Monday, March 30, 2009

Missions Trip to Scotland

This letter is a report by my daughter about the Missions Trip she took in February with Campus for Christ.

I’m sending you this letter to thank you once again for your prayers and support regarding my missions trip to Scotland. I travelled to Edinburgh over my reading week – we left on the 13th and arrived back in Canada on the 21st of February – and I was truly blessed by the trip. I immediately fell in love with the city, history and culture.
As I mentioned before, we were working on different University campuses, doing spiritual interest questionnaires, evangelism and promoting events with the chapter of Campus for Christ in Edinburgh. Our teams were able to have many spiritual conversations with students there as well as present the gospel to quite a few students at the University of Edinburgh and Napier University.
One of the highlights of my trip was when the Canadian team would meet outside a church called St. Giles and worship on the steps of the church in the heart of Edinburgh. Through this ministry we had the privilege of meeting and encouraging several other believers, presenting the gospel to residents of the city and even had the privilege of leading two girls to Christ! It was such a blessing.
The trip definitely had challenging moments, and we ran into quite a few people who were hostile to the gospel and bitter towards Christianity, but my trip to Edinburgh really opened my eyes to the need that there is for missionaries in the U.K. and Western Europe. I’m adjusting to life (and the cold) in Canada once again and return with a thankfulness to God for the opportunity to serve in Scotland, and also bring with me an understanding of the need that there is for Christians who are willing to share the gospel with others.
Thank you once again for your support, and I pray that you would keep the nation of Scotland in your prayers – pray that our God would be the God of that city!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

T-shirt quotes

There are a few websites that sell unique t-shirts. These ones are taken from shirts on and

1. Actually, Medicine is the best medicine.
2. I "occasionally" use air quotes.
3. Life is like a box of terrrible analogies.
4. Being vague is almost as fun as doing that other thing.
5. A city built on rock and roll would be structurally unsound.
6. If you're interested in time travel, meet me last Thursday.
7. Nostalgia was better in the old days.
8. The definition of suspense is...
9. Trees: the real cause of forest fires.
10. To err is human, to arr is pirate.
11. Death: our nation's #1 killer.
12. I am the grammarian about whom your mother warned you.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Relaxing Spring Weekend

March 28, 2009.

Outside my window...a beautiful spring day. I even did some yard work; cleaning up some leaves and garbage off the lawn.
I am confident should I feel that my daughter's driving instructor boasted that in 30 years, she's only been hit by a truck twice?
I am thankful for...the youth group my youngest daughter attends. Today they did a field trip to a Hindu temple and a Sikh Community Centre. One girl there asked about Jesus.
From the kitchen...chicken and lamb souvlaki, wild rice, green beans, french bread and chocolate pudding.
I am wearing...jeans and my red Toronto FC t-shirt, which I wear when we watch a TFC game. I don't wear it for luck, just because we're fans.
I am reading...Too Good To Be True by Trish Perry. It's Christian chick-lit about a woman and a male nurse who both have very controlling mothers. It's laugh-out-loud funny.
I am be more patient in the nursery tomorrow, with a particular little girl who is uncontrolled, undisciplined and hyperactive.
I am hearing...TFC play against Columbus Crew. Two thousand Toronto fans travelled to support the team. They are so loud, they're putting the home team to shame.
Around the friend Kathy was over for dinner last night. I made curried chicken, rice and peas, and okra. Then we booked our flights to San Antonio on-line. My husband went to a breakfast with the men from church. There were thirteen men present. I can't tell you what a change that is for our church. For years our church was single moms, kids and widows almost exclusively. The change is so encouraging; to have men who can lead and teach is a blessing that some churches who have it, don't appreciate.
One of my favourite bed, especially when I'm tired. It's a four-poster bed from the Bombay Company with a down duvet and white sheers surrounding it.
A few plans for the week...Church tomorrow. Our Pastor is in Ottawa, so Pastor Wellum is preaching in his place in the morning, but I'll miss it because I'll be in the nursery. My mom is coming to church, though, so I'm happy about that. Then we'll be going to my mother-in-law's for lunch and to see some old family friends.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back to Reality

