Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Public Speaking

April 24, 2012

Outside my window…cold and windy. Some places in Ontario had snow again. I must really love my dog to walk him in this.
I am thinking…it’s funny how the idea of public speaking in certain settings just freaks me out. I can teach the Women of Faith because it’s a small group, about twelve women who know me, and I sit with them instead of above them. But I was asked if I’d lead prayer once at the Ladies’ retreat and I panicked. I agreed to do it, but man, am I stressed over it. Weird, eh?
I am hoping…to get rides arranged for the Ladies’ retreat. There will be thirteen of us so three vehicles should do it.
I am thankful for…my mom’s return from London . She ended up staying longer than planned. I see how much we rely on her for her car, for helping with meals, and for letting the dog out while I sleep.
I am wearing…jeans and a few layers. It’s cold.
From the kitchen…pulled pork on a bun and sweet potato fries.
I am hearing…the train.
I am reading…Fallen from Babel by T.L. Higley. It is set in ancient Babylon during the time of Nebuchadnezzar, Daniel and his friends. At first I thought I wouldn’t like it since it has a time travel element, but I love it.
Around the house…my eldest has moved back home for three months. It took two trips to Hamilton to get all her stuff. She is graduating with a double major in Social Work and Health Studies. My youngest finished her program with an “A” average. So proud of my girls.
One of my favourite things…my Kindle. I’ve been getting free books as I hear about them. Free is my favourite price, and it helps with our budget. Self control.
Some plans for the week…work three nights, then off for five. I booked next Monday night off since it’s my birthday. We’re going to a Japanese restaurant. I’m trying to plan a date with my husband this weekend, as well as entertaining some friends.

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