Monday, July 31, 2017

Memories of my uncle, Jarmo

This is my mom's younger brother, Jarmo. He died on July 27, 2017 at the age of 71.
Five things stand out in my memories of Jarmo,

When we were little girls, back when Sanna was still a baby, he used to take me, Sirpa, and Sari to see the car races in the Soo. That was fun. I guess he got used to the idea that he’d be surrounded by girls.

He stood in place of my dad to walk me up the aisle when we got married.

He and Sirkka were amazing dancers. They were a joy to watch, both in ballroom dancing and Finnish folk dancing. They also taught dance classes.

He always remembered everyone’s milestones; birthdays and anniversaries and would send cards written in his excellent handwriting, or later, emails.

Speaking of emails, he was late in life getting into technology, but then he seemed to enjoy using it. He would send birthday emails and say things like, “Happy Birthday from London. Well, not everyone in London, just us.” And because English wasn’t his first language he’d sign it, Ankle Jarmo.

Canada 150

July Journaling

1.      It’s Canada’s 150th! Happy Canada D-eh! Friends dropped in from out of town.

2.      Church and then dinner at a friend’s. The theme was Mexican. Delish!

3.      Our grandkids are here for a bbq. My husband finally had two dry days in a row so he could re-stain the deck.

4.      Putting the deck furniture out, finally!

5.      Yoga tonight.

6.      My husband and I went to a Christian bookstore for a Paint Night as a date. There were 26 people there. It was relaxed and fun. The final product was rather juvenile, but that says more about my artistic ability than anything else. I’ll post a picture.

7.      Picking up my grandson to stay for the weekend because they’re moving.

8.      Busy day with our grandson. We took him to a farm, then we shelled peas, although most ended up in his mouth. I hulled a flat of strawberries to freeze. My berry picking days are over but I can still buy them. We had him run through the sprinkler and play a lot. We had a fire for him in the backyard and he enjoyed a s’more.

9.      We brought our grandson home to their new place. It’s very nice and new. He was emotional and kept asking to go home to their old place.

10.   Costco, and I’m done for the day.

11.   My daughter helped me clean out a closet to get stuff to sell at a garage sale at church this weekend. It feels good to purge, but I’m exhausted.

12.   Quiet day at home, reading. My daughter is cooking dinner for us tonight; a Thai prawn and coconut curry. Yoga tonight.

13.   Injections to my face today at the pain clinic. Useless the rest of the day.

14.   My uncle is in ICU in London with fluid on his lungs. He has his third cancer, in his esophagus. I sent him a letter a few weeks ago to share the gospel, praying God will speak to his heart before it’s too late.

15.   We had a Festival at our church today, with food, live music, garage sales, a bouncy castle and a dunk tank. My husband knocked one of the pastors into the tank.

16.   Church today, and then visited my mom because she’s going to Finland tomorrow for a few weeks.

17.   My husband is cleaning out the garage today. He’s on vacation.

18.   I have a pain clinic appointment for back injections. Then useless the rest of the day.

19.   We’re going to London to see my uncle as he’s not doing well.

20.   My daughter wanted me to order tickets for a kids’ concert but of course they were sold out right away, purchased by bots or people who want to make a huge profit. We looked on a secondary ticket seller site and we purchased them. Final price four times the original. Criminal.

21.   Visiting our grandchildren today.

22.   We have tickets to a TFC soccer game tonight. There were a lot of delays on the train both ways.

23.   Church today.

24.   My uncle in London is doing poorly; they’ve found more cancer in his lungs. They will have to make a decision soon, since he’s still in ICU and intubated. They don’t think he’d be able to handle any further treatment. Sad.

25.   We went to visit an elderly woman we’ve known for decades. She’s the widow of the Pastor who baptized me and married us.

26.   It’s our 31st anniversary today. 31-derful years. Hokey, I know. We’re going out to dinner at the KEG. Also happy to hear that my CPP disability claim has been approved. It's just validation for what I already know.

27.   My uncle died today. The memorial will be on Saturday in London.

28.   Beach day with the family.

29.   My husband did a short message at my uncle’s funeral and I shared a few memories, which I’ll post separately.

30.   Church, ribfest, and a corn roast at a friend’s place.

31.   Recovery day.