Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dreams Come True

March 1, 2009

Outside my window...a cold, windy day, but no snow.
I am thinking...that I love it when things go smoothly. Our daughter's baptism was today. The dinner party for thirty people, afterwards, went perfectly. Enough food, good company, and a great reason to celebrate.
I am have seen both our daughters saved and baptized. (Cross that off the bucket list). It is a blessing greater than anything in my life apart from my own salvation. My husband was baptized in our church as a teen, I was baptized there when I was twenty, and now both our daughters, too.
From the kitchen...veggie platters, crab dip and crackers, veggie spring rolls, roast chicken, stuffing, ham on the bone, honey-garlic meatballs, potato salad, Caesar salad, rolls, rice and beans, ice cream cake. We'll be eating leftovers for a while. (Not a bad thing).
I am wearing...a black leather skirt, a black top with a white camisole.
I am reading...Homicide at Blue Heron Lake, by Susan Page Davis. It's a good mystery with enough suspects so it's not too easy to guess at.
I am deal with some issues at my Doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'm suspicious that my calcium is too low and I may have a thyroid problem. We'll see what's up.
I am hearing...a soccer game, of course.
Around the daughter is safely back from Scotland. She had a wonderful experience and got a real taste for missions work. That makes me happy. I would love to see our daughters serving the Lord in whatever way He leads them. Our youngest daughter gave her testimony before her baptism, because of all her unsaved friends and relatives who were there. I'm proud of her. I know she was nervous, but she did a great job. Here is her testimony:
I was raised in a Christian home, so I had been exposed to the gospel from a very young age. My parents took me to church every week, and I went to a Christian school, so I was no stranger to the gospel. I knew I was a sinner, and that my parents’ faith couldn’t save me, and that I needed to get right with God, so when I was six, praying with my father, I asked Jesus into my heart. It may have not been a “dramatic” or “unique” conversion, but it was significant in my life, and it was significant in God’s eyes.
Going to a Christian school sometimes makes it easy to coast and not really step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself spiritually. I developed a very “ho, hum, I’m a Christian” mindset. Then, during Spiritual Emphasis Week at my school last year, I realized how far I had drifted from the Lord and that if I was going to call myself a Christian, I needed to act like one. Also, when the pastor began preaching about baptism on Sunday mornings and we began discussing the topic of obeying God at youth group, I realized that baptism is a command and that if I wanted to obey Christ I needed to be baptised.
I know baptism is the first step in my spiritual life, and I look forward to living a life for God and looking to Him as I make big decisions about my future. I look forward to finding ways to serve here at Faith, as well as out in the world for the glory of God.

One of my favourite things...seeing friends from out of town. Christians "weep with those who weep, and rejoice with those who rejoice". Today, we were rejoicing.
A few plans for the week...Doctor's appointment, work my last shift before I'm off for FIFTEEN days, pack for our trip, and leave early Thursday morning for 10 days to the Mayan Riviera! I am SO excited! When we were first married, I would see Club Med commercials and wonder if there would ever come a day when we could go to such a place. This is a dream come true, and I am so thankful for it.
Here is a picture I am sharing with you...our youngest daughter (16) giving her testimony right before her baptism.

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