Monday, April 30, 2012

New Blog: The Scarlet Thread

April 30, 2012

Outside my window...grey but pleasant. It was raining when I walked the dog so I came in. I’m made of sugar and I might dissolve.
I am thinking...this weekend we ended up going out to Delhi for the funeral of a Pastor we knew. It’s so different to be at the funeral of a believer. We don’t sorrow as those who have no hope. Then on Sunday, my husband was asked to preach in Belleville at our sister church, on short notice. He preached on the armour of God and it was good.
I am finish the To Do list I had for this weekend, before I go back to work on Tuesday night.
I am thankful for...48 years of health and strength. I can’t complain about birthdays, because I see so many who don’t have that privilege. I also got two books and season one of Downton Abbey, a scented candle and a mani-pedi gift certificate. Plus dinner out with my family. I am blessed.
I am wearing...jeans and a navy print top and lime green sweater.
From the kitchen...we’re eating out at Memories of Japan for my birthday.
I am family at home.
I am reading...Marduk’s Tablet by T.L. Higley.
Around the house...My daughter’s fiancĂ© found an apartment that they will live in when they get married in the fall. He moved in yesterday. It’s a nice, clean two bedroom apartment in Burlington, close to his work. He will also work from home, so the other room will be his office. Such exciting times for them, when everything is new and shiny, and everything is an adventure. Our dog, Kody had his updated vaccinations today. Poor thing, he gets muzzled and he whimpers and whines when they take his blood. He seems better now.
One of my favourite things...I started my new blog on wordpress. It’s called
I’m still trying to navigate how to use wordpress and add logos and pictures. I may never publish, but I’ll get it out there.
Some plans for the week...dinner out tonight. Work two nights. Attend the Ladies’ Retreat on Saturday.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Public Speaking

April 24, 2012

Outside my window…cold and windy. Some places in Ontario had snow again. I must really love my dog to walk him in this.
I am thinking…it’s funny how the idea of public speaking in certain settings just freaks me out. I can teach the Women of Faith because it’s a small group, about twelve women who know me, and I sit with them instead of above them. But I was asked if I’d lead prayer once at the Ladies’ retreat and I panicked. I agreed to do it, but man, am I stressed over it. Weird, eh?
I am hoping…to get rides arranged for the Ladies’ retreat. There will be thirteen of us so three vehicles should do it.
I am thankful for…my mom’s return from London . She ended up staying longer than planned. I see how much we rely on her for her car, for helping with meals, and for letting the dog out while I sleep.
I am wearing…jeans and a few layers. It’s cold.
From the kitchen…pulled pork on a bun and sweet potato fries.
I am hearing…the train.
I am reading…Fallen from Babel by T.L. Higley. It is set in ancient Babylon during the time of Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel and his friends. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it since it has a time travel element, but I love it.
Around the house…my eldest has moved back home for three months. It took two trips to Hamilton to get all her stuff. She is graduating with a double major in Social Work and Health Studies. My youngest finished her program with an “A” average. So proud of my girls.
One of my favourite things…my Kindle. I’ve been getting free books as I hear about them. Free is my favourite price, and it helps with our budget. Self control.
Some plans for the week…work three nights, then off for five. I booked next Monday night off since it’s my birthday. We’re going to a Japanese restaurant. I’m trying to plan a date with my husband this weekend, as well as entertaining some friends.

Monday, April 16, 2012


April 16, 2012.

