Monday, April 2, 2012

Couch to 5K run...Me?

Outside my window...sunshine. It makes me smile.
I am's funny what you find on Pinterest. I saw a picture of food storage, clicked on it and went to a blog on Emergency Preparedness, which I'm all for. Then, it had links to Surivalist blogs, which anticipate TEOTWAWKI or The End of the World as We Know It. It's mostly Americans who run those sites, so they talk a lot about stockpiling guns and ammo.
I am be able to do the cardio portion my daughter and I added to our workout. It's called from Couch to 5K run. It's a ten week gradual training program. Two days ago, when it was a five minute walk, a two minute jog, and a five minute walk, I nearly died. After the two minutes of running, if you call it that, I was wheezing like an old man. Yet today, I didn't wheeze. I wouldn't say it was fun, or great, but it was less horrible.
I am thankful for...Atlantic Salmon. I missed it. I used to buy it every week without even looking at the price. Now I have to think about it and buy it when it's on sale, like today. My daughter and I split it. I made chicken legs for my husband since he's the only one who likes them and he had a bad day at work.
I am wearing...jeans, a red t-shirt and a navy hoodie. I brought a windbreaker along in case it's cold in the morning on my way home.
From the kitchen...chicken legs, salmon, green beans, carrots and rice.
I am hearing...the Customer Service Ambassador on the GO train. He has a soothing voice.
I am reading...NOBODY by Creston Mapes, on my Kindle. For now, I'm limiting myself to free books. Also, my mom and I went to a Christian bookstore on Friday, and I didn't buy anything! My mom bought two books I picked out, which I'll get at the end of the month for my birthday. Something to look forward to!
Around the house... I proofread a paper for my eldest. It's her final week of university. I can't believe how quickly it has passed. She's still looking for work. My youngest is in exams. My husband is busy and stressed at work. We had friends stay overnight last night at the Thompson Bed and Breakfast. He preached at our church.
One of my favourite things...buying gifts for people. I've been slowly getting things for my daughter and her fiance.
Some plans for the four nights. Thursday is time and a half because of Good Friday. I'll be too wiped to go to the service in the morning, although I'd love to go. Saturday, my daughter and I are getting mani-pedis to celebrate the end of school. Sunday is Resurrection Sunday, or Easter. Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed! I haven't made any plans yet.


FootFlux said...

Good luck on the Couch to 5K. You can do it!

piafinn said...

Thanks for the encouragement. We're two weeks in to it.