March 26, 2009

Outside my window...a cool, but sunny spring day. The robins are out.
I am thinking...why is it that people often get sick after vacation? Is it the "change of seasons" twice in two weeks, the different food, the exposure to people from all over the world? Since the day we got back from Mexico, I've had a cold. My husband got an ear infection from swimming and flying.
I am thankful...for my job. It's pretty stable as jobs go. Even though some nights we work pretty hard, it's still a good place to be. I get two months of vacation per year. That's not too shabby.
From the kitchen...szechwan chicken and vegetable stir fry with rice noodles.
I am pyjamas.
I am reading...Through a Glass Darkly, by Gilbert Morris. A Christian book about a man with amnesia.
I am be able to make it through my shifts this week, even though I don't feel 100%. I would feel too guilty to call in sick after just having 15 days off.
I am hearing...Jon and Kate, plus 8. They are moving. Better them, than me. I hate moving. The last time we moved was when we bought this house, and I was seven months pregnant.
Around the house...My youngest daughter finished the classroom portion of her drivers' education, during her March break. She isn't interested in getting on the road, but life's like that...
One of my favourite things...when someone else cooks.
A few plans for the week...finish four night shifts. Celebrate my mom's 69th birthday on Friday. Finish booking our trip to San Antonio for next month for an oncology nursing conference. My friend, Kathy, my mom and my eldest daughter (who will be done school) is coming with me. Fun, fun, fun.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day One

My husband and I are going to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico for ten days. It’s in the Mayan Riviera, 40 minutes from Cancun and 10 minutes from Playa del Carmen. It’s a dream come true. For so many years when we were too poor to travel, I would see Club Med commercials during the winter, and I’d wonder if it would ever be possible for us to go to such a place. Now, here we are, we’ve gone through security at the airport, it’s 4 a.m. and my husband is searching for a Tim Horton’s for our last taste of home.
We’re flying Sky Service to Cancun. I remember, in the 80’s, being at the airport for some reason other than personal travel, and seeing listings of flights to Cancun. Back then, I didn’t even know where Cancun was, since it was just beginning to be built up as a tourist destination. But I knew it was hot, and I wanted to be there. I wore jeans, and a few layers, and a neon green spring jacket for our early morning taxi ride to the airport. I didn’t want to carry around a heavy coat. One man in line ahead of us was already in shorts, flip flops, and a straw hat. I guess he’s getting into the tropical mindset already. He reminds me of Mark R., who never wore a winter coat while he lived in Canada. Now he’s in Texas where he’s dressed for the weather.
I don’t care for flying, especially landing. I would have taken some gravol before we left, but I couldn’t find any. I don’t get sick, I just wanted the side effect of drowsiness so I could avoid the thought that I’m in a chair, in the sky, 38,000 feet above the ground. Give me a submarine ride any day.
The flight was good. They showed the new James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. They didn’t even charge us for the headphones. They served breakfast, which was good, for airplane food; except the coffee wasn’t great. They even offered champagne for breakfast. I guess they wanted us to get into vacation mode, or relax the nervous flyers.
Cancun airport is very clean and modern. I guess the airport benefitted from the big tourist bucks. As we cleared security, they make you press a big red button, which lights up, and then you can go. We haven’t figured out the purpose of that yet.
Next, we dodged Timeshare salespeople who pose as your group’s representatives. It’s good that they warned us about that on the plane. We had a comfortable shuttle bus ride to the resort, and were given other useful travel information by the driver.
The resort was better than we expected. A few days earlier we signed up on line for a reward program on the resort. As a result, we had our room upgraded to a deluxe suite, with a king sized bed and an in-room Jacuzzi. The good thing about a king sized bed is that you can sleep all night and never touch anyone. And the bad thing about a king sized bed is that you can sleep all night and never touch anyone.
We read some reviews of the resort, after we had already paid. Some of the reviews were poor, so I wondered what we were getting into. I’m pleased to say that I don’t agree with the negative reviews. There is much to do, and the food and restaurant choices were excellent. It’s kind of like a cruise, on land. You feel less confined than on a ship, the accommodations are better, you have the beach and pools, instead of just pools, but the food on a cruise is the ultimate. It’s all about the food on a cruise. There are also a lot of hidden costs on a cruise, and other than the food, it’s not all inclusive, and you’re handed a bill at the end of it. Each way of vacationing has their pros and cons, but we wanted to try out a resort to see if we liked it. Yep, we do.
Today we ate lunch at La Laguna, the international buffet restaurant. It has a good variety of food. The wine was watered down, but otherwise, no complaints. All the food is washed with bottled water, so we don’t worry about getting sick. My husband had the vaccine before we left; I took my chances and brought Imodium.
Next we sat by the pool. Gary read while I tanned. Then we went back to our room for a nap. The lack of sleep last night when we travelled caught up with us.
After washing up, we had an Italian buffet, which was delicious, again, except for the coffee, but I’ve got to have something to miss from home.
The service is very good, considering they don’t get tips, and the Mexican people are very friendly. I’m glad to see that people, generally treat the staff with respect. We feel comfortable here, already. We’ve taken a walk around the resort and have familiarized ourselves with the layout.
Unfortunately, our room is on the third floor, and there is no elevator. There is also a lot of walking to get to the beach and pool, so my husband found he would need to use his cane if he didn’t want to overdo it or have pain.
The resort is set up as a small village of three story buildings, which are painted in pastel colours. The accommodations and grounds are well kept.
They were attentive to our needs, changing a broken shower head as soon as we informed them, and bringing us an iron, which was not in the room. Tonight, we’re watching t.v. and going to bed early. I know, we don’t sound like a lot of fun, but we’re here for ten days, and we’ll get into resort life tomorrow. The good thing about a ten day vacation is that you don’t have to rush to do anything. Seven days would be too short, and fourteen would be too long. It takes my husband a few days to finally leave all thoughts of work behind him and relax.

