Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kody's Graduation

May 31, 2011.

Outside my window...hot, hazy and humid. 30C Love it!
I am thinking...we have something planned every weekend for the next month and a half, sometimes more than one thing. That's a good thing, right?
I am thankful for...Kody graduating from obedience school. They grow up so fast. Been humming Pomp and Circumstance all day. They put him in a doggie tux and a cap and gown. Oh the indignity! Sorry, boy. (I'll post pics). He has a diploma, but I'm pretty sure we won't be framing it.
From the kitchen...tacos.
I am wearing...my uniform, but I wore my black and white polka dot dress to work.
I am reading...Dining with Joy by Rachel Hauck on my Kindle. Loving it.
I am hoping...my daughter finds work. One prospect fell through and she was devastated. I tried to encourage her that God knows her situation and that she wouldn't want to be anywhere that He doesn't want her to be.
I am hearing...a very quiet unit. We have only nine patients, with three nurses. I also have a student, who has commandeered the assignment so she can learn time management, so I've just been reading, writing and surfing.
Around the house...not much happening. We walk the dog three times a day, work, eat and sleep. It was nice to have both my girls home on the weekend.
One of my favourite things...hot weather. I wait all winter for this! No complaints.
Some plans for the week...work three nights. ENT appointment Friday morning. Shop for clothes for Europe on Friday night. Housework Saturday and then a dinner party Saturday night with a few other couples. Sunday church, and a friend over Sunday night for a hot tub.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


May 25, 2011.

Outside my window...sunny but windy.
I am thinking...my sister got married on Saturday. Bittersweet, as expected. My eldest sang a song my sister chose. Everyone cried. It was good to see my relatives from out of town. We met many more of his relatives. He's from a large,Irish Catholic family. Sad to say, but probably the next time we see them will be a sad occasion.
I am thankful for...my brother-in-law's latest MRI which showed the tumour s stable and not progressing. That gives them a litte more time. They had to go to the hotel by wheel-trans, and then my two cousins stayed at the same hotel so their husbands could help to lift him in and out of bed. The next day he went back to live at the long term care hospital and she went back home. They plan to put in a wheelchair ramp with the money they received as wedding gifts.
From the kitchen...teriyaki chicken, french fries, green beans and strawberry shortcake.
I am wearing...navy capris, a white blouse and a short red trench coat.
I am reading...Head in the Clouds, by Karen Witemeyer, on Kindle. I loved her first book, A Tailor Made Bride.
I am hoping...my youngest finds a summer job.
I am hearing...the train. There's a new announcer. I mean, a customer service ambassador.
Around the house...we finished 95% of the garage. Most of the garbage will go out this week, and then I have one or two boxes left to sort. The peg board organized a lot, and we can now fit my mom's car back in there. Kody did well in Doggie Daycare. He played well with other puppies and ate all his food, which they sometimes won't do if they're stressed. My daughter may bring him there for a week this summer when we're in Europe. His care is a lot of work for just one person. I went for my physical this morning. My cholesterol is slightly elevated, but otherwise, my bloodwork is fine. Just waiting on that ENT appointment on June 3rd. I still feel like there's something in my throat. It's worse at night and hurts when I cough.
One of my favourite things...Kody, my puppy. I love him a lot and I know I'm going to miss him so much when we go away for three weeks.
Some plan for the week...work three nights. Buy a new car on Friday. We're thinking a Honda CRV. We were hoping to wait till next Spring, but the cost of repairs and gas are making it necessary. My husband said last week, "I almost wish it would just overheat, so I'd know what to do." Then a few days later, that's what happened. We laughed, and then decided we'd best go buy one. We may not get delivery for a month or two. Either before or after Europe would be good. Saturday we're going to a birthday party for a man in our church. Sunday: church.

Monday, May 16, 2011


May 16, 2011.

Outside my window...rainy, rainy, grey, grey, rainy, rainy, grey. Seven days of rain, apparently. It's supposed to be sunny on the long weekend, which is good, because my sister is getting married on Saturday.
I am thinking...I kind of have mixed feelings about my sister's wedding. Only because weddings are usually such happy occasions, with high hopes for a long and bright future together. Even all the cards say that, so it's kind of bittersweet. They were planning to get married even before he was diagnosed with his brain tumour in December. It's not likely they'll have too much time together, but I think this is their way of showing everyone how much they love each other.
I am thankful for...some productive writing time this past week. I worked on my non-fiction project, The Scarlet Thread.
From the kitchen...fresh pike, caught by a friend of ours, mashed potatoes, white gravy, veggies, and canteloupe.
I am wearing...jeans, a pink top, and a purple sweater.
I am reading...A Tailor Made Bride by Karen Witemeyer, on my Kindle. I'm still navigating my way through it.
I am hoping...to get the rest of the garage cleaned and organized. I got 3/4 of it done on Saturday. I worked hard and was sore afterwards. What's that verse? "I'm too weak to dig and too proud to beg." I'd best stick to my job. My husband is going to hang a peg board in the garage, so I'll be able to get most of the stuff up on the walls.
I am hearing...the train.
Around the house...our girls have started their two-month summer courses. My youngest is still looking for a summer job. My husband is busy at work. My mom is not a dog person, even though she wasn't opposed to us getting Kody. She doesn't appreciate his "puppyness". Maybe she'll like him better when he's older and more sedate. I have an appointment booked with and ENT Doctor (ear,nose and throat), for June 3rd. I guess that's pretty good for a specialist, although I'd prefer earlier. By the time I see him, I'll have had this symptom for three months.
One of my favourite things...seeing something in Scripture for the first time, even though I should have noticed it before. Beautiful.
Some plans for the week...work four nights. Ugh! Work on the garage. Drop off the dog at doggie daycare while we're at the wedding. Church on Sunday. Maybe have a friend over Sunday night.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

May 10, 2011.

