Monday, May 1, 2017

Maintenance Mode

April Journaling

1.      My husband got our taxes done. The refund will help with some recent expenses.

2.      Pajama day. Don’t judge me.

3.      Church, nap, church.

4.      Quiet day at home, except for a trip to Costco. All I could handle.

5.      Grocery shopping after Bible study. The rain is keeping me in pain.

6.      Visiting the grandkids. Our granddaughter is smiling now.

7.      Exhausted. Washing was my big chore of the day. Gotta somehow find energy for yoga tonight.

8.      Quiet day at home reading my Bible. It snowed a bit. Hrrrmmph!

9.      I bought yoga clothes because I actually do yoga.

10.   Church today. We may rent out our basement in-law suite to a young couple from church who are getting married in the fall. Their condo won’t be ready yet. We won’t charge much, it’s mostly to help them out.

11.   Bought some more yoga clothes.

12.   Our grandson is starting to get toilet trained. That saves on diaper money.

13.   Quiet day, yoga tonight. Our daughter is coming home for Easter weekend, then she’s back for her final two weeks of law school. I got my hair highlighted. I do it once a year around my birthday to cover up the greys.

14.   Good Friday. We had breakfast at church, then our other daughter’s family are visiting, as are my mom and sister.

15.   Bad day, in pain because of the rain. Didn’t do anything but renew my driver’s licence plate sticker, and even that was on line.

16.   Resurrection Sunday. Christ is risen. He is risen, indeed! Our daughter went back to school for her final three exams in Law School.

17.   My yoga class was cancelled tonight because of leaky pipes. Now I’ll miss the next two or three because of other commitments. But I went out for a walk with my husband in the ravine paths. I turned back at twenty minutes, while he walked an hour. I don’t want to overdo it.

18.   So mixed up about which day it is because of the holiday weekend. Accomplished next to nothing.

19.   Accomplished even less than yesterday, but that’s because it rained, so I was on the couch in pain, contemplating nonsense like why unicorns aren’t called unihorns, and why butterflies aren’t called flutterbies. Adding value to the world in my own small way.

20.   Chiro and massage today, then going to stay overnight at my daughter’s house because she wants to concentrate on toilet training my grandson.

21.   Nice day with my grandchildren.

22.   Women’s ministry breakfast. I spoke on Eve and also gave my testimony. Of course I cried at the part about the disabled boy. Then I was on the couch for the rest of the day to recover.

23.   Church. My husband preached this evening.

24.   I got my facial injections today. This time they only lasted 7 of 11 weeks instead of the usual nine. So I had a lot of pain in my jaw and temple for the last month.

25.   Bible study this morning. Our daughter is writing her final exam in Law School.

26.   Picking up our youngest daughter from Kingston. Law school is done.

27.   Got the results of my $700 genetics test today.

28.   Visiting our grandchildren along with my youngest daughter.

29.   Friends are coming for dinner. She was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, so we’re going to have them over to share what has helped me. Another couple had done this for us a few years ago.

30.   It’s my 53rd Birthday today! We went out to eat at the KEG, my favourite restaurant, but it doesn’t open till three and we needed to eat between services, so we went to il Fornello instead. Also the whole church sang Happy Birthday to me after someone announced I was 39. O.K.