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Two

We had a restful sleep, followed by breakfast at the Mexican buffet. We attended an information session done by our Signature rep and then we booked two tours; Tulum Explorer for Monday morning and Mayan Adventures snorkeling trip for Wednesday. Then we booked reservations for dinner at the Mediterranean restaurant for tonight. We located the internet room and updated my face book status and sent messages to our daughters. We snapped a few photos and then had a nice lunch at the Italian restaurant, which has better wine than La Laguna. We ate salmon, grouper and pasta. I had some pizza, and then I thought, “What am I thinking? I can have that anytime.” So I had more fish.
We purchased a few souvenirs at the gift shop, and then came back to our room. I’m sitting on our balcony, listening to exotic birds, as I write this. We are planning to catch the two p.m. shuttle bus to Playa del Carmen to do some shopping.
We spent a few hours on Playa del Carmen’s Fifth Avenue, which is a pedestrian-only street, lined with touristy shops. We stopped for ice cream and we purchased a beach bag, sunglasses, two t-shirts, coasters, a ball cap, and two Mayan wall hangings. Sometimes, we’d make a purchase, only to find the same thing a few doors down for less money. We also learned to haggle for better prices. They say to only pay 40-50% of the beginning price.
I had left a note in Spanish, for our room steward. I don’t know if it was incomprehensible, or if the have rules about how much water they can stock in the mini-bar, but there was nothing extra. He probably had a good laugh at my note, much like I laughed (inwardly) at the note inside the shuttle bus, which read, “This service do not incluyed the driver’s tips. Thank you for you atention.”
We dressed up for the dinner at this Mediterranean restaurant. I ordered stuffed crab, beef tenderloin and pavlova. My husband had shrimp cocktail, duck, and chocolate cake. Our table overlooked a shallow pond, and it seems the local raccoons knew the routine. Five of them waited for the waiter to come over and toss some buns to them. For the fact that they are so well fed, they are quite scrawny, not like our fat Canadian raccoons.

