Monday, May 28, 2012

Women of Faith BBQ

May 28, 2012.

Outside my, just like I like it. There was a bad thunderstorm last night. The poor puppy was trembling with fear. Tonight there was a blackout in Ajax lasting a few hours.
I am thinking...I was able to do that two-day no carb diet with no problem. I wasn't hungry at all. The portions are actually too big. I don't know how realistic it is to do it two days each week, but I may try one more week.
I am hoping...our oven will get repaired or replaced. It's only one year old and yesterday while we had guests we heard a pop and found the inner layer of glass in the oven had shattered and threw glass all over my appetizer, which was too bad because it smelled delicious. We have to wait till June 5th for Sears to send someone. At least it's still under warranty.
I am thankful for...finishing my article for the guest column in BARNABAS.I was even able to edit it down from 700 to exactly 550 words, as asked. I sent it this morning, ahead of deadline. I know I don't have a book published or anything, but to me it is exciting to have anything published for the first time, other than my blog. Validation, I guess. I'm doing my happy dance.
I am uniform, at work, of course.
From the kitchen...pulled pork sandwiches, corn on the cob, roasted grape tomatoes.
I am hearing...a quiet unit.
I am reading...Summer of Promise by Amanda Cabot.
Around the house...I am hosting the Women of Faith bbq on Friday. Not the best day for it, but our schedule is getting so full. Also it's supposed to rain that day. It rained on our bbq last year, too. I still have to decide on my devotional topic as well. The kids are home and we've been working out together, running and strength training and toning. They've also been swimming and biking.
One of my favourite things...I booked a trailer for the Carey Conference, and I got the one I wanted. I've never seen it so I hope it's a good one. We can even bring the dog. He'll love it there. I started my packing list tonight.
Some plans for the three nights. Go to Obedience school with the puppy. He's learning to heel and it's a pleasure to walk him when I don't have to keep switching hands or spinning around.Prep for the Women of Faith BBQ. I was smarter this time and accepted help with the food. I don't know why I insist on doing everything myself.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Victoria Day BBQ

Outside my window...beautiful, sunny Victoria Day.
I am thinking...I’m worried about my mom’s health. An ECG compared with a previous one showed she had a silent heart attack. Then this morning at four she called us on the phone because she was having a dizzy spell, which was her only symptom of heart issues. It gave us a scare.
I am try a two day diet this week, recommended by someone who said it worked for them. I don’t usually go for fad diets, but this is just regular food, but only two days of next to no carbs. I’ll let you know.
I am thankful for...friends. We invited two couples and everyone clicked. It was a nice afternoon.
I am wearing... navy capris, a navy print top.
From the kitchen...greek bruschetta, eggplant , tomato and cheese, garlic shrimp, potato salad, chick pea, lime and cilantro salad, pasta salad, grilled veggies, corn on the cob with cilantro lime butter,steak, lemon herb chicken skewers, bbq chicken legs and thighs, strawberry shortcake, fruit platter, punch, coffee and tea. Yeah, even with sending food home with my guests, we have leftovers.
I am hearing...80’s weekend on the radio. I was happily in my time warp.
I am reading...Petra: City of Stone by T.L. Higley.
Around the house...I bought some potted flowers. That’s the extent of my gardening ability. It brightened up the place.
One of my favourite things...a house full of people.
Some plans for the week... Enjoy my long weekend. Work two nights. Host our guest speaker at church on Sunday.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Same Old Struggles

May 14, 2012.

Outside my window...warm and sunny, 20 C.
I am's surprising and sad that after 26 years of marriage, I still struggle with jealousy, possessiveness and insecurity. I know I have no reason to, but unfortunately I respond the same way until I see that I was overreacting. So thankful for a patient husband.
I am come up with a good topic for an article I've been asked to write.
I am thankful future son-in-law's family. We met them yesterday and they were very nice people. They are believers. I'm happy to have my daughter join their family.
I am capris (it's that warm) and a navy and green floral top.
From the kitchen...Atlantic salmon, rice and salad. My daughter made us a delicous mother's day dinner yesterday, of salmon, tomato couscous, spinach and strawberry salad and an ice cream cake that said MOM on it.
I am hearing...fluorescent lights twittering at work. Right now all the patients are asleep. That won't last long.
I am reading...Sixty Acres and a Bride by Regina Jennings. It's loosely based on the book of Ruth.
Around the house...we went to Harvest Oakville yesterday. It was great preaching and it was nice to worship together as a family. We don't get to do that much any more since both girls attend different churches from us. On Saturday night we went to a party for my sister's 50th. It's nice that her late husband's family are so supportive of her. Kody starts more obedience school this week. Lately he's been jumping up on everyone.
One of my favourite things...praying with my husband.
Some plans for the four nights. If I have time, I'll start that article. I have a real deadline to work within.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Trust and Obey

May 8, 2012

Outside my window...overcast, but warm.
I am thinking...I handed in a proposal on the weekend. As much as public speaking scares me, I want to grow. I need to "trust and obey, for there's no other way". I also think the topic would be good for this event. Now we wait.
I am gather up the totals from three months of meticulous record-keeping and distil it into a workable family budget.
I am thankful for...the SGF Ladies' Retreat this past weekend. The topic was Joy. There were around 80 women present. I usually like to hear men sing, but this was beautiful.
I am cargo pants and a green top.
From the kitchen...vegetarian chili, cheddar cheese and nachos.
I am hearing...the GO train. Did you know that I learned only recently that GO stands for Government of Ontario? Now you know, too.
I am reading...Heiress by Susan May Warren.
Around the eldest had to get her police check done today for her summer job. My youngest is still waiting to hear when hers starts.
One of my favourite things...fresh herbs. I have basil, parsley and thyme. I'd still like to get cilantro, oregano and mint.
Some plans for the four nights. Buy some gifts. Clean the house. Attend my sister's 50th birthday party Saturday night. Attend my daughter's church on Sunday morning and then go to her fiance's apartment for Mother's Day lunch and to meet his parents.