Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Top of the Hill


 April Journaling

1.   No tricks today for April Fool’s Day. Actually, I’m not a fan of pranks. I spent the morning at Wings Maternity Home. I’m trying to build up my stamina for work. Then I sent off the manuscript for the Testimonies of Faith book I edited for our church’s 50th anniversary. Yay! I accomplished something off my year’s To Do list.

2.  My husband put together a bookshelf for me last night, so today I’m cleaning my writing room. Finding all kinds of helpful documents I’ve collected over the years, but then forgot about.

3.  My mom is in London, helping my aunt who fell on the ice and broke both her arms. I had my follow-up appointment with my surgeon today. All’s well. I will go back to work April 15th without restrictions. Continuing Estrogel, which is working well so my hot flashes are less frequent and less severe.

4.   Spent the day choosing the playlist of songs for my party. Flashback to my past listening to them on youtube. Also sent out the invitations on-line.

5.   Taught the Women of Faith today. We studied Psalm 24, Who is this King of Glory? It was such a blessing, even to me, and I wrote it!

6.   We had a few Pastors from Malawi at church today. I also got an idea for a future article so I started researching and will have it written so that when my editor asks me for another article, it will be ready.

7.   Crocheting and cooking. Applied for a liquor licence for my party today.

8.  I went to volunteer at Wings. I did some cooking and also drove one of the girls to the dentist to get her wisdom tooth extracted. Then my husband and I went to the mall so he could buy a few shirts.

9.  My husband took the day off to do something with the car.

10.  Working on party plans, then my husband and I went to order the speakers and things for the music for my party.

11. Volunteered at Wings again. The food is amazing there. Also went for a walk with their dogs and a baby.  My aunt Helena died last night of ovarian cancer. She was one of my dad’s older sisters.

12. The first truly warm day of spring. We went for a walk, put out the deck furniture, bbq’d steak and took a nap.

13.  Heard the testimonies of NINE people this morning, asking for baptism and/or membership. It was a long morning, but a nice problem to have.

14.  Doctor’s appointment this morning, then to Occupational health for an all clear to return to work tomorrow night.

15. I got a haircut and my eyebrows done in preparation for returning to work. Also picked up the groceries and took a nap. I’m a little nervous about going back but not as bad as I expected. I think I’m ready. Also, officially accepted our daughter’s application to Law School at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Woo Hoo!

16. Work was good last night, I was able to ease into it. I seemed to remember what to do.

17. Another good shift.

18. It’s Good Friday. I wasn’t able to get to our service this morning since I needed to sleep after my shift.

19. Easter dinner at my mother-in-law’s house. Also, I signed the contract for the book, Testimonies of Faith. Even though it’s a self-published book, it’s still exciting. Today is the day between. But don’t worry, Sunday is coming.

20.   Two baptisms this fine Resurrection morning. Christ is risen; He is risen indeed.

21. I set up an iTunes account and purchased some songs for my party. We also went for a long walk by Lake Ontario with my mom and daughter. Also my daughter found out she was accepted at Osgoode Law School at York University, which was originally her first choice, but she’s pretty sure she would rather go to Queen’s University.

22. A good night at work, but it ended with a surprise staff meeting. Blah, blah, blah.

23. A bit of an emergency at work this morning to end my shift.

24. A busy night and I had a doctor as a patient. Ay, ay, ay.

25.  Meeting with my caterer tonight, aka my son-in-law’s brother.

26.  My mom’s heading off to London, Ontario to look after my aunt again, since she broke both arms in a fall.

27. I registered for the Write! Canada conference for June. This will be my second one. I was hesitating but then when I chose classes and planned my time, I got excited. It’s an important part of my second career. I won’t be nursing forever, but hopefully I will always write. It also pushes me to have certain things prepared, like my elevator speech, my pitch, my query letter, my proposal and my synopsis. I also need to do a one-sheet about my novel, and have my business cards ready. I hope to meet with a professional photographer while there so I can get one good head-shot picture to use in all media related to my writing.

28.  I’m only working two nights this week since I am taking Wednesday off for
      my actual 50th birthday, and Thursday as a bereavement leave for my aunt.

29.  My goal is to do 50 random acts of kindness to celebrate my birthday, but because of my shift, I will have to spread them out over a few days, maybe even a week, but I’m determined.

30.  I’ve reached the top of the hill! I’m fifty today. So thankful to God for the blessings in my life. I managed to do 20 of my 50 random acts of kindness before breakfast.