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Three

Today is a beach day. No big plans, no big decisions, except when to turn over. We had another great breakfast, this time at the Italian restaurant. I especially love the fresh tropical fruit. I tried guava for the first time, but my favourite is pineapple. There is so much variety for every meal. It’s really hard to complain about anything when it’s all paid for, cooked by someone else, and cleaned up by someone else. How will I ever go back to fending for myself? We came out here early, right after breakfast, in order to get beach chairs and the thatched roof shelters. If you leave some belongings on them at all times, even a towel, people will respect that and leave them alone. You can go for a swim or even a meal break, and your chair will be there.
There had been travel advisories before we came here, warning of violence in Mexico. I wasn’t really worried. That seems to be in border towns, or drug related violence, neither of which applies to us. Even walking around in Playa del Carmen, we felt perfectly safe. Also the security on the resort is very good, with check points and regular patrols. They even check who comes onto the resort from the shuttle to town, to make sure they belong here. I have no concerns at all, in that regard.
It’s a breezy, cloudy morning. The sun peeks through occasionally, but I don’t worry. It is still morning, after all, and it could be worse. I could be back in Canada. We were warned in advance that this particular beach wasn’t the greatest, and it’s true. They’ve set up these concrete berms to break the waves, so there’s a calm pool where kids can swim, without fear of sharks, or being swept out to sea. To have a better swimming or body surfing area, you just walk about 100 yards north.
They are blasting some Mexican party music on the beach, which is fine. There’s a beach volleyball game going on a few feet away. Just taking it all in. Vacations are a good thing, necessary for my mental health.
We ate burgers grilled on the beach and then had ice cream cones. We swam in the Caribbean Sea. The temperature was perfect. The clouds are clearing and I’m working on my tan in earnest. Gotta take it slow, so I don’t burn. I also plan to finish reading a book today. I brought along seven books, which is probably too many, since we’re busy most days. But the idea of being away from my library and running out of books to read is far worse.
The activity directors, called the Animation Team, are involved in the daily activities and nightly entertainment. Around the pool, they lead water polo, aqua aerobics, and games, and on the beach, they lead volleyball, and group games that usually involve drinking Tequila, or Mexican water, as they call it.
Today they had a beach relay game that was fun to watch. Depending on where the contestant was from, they would count differently. For Americans, he’d say Uno, and the crowd would say, “Wuz up?” etc. For Canadians, the response was “Eh?” Someone from China, he said, we’d count the Chinese way, which was, “Po-Ke-Mon”. I think I was the only one who got it.
Dinner at the Italian restaurant, which is becoming my favourite, included salmon and tiramisu, among other things. We took in one of the shows at the theatre, called Drums and Fire. This wasn’t a good idea, since I already had the beginnings of a headache forming. The drumming was excellent and one woman twirled a flaming hula hoop which was impressive.

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Four

Today is another beach day. You can eat at any time at one of the three buffets, but there are others that are reservation only for dinner. My husband stood in line to get us a spot at the steak house, El Gaucho, which is apparently popular. We also booked the Asian restaurant for Thursday. We had a chance to go on the internet again. The keyboard takes some getting used to. The cost is $5 US dollars for an hour, and you can sign out and use the remaining minutes the next day. We had messages from our daughters and my co-worker. I finished reading a book, and wrote the review while it was fresh in my mind.
The ocean water is warm, some places are rocky, and there is the usual detritus, but they try to keep up with it, raking up a few wheelbarrowfuls daily. We brought along our water shoes, but we haven’t needed them. The beach is a good distance from the room, but then it’s a big resort, so what else would you expect? As long as you pack everything you need with you, you can spend the whole day on the beach.
So far, only one topless woman on this beach. I feel embarrassed for her, since she obviously doesn’t feel any herself.
Oh, update. Make that two.
We had a dress-up dinner at the steakhouse, which was good.

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Five

We had an early morning trip by bus to the Mayan ruins at Tulum. They were quite amazing. Tulum is the oldest Mayan city. It was a sea port. They had canoes, only though. A natural reef protected against large ships. It’s a walled city set on a hill. It had guard towers. The upper class lived in the city, the lower classes outside. They estimate about 7,000 people in total. At one point in history, the upper class disappeared. The theories include a rebellion by the lower classes, who had no way to obtain eternal life and may have invaded and killed or exiled the upper class to take over the city. They then merged with the Toltecs, who were big into human sacrifice. This is how the Conquistadors found them. They had a concept of a descending god, because they understood that everything good came from above. How different might things have been if missionaries, rather than Conquistadors, had arrived first?
We also swam on the beach there. It was overcast and even drizzled a bit when we first got there, but then it cleared nicely. We used the video camera for the first time. We purchased a towel that says, Tulum, Mexico.
After lunch, we headed to the beach for a Spanish language class, which was about body parts. Our teacher was Ricky, a 27 year old Chilean guy, very friendly, very buff.
We watched a beach volleyball game, and found one woman, whom we called, Green Bikini, who had had way too much to drink, kissing any guy who walked by; the only qualification being that they walked by near enough to grab. Speaking of drunks, there was another woman walking back from the beach who was falling down drunk. Pretty sad. It was mid-day and she was not able to walk straight.
We met a woman from Edmonton who asked my husband to take a picture of her near the beach volleyball game, looking like she’s going for the ball, so her kids would think she was playing. It’s all about appearances. My kids would see right through that if I tried it.
This evening, after dinner in the Mexican themed restaurant, we saw a show with a Michael Jackson impersonator. His dancing and moon walk was good.
We can get some English language t.v. in our room. It has Spanish sub-titles so it’s a good way to learn the language. I’m learning how to order coffee and wine in Spanish. We’ve even seen some soccer games commentated in Spanish, but futbol is an international language. GOOOOOOOOOL!
We checked out the in-room Jacuzzi, which was a nice treat.