Outside my window...awesome day! 23 degrees C in mid April. If it wasn't for the gusting winds, it would be a perfect day.
I am was so great to witness another baptism at church yesterday. This was a young woman we had long prayed for. God saved her and she wanted to be baptized. Most of her family and her fiance's family were there. They are Roman Catholics. Our Pastor preached a very clear message on baptism. See the sermon notes below or listen to it on our church website,
I am stick with the running program. If you saw my form; barely lifting my knees, tongue hanging out, gasping for breath, you wouldn't call it running. But I didn't stop, and today I jogged 4 min., walked 5, jogged 4, walked 5. I didn't wheeze or gasp, or stop, and I even picked up my pace in the last minute. That's progress, isn't it?
I am thankful for...solid preaching. So many preach fluff.
I am wearing...jeans, my SUOMI shirt and a navy cardigan.
From the kitchen...corned beef and rice, but only because it was just my husband and me for dinner and no one else likes it.
I am hearing...the train.
I am reading...Gideon's Gift by Karen Kingsbury.
Around the eldest is moving back home till she gets married. Both girls have summer jobs lined up. My mom is visiting relatives out of town.
One of my favourite things...Downton Abbey. I'm hooked. I'd like to get the earlier seasons.
Some plans for the four nights. Ugggh! Pick up my daughter's things from Hamilton, my husband has a men's breakfast Saturday morning, we have a church supper on Sunday. Then start all over again.

Baptized into Christ Jesus

Preached by Pastor Brian Robinson on April 15, 2012

What is Baptism? Why do we do it? What is it supposed to do for you? Does it save? What does it symbolize?
Some come from traditions that baptize infants.
We can’t answer all issues raised since the beginning of Christianity, but we do have the word of God.
We do it because Christ commanded it. Matthew 28:18
Baptism is an initiatory rite.
What does the word signify?
What is the proper mode? Immersion or sprinkling?

The New Testament was written in Greek, an accurate and precise language. Because a tradition of sprinkling had emerged, they left the word untranslated.
Baptism means immersion.
There are other words to describe washing, bathing, pouring, and sprinkling. They are not used. The only Greek word used for baptism is baptism, or immersion.
John the Baptist was John the Immerser.
In Mark 1:10, when Jesus was baptized, it says, “ Jesus came up out of the water”. Did He go in to be sprinkled?
John 3:23 “John was also baptizing in Aenon near Salim, because there was much water there.” You don’t need much water to sprinkle.
Acts 8:26-40 The Ethiopian eunuch says, “Here is water. What hinders me from being baptized?” If it was only sprinkling, they could have used their water in jugs.
“When they came up out of the water.” You don’t need to go into water to sprinkle, but both the baptizer and the one being baptized do need to go in to be immersed.
Does the mode matter? No big deal, as long as you’re baptized (immersed). :)

Immersion is the most expressive mode for giving a picture of its meaning.
In Romans 6, we see baptism symbolizes death, burial and resurrection. We identify with Christ in His death.
The old nature has been put to death. We die to a self-centred life. Christ first, others second, self last. We offer up our bodies as living sacrifices.
Resurrection—abundant life, liberated from the power of guilt, sin and the law.
This picture only makes sense with immersion.
Who are the proper subjects of baptism?
Only believers need apply.
We don’t believe in adult baptism as opposed to infant baptism, we believe in believer’s baptism as opposed to unbeliever’s baptism.
There is no example or command in Scripture to baptize infants. No one was ever carried to the water. They walked in.
All examples of baptism show faith preceding it. See the Ethiopian eunuch, the Apostle Paul and the Philippian jailer.
“What must I do to be saved?” “Believe on the Lord Jesus.” An infant can’t believe.
The message comes first, then the ordinance.
When the mothers brought their children to Jesus, it was for a blessing, not to be baptized.
We can pray for our children, teach them, and be an example to them, but they cannot inherit our faith. God has sons and daughters, not grandchildren.

Can we make too little of baptism? Yes, if we ignore it. It’s a command of Christ. It’s a matter of obedience. It’s the beginning of the Christian walk, not the end. It’s an outward, public sign of an inward cleansing.

Can we make too much of baptism? Yes, if you believe it is necessary to salvation. Nothing is to be added to the work of Christ.
An example is the thief on the cross. He believed, yet he could not get off the cross to be baptized, yet Jesus promised he would be with him in Paradise that day.
Christianity is simple.
Gal. 6:15 “For neither circumcision counts for anything, nor uncircumcision, but a new creation.” You could also say, neither baptism counts for anything, or not being baptized, but a new creation.
Baptism will never wash away one sin, even if you did it every day. You must be born again.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Resurrection Day!