Outside my window...a beautiful Spring day. It's supposed to be sunny and up to 20C this week.
I am thinking...this past weekend was nice. We had both girls at home. After church, we went to a restaurant for brunch, with both grandmothers, and then our family went for a walk at a nearby conservation area and took pictures. It was our puppy's first time there, and he loved all the new things to explore.
I am thankful for...the card my youngest daughter gave me. I have to write it verbatim. So sweet. "Hola Mama! Happy Mother's Day! I just wanted to let you know how much I love you, and thank you for everything you do. (That was an ugly sentence, sorry). But seriously, thanks for paying my phone bill and drinking fair trade coffee; driving me to the train station and putting up with my cheesecake-esque personality; editing my essays and taking me to San Diego; shopping with me(even though I'm super picky), and listening to me when I complain about school; watching Secret Millionaire and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (and crying profusely); and listening to me as I lament over the plight of this world; buying me books and waking up so that I can go back to sleep after being up at 6 with the dog; paying for my train tickets and watching Cupcake Wars with me; baking shortbread cookies at Christmas and having patience with my messy tendencies; having insightful conversations about politics, and giving me random high fives; and SO MUCH MORE! You're the best mom anyone could ask for and I love you so much! Leah
From the kitchen...dinner by my youngest daughter: chicken breasts with a mushroom and cream sauce, with pasta and corn. Always better when someone else does the cooking.
I am wearing...jeans, a burgundy top and cardigan.
I am reading...The Lightkeeper's Ball by Colleen Coble.
I am hoping...the dog will behave. He seems to have a few tantrums these days. I heard the sixth month is equivalent to rebellious teen years. Oh great! I didn't even have to deal with those with my kids.
I am hearing...classical music and conversations in the Doctor's office waiting room.
Around the house...Spring cleaning this weekend. Our garage is half full of boxes that haven't been emptied, and we moved in over a year ago. My eldest has started seeing a young man from her church. We met him a few weeks ago. Nothing serious. They're just seeing where it goes. I'm happy he's a believer, and works in her church.
One of my favourite things...celebrations. Birthday last week, Mother's day this week.
Some plans for the week...yesterday I was at a Clinical Skills day. It was strange to be at work in the day. The whole evening I couldn't seem to get up off the couch. I was exhausted. Now I'm working two more nights. We may start looking for a new vehicle. This one is beginning to cost too much to repair. As I said, Spring cleaning on Saturday, and then a luncheon at church on Sunday.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Election Day

May 2, 2011.

Outside my window...a clear afternoon after a rainy morning.
I am thinking...Osama bin Laden is dead. It was announced last night. I knew it was done by NAVY SEALs even before they announced it. GO NAVY!His death marked the beginning of justice for him, but now he stands before the Judge of all the earth, Jesus Christ, and must give an account to Him. Such a fearful thing to have Jesus as our Judge, but not our Saviour. There may be a backlash from the terrorists, but after ten long years, there is some closure for the families.
I am thankful for...forty-seven years of life. Good health, a happy marriage (25 years), two beautiful,smart daughters, who are both saved and desiring to serve God with their lives, a job I love, a great church to serve God and fellowship with His people, where I have been faithfully instructed for 27 years, a lovely home, a vehicle, and a new puppy. Mostly, I'm thankful that God saved me in spite of myself, and has preserved me all these years.
From the kitchen...leftovers.
I am wearing...jeans and my SAN DIEGO hoodie.
I am reading...While We're Far Apart, by Lynn Austin. I find I get most of my reading done on my commute. I was just off for ten days and didn't read at all, except my Bible.
I am hoping...this election today doesn't change the country too much for the worse. We voted in the advance polls. Both my daughters voted for the first time today.
I am hearing...the train.
Around the house...we had a busy time while I was off. We had guests over four times for dinners and hot tubbing. I had a few productive writing days, I shopped with my daughters, I had an endoscopy done (and found that in addition to my reflux, I also have a hiatus hernia and gastric polyps). No answer to my main concern so I'll have to follow that up this week. This scope doesn't check the upper esophagus, where I have a problem. On my birthday, my girls made me breakfast in bed, and I got cash, a Kindle, and two colouring books and a 64-pack of Crayola crayons, with a sharpener! My youngest felt sorry for me with my poor girl stories about not being able to afford crayons at the beginning of the school year. I had a relaxing evening colouring yesterday. My eldest has two friends over tonight. My youngest woke up early to watch the Royal Wedding. She's been looking after the dog a lot. Kody has been to two of six of his obedience classes. He is so smart and it's a pleasure to walk him now that he doesn't pull or jump, or chew on his leash. He thinks I'm his mom and he follows me from room to room.
One of my favourite things...hearing good preaching. Mark Hudson preached both sermons on Sunday. Very informative, insightful and challenging, especially the evening message about the danger of putting tradition above the Word of God. I've seen an example of this at my friend's church. They said that the Christmas tree has pagan roots, which is true. But then they took that a step further and said no one in their congregation should have a Christmas tree in their house, and the elders would discipline you if you did. That's taking something that's not even in Scripture and enforcing it. While I agree that Christmas trees have nothing to do with Christmas, I think in that case they've gone too far and have stepped on the authority of the head of the house to decide those things.
Some plans for the week...work three nights. Doctor and dental appointment Friday morning, overnight guests from Ottawa Friday night, and thena Ladies' conference on Saturday with nine ladies from church. Sunday, the usual.