Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Eight

This morning we headed to the beach but it was quite overcast, so we only stayed until lunch. We also did an introductory scuba diving lesson, and liked it so much, we decided that we’d do a scuba excursion on our next vacation. We spent the afternoon indoors, napping and watching t.v., then went to the internet cafĂ©. Tonight we have late dinner reservations at El Templo, the Chinese/Japanese restaurant.
Last night we practiced bartering, since they set up a flea market in the courtyard. We bought a colourful Mexican cotton blanket. I bought two terracotta bowls, painted with fruit patterns, and my husband bought a few more t-shirts and a beautifully made leather belt. As you walk by any vendor or store, in order to get you in there, they say, “Come take a look, lady. It’s almost free.”

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