Monday, April 30, 2012

New Blog: The Scarlet Thread

April 30, 2012

Outside my window...grey but pleasant. It was raining when I walked the dog so I came in. I’m made of sugar and I might dissolve.
I am thinking...this weekend we ended up going out to Delhi for the funeral of a Pastor we knew. It’s so different to be at the funeral of a believer. We don’t sorrow as those who have no hope. Then on Sunday, my husband was asked to preach in Belleville at our sister church, on short notice. He preached on the armour of God and it was good.
I am finish the To Do list I had for this weekend, before I go back to work on Tuesday night.
I am thankful for...48 years of health and strength. I can’t complain about birthdays, because I see so many who don’t have that privilege. I also got two books and season one of Downton Abbey, a scented candle and a mani-pedi gift certificate. Plus dinner out with my family. I am blessed.
I am wearing...jeans and a navy print top and lime green sweater.
From the kitchen...we’re eating out at Memories of Japan for my birthday.
I am family at home.
I am reading...Marduk’s Tablet by T.L. Higley.
Around the house...My daughter’s fiancé found an apartment that they will live in when they get married in the fall. He moved in yesterday. It’s a nice, clean two bedroom apartment in Burlington, close to his work. He will also work from home, so the other room will be his office. Such exciting times for them, when everything is new and shiny, and everything is an adventure. Our dog, Kody had his updated vaccinations today. Poor thing, he gets muzzled and he whimpers and whines when they take his blood. He seems better now.
One of my favourite things...I started my new blog on wordpress. It’s called
I’m still trying to navigate how to use wordpress and add logos and pictures. I may never publish, but I’ll get it out there.
Some plans for the week...dinner out tonight. Work two nights. Attend the Ladies’ Retreat on Saturday.

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