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Six

We spend another beautiful day on the beach. We swam in our favourite spot. After a shower and late lunch I went to the internet café and then to Spanish language classes. However, a few minutes into the class, a boy nearby on the beach, stepped on a sea urchin and our teacher had to bring him to the first aid station, so that was the end of that.
We saw my husband’s favourite soccer team, Liverpool, win a soccer game, and then we saw my favourite German team, Bayern Munich, win a game, so it was a good day. We had dinner at La Laguna, and made an early night of it for our snorkeling excursion tomorrow.

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Seven

The snorkeling trip was great. We went with Mayan Adventures to Cenote Azul, the coral reefs of Akumal, and Cenote Estrella, which is in a cave. We took some underwater photos, but we won’t know until we get home if they turned out. Luckily, at the cave, they took photos of us, and sold us a CD of those photos, plus some professional ones of the places we snorkeled at as well as the local wildlife. When we were at Akumal, a stingray swam directly underneath me. It was so cool. We had about a mile of swimming there, and the last half was against the current. My husband had a hard time near the end, but he did it. A cenote (se-note-eh) is a natural sink hole with fresh water. They are joined throughout Mexico. The last cenote, in a cave, was the most intimidating, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go in. It was dark when we went in, and the water was colder, I mean, “more refreshing” than the other locations. I never considered myself claustrophobic, but when I was in the water, surrounded by limestone stalagmites and stalactites that hung down almost to the water, I tried not to think that Mexico has had earthquakes.
Overall, I liked snorkeling. I was afraid I would have to hold my breath and dive below the surface, but I was able to stay on the surface the whole time, and the water was calm, so no water went down my snorkel. The lunch they served after it was done, was the best chicken any of us have had in Mexico. I had three pieces. They joked that they were serving us Iguana. I think they were joking.
We met some nice people on the bus; a woman from New Jersey travelling alone, and a couple from Niagara Falls. They were staying at a different resort.

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Eight

This morning we headed to the beach but it was quite overcast, so we only stayed until lunch. We also did an introductory scuba diving lesson, and liked it so much, we decided that we’d do a scuba excursion on our next vacation. We spent the afternoon indoors, napping and watching t.v., then went to the internet café. Tonight we have late dinner reservations at El Templo, the Chinese/Japanese restaurant.
Last night we practiced bartering, since they set up a flea market in the courtyard. We bought a colourful Mexican cotton blanket. I bought two terracotta bowls, painted with fruit patterns, and my husband bought a few more t-shirts and a beautifully made leather belt. As you walk by any vendor or store, in order to get you in there, they say, “Come take a look, lady. It’s almost free.”

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Nine

Another beach day. We’re getting into the rhythm and routine of resort life; we have our favourite restaurants, our favourite foods and drinks, we know how to choose a great spot on the beach, and we know how to work the Mexican keyboard. Our room steward makes towel sculptures every day. It's always a nice welcome when we return to our room. They do similar things on cruises.
I purchased gifts before we left Canada, to give to our room steward every day. The only problem is, that I assumed it would be a woman, so some of the gifts are a little inappropriate, unless he gives them to his mother or sister, or girlfriend. I think he’ll use the Canada mug, or pens, or cards, but not the lip gloss, pantyhose, and hair accessories.
The Asian restaurant was our favourite. I prefer Japanese food and my husband likes Chinese so we both liked our selections. Tonight we ate at the steak house again, and I had ribs this time and my husband had a steak. Afterwards, the entertainment was on the beach, a show and then a beach party. We got some of that on the camcorder.

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Ten

Today is our final full day. So soon? Hard to believe. It’s 30 degrees Celsius today. I’m going to miss that. But I am looking forward to seeing our family, and sleeping in my own bed. This one is too firm and I wake up with a sore back. Does that sound too princessy? I don’t really have any complaints. Maybe if you lived like this, in beautiful weather, with people serving you, you’d take it for granted, but every day, I’m just so thankful to be here. We spent most of the day at the beach, had a Spanish lesson, and went to the Italian restaurant.

