Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Big Year!

1.   Happy New Year! This is a big year. Finland is 100, Canada is 150, and the Reformation is 500 years old. Today it was just me and my husband, so we had a nice dinner of steak and lobster.

2.    Our daughter returned from a New Year’s road trip to Washington D.C. She wanted to go to Obama’s America while she still could.

3.    I was thinking how the American election had two impossible, disagreeable choices; kind of like that game, Would You Rather? where you are asked two difficult questions and you don’t want to choose either one. An example is would you rather be completely bald or completely hairy? Or would you rather drive everywhere or walk everywhere? Or would you rather never read again or never write again?

4.    My youngest daughter and I went to Oakville to see my grandson. It’s the last time my daughter will see her sister before she gives birth in February. He’s speaking so much now.

5.    Packing up our daughter to take her back to Kingston for her final semester of Law School.

6.    Our daughter’s family stayed overnight. It’s a good thing we moved our daughter yesterday, because there was a 100 car pile-up in snowy weather and the highway was closed for nine hours on the stretch we would’ve been on. Our daughter and son-in-law were very sick while here so we looked after our grandson so they could rest.

7.    Church today, starting the book of Daniel in the evening.

8.    I got sick from my family and vomited four times. I haven’t done that in years. I’m used to chronic illness during the past four years, but I haven’t been acutely sick on top of it. I could barely move or I’d be sick. But it seems to be only a 24 hour bug, thankfully.

9.    Working slowly to prep for a Women’s ministry planning meeting this evening. I would do one chore and rest 30 minutes, and repeat.

10.   Ran a few errands. Opened an account for our grandchildren.

11.   Still not 100 % after that illness.

12.    Pyjama day. Don’t stop by. No apologies.

13.   Reviewing my message for the Women’s breakfast tomorrow. It’s one I wrote years ago, but now for a new audience.

14.   Women’s Ministry breakfast. The message on Bathsheba was received well. We had 24 women attend. I spent the rest of the day recovering on the couch.

15.   Church today. Our Pastor is beginning a series on the book of Daniel in the evening. He’s preaching on Matthew in the morning.

16.   A quiet day at home, resting up for three appointments tomorrow.

17.   Bible study, lunch out, and then to the pain clinic for nerve block injections for the pain below my neck not taken care of by the injections to my head and neck. Hope it works.

18.   Visiting my grandson so my daughter can get a haircut. She’s close to the end of her pregnancy and hopes to give birth earlier than her due date of Feb. 18th. My husband came home sick with that stomach bug.

19.   Chiro and massage appointments today. My poor husband has slept almost 24 hours, except for getting up to vomit. I hope he doesn’t recycle his illness back to me.

20.   Feeling a little nauseous. Hope I’m not getting sick. Today is the inauguration of that man who shall not be named, in the U.S. Not too hopeful for the direction the country is going, except for the pro-life issues. Hopefully he’ll keep his word on that.

21.   My husband is still sick. He hasn’t shaved in a few days and it grows in grey.

22.   Church today; I went alone.

23.   My husband is still sick. Yesterday he was able to eat a bit but now he feels sick again. He’s going to the doctor tomorrow but they’ll probably only give him a sick note for work.

24.   I had Bible study this morning and the new pain clinic for injections to my back. It’s supposed to have a cumulative effect. So far, it only helped with back pain one day, but does nothing for my leg pain and abdominal pain.

25.   Rest day. Now that I got an i-Phone for Christmas, I can facetime with my grandson. It’s nice to see him when we talk.

26.   Our daughter is finished work today, she’s full term this coming Saturday. She has a lot of false contractions, waking her up at night. Preparing her body for the real thing. Also I saw a new Naturopath today; my third one. This one deals with Functional Medicine and looks at the overall picture. He recommends genetic testing; not the ancestry type, but why specifically my body doesn’t detox.

27.   Our grandson came to stay the night. He’s become a Mimi’s boy, but I don’t mind.

28.   We are going to a friend’s 50th birthday party. Not a great day for pain.

29.   Our grandson will be two on Feb. 1st but today they’re having a small party for him; no presents. My daughter is hoping to deliver soon.

30.   Naturopath today.

31.   Busy day; Bible study, pain clinic, and Women’s Ministry planning meeting. Which means I’ll be useless tomorrow.