Monday, September 1, 2014

Grandbaby Number One on the Way!

August Journaling

1.     I couldn’t share the news until today. I’m going to be a Grandma! Well, a Mummi, to be exact. Our eldest daughter is pregnant and due in early February. I’m sooooo excited! She actually told us way back at our other daughter’s graduation dinner. She gave my husband a gift for Father’s Day. It was a small box and inside was a soother. On the inside of the box it said, “Can’t wait to meet you, Grandpa! Love Baby M”. I caught on a little faster than he did, but it was still a shock, since they told us they didn’t plan to have kids for five years. Surprise! I cried happy tears. I am so happy for them. J

2.    We announced it on facebook and twitter and I posted some pictures, including the 12 week ultrasound and a pro-life pin of the size of the feet of a baby 10 weeks in utero. Church this morning, burgers and corn on the cob for lunch.

3.    Holiday today; Simcoe Day. It’s a civic holiday for the man who founded York (Toronto). We’re making jerked chicken and grilled veggies. We had to cook it in the oven because of a storm. Four people were struck by lightning today.

4.    Today we are attending an event at Queen’s Park with the Lieutenant Governor celebrating Emancipation Day. The event is put on by The Ontario Black History Society. We were invited because our daughter works there and they invited the parents of the summer students. They had to do a check on us before they sent the invitation. Then we’re staying downtown for dinner and I’m going to work.

5.    A quiet night. Stressed because tomorrow night they transfer our few patients elsewhere and may close our unit. I dread going to other floors.

6.    Oh. My. Goodness! We were sent to a Haematology unit. This is why I don’t work in haematology anymore. I had a patient who had sepsis and a knicked hepatic artery and ended up in ICU. Crazy busy does not describe it. So exhausted and my back was killing me. Then when I woke up we went out for Japanese food.

7.    Cleaned all day then went to a friend’s place for bbq. There was another couple there from our old church. It was good to see them and we kept away from the painful topic of church.

8.    Another great bbq today and a chance to learn about the new church we’re attending.

9.   I’m working four nights this week before vacation again. I am sure I’ve slowed down somewhat. I seem to take longer to do the same tasks I’ve done for years and I don’t feel I communicate in the same way.

10.  I had a very sick patient last night. He is dying and doesn’t want to die in hospital. He pulled his I.V. out and begged me not to put one back in. Sad. Of course, we followed his wishes.

11. I’m exhausted and I missed my train because we had an inservice so I got to bed later than usual.

12.  It’s only another two weeks before our youngest heads off to law school and we’ll officially be empty nesters. I have mixed feelings about it as I’ll miss her company but I’m excited about this time in our lives.

13. Last night. Gotta get through.

14.  We had an appointment with the bank to confirm her loan for law school. I also packed for the Carey conference and baked two blueberry pies.

15.  First day of Carey. I was worried about it and my husband said we wouldn’t go if I wasn’t comfortable which I appreciated him saying, but I thought it would be awkward seeing our former Pastor. He broke the ice though and said hello. We haven’t seen them in two months. We also had friends over for pie.

16. Our former Pastor preached this morning. He is a fine preacher and that was never the issue. The evening preacher is Jeremy Walker from England and he is very good.

17.  Excellent message this morning by Ken Davis. This is a no-fuss Carey. I didn’t even plan my menu since it’s just the two of us, and we have more than enough and to share with friends.

18.  We went into Paris, Ontario for lunch at a restaurant with a rooftop patio overlooking the Grand River, which isn’t much more than a creek, at least at this junction. We’re at the halfway point of the conference already, six out of twelve sermons delivered already. My husband met with our former Pastor today in the hopes of achieving some sort of reconciliation, but not much happened that gave him hope.

19.  We are having the speaker and his family over for dinner today. Since I know the people who are serving them lunch are giving him roast beef, we’re just doing a chicken Caesar salad with garlic bread and a key lime pie.

20.I hesitated to come because of all that has happened in the past two months, but I’m glad we came to this conference, because the support we’ve received has been so uplifting. They say our character and behaviour over the past thirty years speaks for itself and they understand the character of the other party as well. We were encouraged once again to take the high road as the truth will eventually come out. We will just rest and heal.

21.Back home, unpacking and doing loads and loads of laundry.

22. Outfitting and packing our daughter up to leave the nest on Wednesday. Then we’re going to a 30th anniversary for a couple who my husband was in their wedding party and he was our best man.

23. Even though it’s Sunday, we’re going to the beach with our daughter and her husband. I don’t feel terribly bad about it since we just heard twelve sermons in six days and we’re going to be getting more involved in church in the fall.

24. Dentist this morning, then packing my daughter’s things.

25.  Our youngest is 22 today.

26.   We moved our daughter today. My husband was anxious with the moving van since last time there was a little incident that cost us big bucks, so he didn’t relax until it was delivered safe and sound. I can neither confirm nor deny whether there were any tears when we emptied our nest. There was a vandalized stop sign that said, Don’t STOP believin’. It was encouraging. The church our daughter plans to check out is a few blocks away. You can see the lake from her place as well.

27.  I woke up from a bad dream and now I can’t get back to sleep. That hasn’t happened in a long time.

28.  I am still grieving leaving Faith. I know there’s no going back, but I’m still upset about how it happened and the timing of it. I am angry at Brian and yet I still love him. I fear getting bitter. I worry about settling into a new church and if it will ever feel as comfortable as Faith was for us.

29.  I wrote another long, important scene today. One step closer to finishing. Then I had a date. Still on vacation till Wednesday.

30.   Going to IKEA because our daughter’s desk was too big so we had to bring it back home. Then we’ll bring it to her on Sunday after church. Then when we say goodbye, it’ll probably be until Thanksgiving. We’re going to a TFC game this evening; it was a gift for my 50th from my sister and husband. Then we’ll check out the EX. The game was horrible, our team lost 3-0.

31.  Good message at church today. I’m starting to get to know the people. Then we drove to Kingston to bring the new desk to our daughter. My husband assembled it while my daughter and I walked around downtown. Then we went to a rooftop patio for lunch.