Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Year of Gratitiude: July 2018

Today I am thankful for...

1.      My country of Canada, on Canada Day, such as it is with it’s not so latent hostility to Christians and their freedom.

2.      Ability to rest at home when I’m sick, and sermon audio to catch up on what I missed.

3.      My library, both fiction and non-fiction. I have a lot of good resources for research.

4.      World cup soccer; lots of upsets this time around, which makes it interesting. My team of Germany is already out.

5.      Not having to worry about finances, only health.

6.      Facetiming with the grandkids.

7.      A beautiful summer Saturday.

8.      Being back at church.

9.      Spending a day with the grandkids at their new house. They have a little blow-up pool.

10.   I wrote a report card for my grandson.

11.   Air conditioning at home.

12.   Acupuncture seems to be helping.

13.   Flowers and my herb garden in the backyard.

14.   My dishwasher. Not a fan of handwashing dishes.

15.   The new home my mom, sister, and nieces are renting.

16.   My mom being able to spend time with her great grandkids.

17.   My washer.

18.   My dryer.

19.   Garage sales at church, where I have a chance to offload clutter.

20.   My reference books which help with Bible studies.

21.   My mom and sister’s new rental home.

22.   Black-eyed Susies, which I planted in front of our house. Perennials and potted plants are my kind of gardening.

23.   I bought some more black eyed Susies for my daughter’s yard.

24.   My crops.

25.   Coupons to completely pay for our meal tomorrow.

26.   32 happy years of marriage.

27.   Lobster.

28.   Festival at church.

29.   Sunshine.

30.   The beach. I feel more relaxed near the water.

31.   Getting honourable mention for my novel in the first writing contest I’ve entered.

Happy Canada D-eh!

July Journaling

1.      Happy Canada D-eh! Although I’m not a very proud Canadian this year with all the attacks on the freedom of religion and expression, but I suppose it could be worse. I missed church today.

2.      Still sick. No energy. Changed the sheets on a bed and had to rest. Too tired to shower.

3.      A few errands and a chiropractor appointment. Watched some world cup soccer and that’s all.

4.      Dental appointment.

5.      Osteopathic appointment, trying acupuncture for another area of uncontrolled pain.

6.      Home day. Date night, but at home, which is my speed.

7.      A nice summer Saturday. So this Trudeau groping incident; there seems to be a double standard depending on who the accused is. This one seems to be disappearing without comment. Other politicians are expected to step aside, but he gets on his high horse. Golden boy. Not cynical at all, just sarcastic.

8.      Nice to be back at church after being sick last week.

9.      Visiting the grandkids. My grandson asked what letter we’d learn today. It’s summer, so nothing but fun. I bought them a pool to enjoy in their new backyard.

10.   Still with the grandkids, stayed overnight.

11.   Home day.

12.   Osteopath appointment. Acupuncture seems to be helping.

13.   Shopping with my husband. Last chance to get summer clothes on sale. They already have winter coats out, during a heat wave.

14.   Third place game in World Cup between Belgium and England.

15.   Church, then picking up my mom to come with me to Hamilton tomorrow.

16.   Day with the grandkids. My granddaughter is learning new words. She also has a temper.

17.   Home day.

18.   Massage appointment.

19.   Home day. For lunch I made pizza on Italian bread, with pizza sauce, chive cream cheese and fresh basil. Delish.

20.   I heard that my novel got honourable mention in a writing contest. That’s helpful in cover letters to show that other professionals have taken a look at it and believe it has some merit. Now to submit it to the two agents who requested it once it was completed. They asked for it based on the idea, back when it was still a work in progress and I was healthy. Five years later it’s done. I hope there’s not a time limit on the request.

21.   A bbq at my mom and sister’s new rental house.

22.   Church day, long nap.

23.   Day with grandkids.

24.   Osteopathic treatments helping somewhat, with energy. Sat by the lake at Rotary Park. Just being near water relaxes me like nothing else.

25.   The grandkids came for the day and we took them to Rotary Park to the water park.

26.   Our 32nd anniversary. Out for dinner at the Keg. Ate a lobster the size of my head. I’ll include a picture.

27.   Pain clinic this morning, and a rare movie night. It was still too loud even with earplugs, though.

28.   Our church hosted the Festival today, with games, bouncy castle, dunking booth, garage sale items, food, live music, face painting, fire engine, and ice cream truck. We stayed for a while and helped with the garage sale table. It’s to raise money for a missions trip that four couples are going on in the fall to Tenerife, Canary Islands. This evening we went to a friend’s place for our quarterly dinner party.

29.   Church.

30.   Beach day with my husband. So relaxing by the water.

31.   Home day, in the rain. Three and a half hour nap today. So exhausted.