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Eleven

We packed up, dropped off our luggage, and then went to sit by the pool until 2 p.m. They have complimentary showers in the reception building for those who have to check out earlier than they are leaving. We met a nice couple from Wisconsin who are dairy farmers.
Signature Vacations handled everything so well, we never felt unsure of where to go. I would use them again. Sky Service is a good airline. They don’t charge you for extras. They showed the movie, “The Secret Life of Bees” on the way home. I had read the book and it was pretty close to it. Speaking of books, I read The Salt Garden by Cindy Martinusen, Finding Marie, by Susan Page Davis, and started Inside Story by Susan Page Davis. I posted my reviews on
We arrived in Toronto at 1:30 a.m. and were home an hour later, courtesy of the oldest cabby in history, ever.
It’s nice to go away, but it’s nice to be home again, too

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Writers Who Have Nothing to Say in Person

This quote is from a character in the book, The Salt Garden by Cindy Martinusen.

"I realize how the novelist, the wordsmith, has kept my words inside me. How easily they get tangled in the folds of stories and never make it to my own lips. Almost every story I've worked on in the last twenty years has in some way included Ben or my feelings for him. But in the realm of the real, I find these emotions impossible to express."

I find that's true of myself. Give me enough time to think, and I can say or write something witty or profound, but don't expect eloquence from me in person.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dreams Come True

March 1, 2009

Outside my window...a cold, windy day, but no snow.
I am thinking...that I love it when things go smoothly. Our daughter's baptism was today. The dinner party for thirty people, afterwards, went perfectly. Enough food, good company, and a great reason to celebrate.
I am have seen both our daughters saved and baptized. (Cross that off the bucket list). It is a blessing greater than anything in my life apart from my own salvation. My husband was baptized in our church as a teen, I was baptized there when I was twenty, and now both our daughters, too.
From the kitchen...veggie platters, crab dip and crackers, veggie spring rolls, roast chicken, stuffing, ham on the bone, honey-garlic meatballs, potato salad, Caesar salad, rolls, rice and beans, ice cream cake. We'll be eating leftovers for a while. (Not a bad thing).
I am wearing...a black leather skirt, a black top with a white camisole.
I am reading...Homicide at Blue Heron Lake, by Susan Page Davis. It's a good mystery with enough suspects so it's not too easy to guess at.
I am deal with some issues at my Doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'm suspicious that my calcium is too low and I may have a thyroid problem. We'll see what's up.
I am hearing...a soccer game, of course.
Around the daughter is safely back from Scotland. She had a wonderful experience and got a real taste for missions work. That makes me happy. I would love to see our daughters serving the Lord in whatever way He leads them. Our youngest daughter gave her testimony before her baptism, because of all her unsaved friends and relatives who were there. I'm proud of her. I know she was nervous, but she did a great job. Here is her testimony:
I was raised in a Christian home, so I had been exposed to the gospel from a very young age. My parents took me to church every week, and I went to a Christian school, so I was no stranger to the gospel. I knew I was a sinner, and that my parents’ faith couldn’t save me, and that I needed to get right with God, so when I was six, praying with my father, I asked Jesus into my heart. It may have not been a “dramatic” or “unique” conversion, but it was significant in my life, and it was significant in God’s eyes.
Going to a Christian school sometimes makes it easy to coast and not really step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself spiritually. I developed a very “ho, hum, I’m a Christian” mindset. Then, during Spiritual Emphasis Week at my school last year, I realized how far I had drifted from the Lord and that if I was going to call myself a Christian, I needed to act like one. Also, when the pastor began preaching about baptism on Sunday mornings and we began discussing the topic of obeying God at youth group, I realized that baptism is a command and that if I wanted to obey Christ I needed to be baptised.
I know baptism is the first step in my spiritual life, and I look forward to living a life for God and looking to Him as I make big decisions about my future. I look forward to finding ways to serve here at Faith, as well as out in the world for the glory of God.

One of my favourite things...seeing friends from out of town. Christians "weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice". Today, we were rejoicing.
A few plans for the week...Doctor's appointment, work my last shift before I'm off for FIFTEEN days, pack for our trip, and leave early Thursday morning for 10 days to the Mayan Riviera! I am SO excited! When we were first married, I would see Club Med commercials and wonder if there would ever come a day when we could go to such a place. This is a dream come true, and I am so thankful for it.
Here is a picture I am sharing with you...our youngest daughter (16) giving her testimony right before her baptism.