Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Another New Year

 January Journaling

1.      Started the New Year with our traditional hot tub and mimosas. My days of rolling in the snow are over. I wouldn’t be able to get up fast enough. Since I completed my Bible reading for the year, I started again. I like the chronological reading system. I’m also accompanying it with Matthew Henry’s commentary. I also started a bullet journaling system for things like gratitude, events, finances, projects, goals, and ideas. Then I tidied up one room just a bit and took a nap.

2.      Women’s ministry meeting at my home. Bad pain day. The cold is as bad a trigger as rain for me.

3.      Chiropractor appointment.

4.      Massage appointment.

5.      Pain clinic for nerve block injections to my back. Checked out a new restaurant called The Captain’s Boil.

6.      Home day.

7.      Church today. Long nap, and prepping for school tomorrow.

8.      School day. I started to teach my grandson computer skills.

9.      I tried to make a better dinner; homemade pizza and a southwest salad with green goddess dressing, but I was on the couch in pain for my troubles.

10.   Home day, and paid the mortgage. Thankful for a steady paycheque for my husband.

11.   Went shopping for some clothes for myself. My daughter is good to take along, as she gives sound advice. Started on a new program called Plexus, which is probiotics to heal my gut and hopefully help me lose some of this weight. I’ve gained 30 kg since I got sick. It doesn’t help that I can’t exercise since I have PEM or post exertional malaise from my M.E.

12.   Picking up a few things for the women’s ministry breakfast tomorrow.

13.   Women’s ministry breakfast with a speaker from a local crisis pregnancy centre.

14.   Church today. Thankful for our Pastor’s faithful preaching.

15.   School day, on my own, as my mom is in London. Exhausting.

16.   Bible study, very in depth. Then a few errands and a nap.

17.   Had to go to Costco, but otherwise at home.

18.   Home day, working on my Bible study homework. My husband starts his Seminary course tonight and my daughter is going out for dinner with friends. I always think I’ll enjoy being alone more than I do. I miss my family.

19.   School prep.

20.   My husband bought groceries with me, then I made a Thai shrimp soup for dinner. It was very good.

21.   Shrimp and cilantro rice, with okra and tomato side dish. Delish.

22.   Home day. School switched to Thursday this week.

23.   Bible study, then buying boots for my granddaughter.

24.   Babysitting.

25.   School day, alone again. My mom has appointments.

26.   Pain clinic, then having old friends for dinner.

27.   Quiet day, leftovers.

28.   Church.

29.   School day, with my mom. She made Finnish food for dinner. Comfort food.

30.   Bible study.

31.   Doctor’s appointment to fill out more forms.

A Year of Gratitude January 2018

Today I am thankful for...

1. The Bible; the beginning of a new year reading chronologically.

2. My salvation. One of my favourite hymns is And Can it Be? Because I’m so amazed that God would save me and give me an interest in spiritual things.

3. The help I get from my chiropractor every month.

4. The pleasure of a massage. It doesn’t help a lot, but it feels good at the time.

5. Pain relief at the pain clinic.

6. Our hot tub especially on a very cold day.

7. Freedom to worship…so far.

8. The opportunity to see my grandchildren once a week. Today my granddaughter climbed to the top of the stairs on her own. We had forgotten to put the gate at the bottom and suddenly she was at the top smiling down on us. This girl is fearless.

9. Commentaries from saints long ago. This year I’m using Matthew Henry’s commentary as a companion to my Bible reading.

10. My mom, who cleaned out my bathroom cupboard. I know it hasn’t been done since I got sick because there were still quite a few scented products, which I can’t use anymore.

11. A steady paycheque/stable work for my husband/good benefits.

12. Our daughter paid off her student loan in full!

13. Women’s ministry team, four women who help me.

14. Our Pastor’s faithful, bold preaching.

15. A new term teaching my grandson nursery school, once a week.

16. A new women’s Bible study on Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther.

17. Eggs. I love eggs.

18. Shopping for some new clothes, with my daughter’s help.

19. My husband, who is beginning seminary courses at Toronto Baptist Seminary.

20. A full fridge, freezer, and pantry.

21. Our church family.

22. My mom’s help when I teach.

23. My daughter’s job; repaying us; paying off her debt while she’s at home.

24. The 407, which is fast, albeit expensive. An hour door to door to my daughter’s house.

25. My grandson, who is so much fun, although he’s heading into terrible threes, since he didn’t do terrible twos.

26. My granddaughter, who is so cute. She is starting to stand on her own, and will walk soon, I think.

27. Seat warmers in our new car.

28. Opportunities to serve at church.

29. Whole Foods; my happy place.

30. Panera Bread; my other happy place.

31. Reacquainting with old friends.