Wednesday, May 25, 2011


May 25, 2011.

Outside my window...sunny but windy.
I am sister got married on Saturday. Bittersweet, as expected. My eldest sang a song my sister chose. Everyone cried. It was good to see my relatives from out of town. We met many more of his relatives. He's from a large,Irish Catholic family. Sad to say, but probably the next time we see them will be a sad occasion.
I am thankful brother-in-law's latest MRI which showed the tumour s stable and not progressing. That gives them a litte more time. They had to go to the hotel by wheel-trans, and then my two cousins stayed at the same hotel so their husbands could help to lift him in and out of bed. The next day he went back to live at the long term care hospital and she went back home. They plan to put in a wheelchair ramp with the money they received as wedding gifts.
From the kitchen...teriyaki chicken, french fries, green beans and strawberry shortcake.
I am capris, a white blouse and a short red trench coat.
I am reading...Head in the Clouds, by Karen Witemeyer, on Kindle. I loved her first book, A Tailor Made Bride.
I am youngest finds a summer job.
I am hearing...the train. There's a new announcer. I mean, a customer service ambassador.
Around the house...we finished 95% of the garage. Most of the garbage will go out this week, and then I have one or two boxes left to sort. The peg board organized a lot, and we can now fit my mom's car back in there. Kody did well in Doggie Daycare. He played well with other puppies and ate all his food, which they sometimes won't do if they're stressed. My daughter may bring him there for a week this summer when we're in Europe. His care is a lot of work for just one person. I went for my physical this morning. My cholesterol is slightly elevated, but otherwise, my bloodwork is fine. Just waiting on that ENT appointment on June 3rd. I still feel like there's something in my throat. It's worse at night and hurts when I cough.
One of my favourite things...Kody, my puppy. I love him a lot and I know I'm going to miss him so much when we go away for three weeks.
Some plan for the three nights. Buy a new car on Friday. We're thinking a Honda CRV. We were hoping to wait till next Spring, but the cost of repairs and gas are making it necessary. My husband said last week, "I almost wish it would just overheat, so I'd know what to do." Then a few days later, that's what happened. We laughed, and then decided we'd best go buy one. We may not get delivery for a month or two. Either before or after Europe would be good. Saturday we're going to a birthday party for a man in our church. Sunday: church.

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