Outside my window...sunny but cool. We’re putting the patio furniture out. Not likely to get anymore snow.
I am thinking...I can’t believe that Toronto is legalizing brothels. How is this a law for the public good? All it will do is encourage human trafficking and make it easier to hide underage girls. Disgusting.
I am hoping...our friend will be able to improve his financial situation. I know we’re cutting back, but I was still able to pull together two weeks’ worth of food for him, without even feeling the effect. The church also gave him some cash.
I am thankful for...the grace of God in my salvation. If He had not saved me, I wouldn’t be saved. Such is my hard heart. It was a nice Easter weekend.
I am wearing...jeans, a navy floral top and a blue zip up sweater.
From the kitchen... we bbq’d chicken, skewered shrimp, two ways, and grilled veggies.
I am hearing... the evening news.
I am reading...Sarai by Jill Eileen Smith.
Around the eldest is finished school and coming home on Wednesday. My youngest and I are in week two of the Couch to 5K running. Today we ran 4 minutes. I didn’t stop and I didn’t die. My breathing is improving. We are considering doing the Terry Fox Run in September. That was the cancer my husband had 14 years ago. We are also doing toning. It helps to have her as a work out buddy. I would’ve quit already, without her.
One of my favourite things...mani-pedis. I love the massage chair. A Princess day with my daughter. It was her reward for working hard at school this year.
Some plans for the two nights. I’m getting my hair cut and highlighted on Friday.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Couch to 5K run...Me?

Outside my window...sunshine. It makes me smile.
I am's funny what you find on Pinterest. I saw a picture of food storage, clicked on it and went to a blog on Emergency Preparedness, which I'm all for. Then, it had links to Surivalist blogs, which anticipate TEOTWAWKI or The End of the World as We Know It. It's mostly Americans who run those sites, so they talk a lot about stockpiling guns and ammo.
I am be able to do the cardio portion my daughter and I added to our workout. It's called from Couch to 5K run. It's a ten week gradual training program. Two days ago, when it was a five minute walk, a two minute jog, and a five minute walk, I nearly died. After the two minutes of running, if you call it that, I was wheezing like an old man. Yet today, I didn't wheeze. I wouldn't say it was fun, or great, but it was less horrible.
I am thankful for...Atlantic Salmon. I missed it. I used to buy it every week without even looking at the price. Now I have to think about it and buy it when it's on sale, like today. My daughter and I split it. I made chicken legs for my husband since he's the only one who likes them and he had a bad day at work.
I am wearing...jeans, a red t-shirt and a navy hoodie. I brought a windbreaker along in case it's cold in the morning on my way home.
From the kitchen...chicken legs, salmon, green beans, carrots and rice.
I am hearing...the Customer Service Ambassador on the GO train. He has a soothing voice.
I am reading...NOBODY by Creston Mapes, on my Kindle. For now, I'm limiting myself to free books. Also, my mom and I went to a Christian bookstore on Friday, and I didn't buy anything! My mom bought two books I picked out, which I'll get at the end of the month for my birthday. Something to look forward to!
Around the house... I proofread a paper for my eldest. It's her final week of university. I can't believe how quickly it has passed. She's still looking for work. My youngest is in exams. My husband is busy and stressed at work. We had friends stay overnight last night at the Thompson Bed and Breakfast. He preached at our church.
One of my favourite things...buying gifts for people. I've been slowly getting things for my daughter and her fiance.
Some plans for the four nights. Thursday is time and a half because of Good Friday. I'll be too wiped to go to the service in the morning, although I'd love to go. Saturday, my daughter and I are getting mani-pedis to celebrate the end of school. Sunday is Resurrection Sunday, or Easter. Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! I haven't made any plans yet.