21.   Stopping in London to see my recently bereaved aunt on our way home from the Carey conference.

22.   Beginning to pack and prepare for our trip.

23.   Visiting the grandkids one last time before we head off.

24.   Final medical appointment with a naturopath who helped me a lot. Also finishing our packing and leaving the house in order.

25.   Flying to Miami the evening before the cruise so we don’t miss the boat tomorrow.

26.   Heading off. Bon voyage to us! Travelling with 16 people from our church. We’ve never done a cruise with a group before. Also our youngest daughter’s 25th birthday. If she accomplished this much in 25 years, what will the next 50 years hold? We are in an inside stateroom which is fine, since you don’t spend much time in the room, so we don’t need a window. However, this one was on the first floor, just above the crew and the bowels of the ship. Unfortunately, it seemed to be over the main holding tank for sewage, because every few hours our room would shake with a loud flushing sound. Yeah, won’t do that again.

27.   A fun day at sea. Relaxing in the shade. Our group eats dinner together but mostly we do our own thing. The shows in the evening are great. I need to wear my ear plugs at all times, and pace myself with several naps a day, but it’s nice to have someone else cook for me and clean my bathroom and make my bed.

28.   Our first stop; Grand Cayman. We had to take a tender (boat) into shore. Then we did a beach day for a few hours. The absolute best beach ever, coral sand, crystal clear water and perfect temperature of air and water. We bought lunch on the beach and then the tour guide swung through town to give us an overview of the island. Apparently the guy named Dart who invented Styrofoam cups (that’s the name on the bottom of them) is a gazillionaire, and he also owns 1/3 of SOLO cups as well. The other claim to fame in Grand Cayman is their offshore banking, which attracts unscrupulous people who want to hide their money from taxes in their home countries.

29.   Today we went to Roatan, Honduras which is an island off the mainland, and this area was built by Carnival specifically for Carnival guests. We got a ride on a ski-lift type of thing over to the beach, then we had a clam shell covering our beach chairs for shade and two floaters for the water. It wasn’t the best beach but it was fun anyway. Also we had jerk chicken for lunch. Afterwards, a shower and a nap before dinner.

30.   Today we went to Belize. We didn’t book anything and so we just took the tender ashore to buy some souvenirs and take some pictures. We had to say we touched the shore in Central America.

31.   Today was supposed to be the highlight of our trip. We were going to go on an Atlantis submarine. I had been on one in St Thomas a few years back, but my camera didn’t work and I was on alone so I had no proof of my adventure. This time I had convinced my claustrophobic husband to go with me, but because of hurricane Harvey in Texas, it was pouring in Cozumel, Mexico and there was lightning striking the water so it was cancelled for safety’s sake. In its place we did a bus tour of the island, going to a Mayan chocolate factory, which was interesting to learn the history of chocolate, a beach stop just to look, and a tequila factory. I didn’t know where we were going before we took it, but it was interesting to learn about it. I tried tequila once before and hated it, but this was real because it was made with 100% agave nectar aged seven years and it was very smooth. Disappointed about the submarine, so we’ll have to do it next time.