Thursday, August 2, 2018

A Year of Gratitiude: July 2018

Today I am thankful for...

1.      My country of Canada, on Canada Day, such as it is with it’s not so latent hostility to Christians and their freedom.

2.      Ability to rest at home when I’m sick, and sermon audio to catch up on what I missed.

3.      My library, both fiction and non-fiction. I have a lot of good resources for research.

4.      World cup soccer; lots of upsets this time around, which makes it interesting. My team of Germany is already out.

5.      Not having to worry about finances, only health.

6.      Facetiming with the grandkids.

7.      A beautiful summer Saturday.

8.      Being back at church.

9.      Spending a day with the grandkids at their new house. They have a little blow-up pool.

10.   I wrote a report card for my grandson.

11.   Air conditioning at home.

12.   Acupuncture seems to be helping.

13.   Flowers and my herb garden in the backyard.

14.   My dishwasher. Not a fan of handwashing dishes.

15.   The new home my mom, sister, and nieces are renting.

16.   My mom being able to spend time with her great grandkids.

17.   My washer.

18.   My dryer.

19.   Garage sales at church, where I have a chance to offload clutter.

20.   My reference books which help with Bible studies.

21.   My mom and sister’s new rental home.

22.   Black-eyed Susies, which I planted in front of our house. Perennials and potted plants are my kind of gardening.

23.   I bought some more black eyed Susies for my daughter’s yard.

24.   My crops.

25.   Coupons to completely pay for our meal tomorrow.

26.   32 happy years of marriage.

27.   Lobster.

28.   Festival at church.

29.   Sunshine.

30.   The beach. I feel more relaxed near the water.

31.   Getting honourable mention for my novel in the first writing contest I’ve entered.

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