Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NaNo Attempt

November Journaling

1.  Bible study this morning, talking about genocide in the Old Testament and how to answer those who are offended by it and stand in judgment of God as if they are more moral. Then I dropped off my rings to be resized and repaired. Also my mom came to visit and brought her famous ribs for dinner.

2.  Visiting my grandson, who is sick today.

3. I have an appointment with one of my specialists today.

4. Filling out paperwork for my fifth pain clinic. I’d like to be hopeful, but past experience says otherwise. Going to watch some old movies, Rear Window and African Queen at a friends’ place.

5. Visiting our grandson today; he’s sick with a viral infection.

6. Church today, flanking a long nap.

7.  Dropping off my car at the collision centre and picking up a rental for six days. Then my mom is coming by to plant tulips and crocuses and baking gingersnaps. I’ll supervise.

8.  Bible study this morning; finished up the book of Numbers. It was more interesting than it sounds. Go out and vote, Americans, many in the world don’t have that privilege.

9.  We were up till two a.m. awaiting the final election results. Trump was leading, which is a shock. Confirmation this morning, he won, she lost, anxiety is high, but the sun still rose this morning, and God is still on His throne.

10. Had a massage this morning, but my back is still sore; has been for about two weeks. Then going to stay over at my daughter’s house.

11. With my grandson today; hard to keep up with a toddler.

12. Women’s ministry breakfast, speaking on Ruth. Another old message, but well received by this new group. It was so exhausting I napped for a few hours.

13. Church today. Our church collected about 112 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child with Samaritan’s Purse.

14.Printing my Summary of Numbers for tomorrow.

15. Busy day with Bible study, lunch, and then dropping my car off to get my winter tires on. It’s at the mall so I’ll try to do some Christmas shopping, but it’s prime nap time. I know I’ll be useless the rest of the evening.

16. Went to visit our grandson with my husband, who took a vacation day.

17. Three medical appointments today, which is two too many. But I got an assessment at a pain clinic. I see the doctor next week. This is my fifth pain clinic. I’m somewhat hopeful as they do nerve blocks for pain, which may or may not work on my Fibromyalgia, but it may work on my other types of pain.

18. My husband took a long weekend, using up extra vacation days. We’re going for dinner at our Pastor’s house to discuss mentoring some younger believers at church.

19. Decorated the house for Christmas and bought an artificial tree since I’m apparently allergic to trees. Nice evening with the family.

20. A good Sunday, except for the weather turned and it’s very cold. I feel more pain when the barometric pressure is low, like when it’s raining, snowing, or cloudy. Took a long nap this afternoon.

21.So nice to have a rare day with no appointments.

22. Bible study and lunch, then a nap and a pain clinic appointment for injections.

23. Abdominal ultrasound today to see if my liver has gotten worse. When you have a pain syndrome, even the pressure of a simple ultrasound is excruciating.

24. An osteopath appointment today.

25. Our grandson is coming for a sleepover. We took him to a pet shop and toy store.

26. Our eldest daughter’s champagne birthday today. That means she’s 26 on the 26th. Our grandson went in the hot tub today, built a fort, and saw Santa.

27. Church today.

28. Naturopath appointment, rest, then made homemade salsa.

29. Bible study, then going to see my grandson.

30. Stayed over at my grandson’s. Disappointed that this young new prolife candidate in the province has already softened his stance on the sex ed curriculum. They may be fiscally conservative, but I find all three parties socially interchangeable. In other news, I managed to get 33,000 words written out of 50,000 word NaNo challenge. It’s the National Novel Writing Month. I find November is a busy month at the best of times.