Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kody's Graduation

May 31, 2011.

Outside my window...hot, hazy and humid. 30C Love it!
I am thinking...we have something planned every weekend for the next month and a half, sometimes more than one thing. That's a good thing, right?
I am thankful for...Kody graduating from obedience school. They grow up so fast. Been humming Pomp and Circumstance all day. They put him in a doggie tux and a cap and gown. Oh the indignity! Sorry, boy. (I'll post pics). He has a diploma, but I'm pretty sure we won't be framing it.
From the kitchen...tacos.
I am wearing...my uniform, but I wore my black and white polka dot dress to work.
I am reading...Dining with Joy by Rachel Hauck on my Kindle. Loving it.
I am hoping...my daughter finds work. One prospect fell through and she was devastated. I tried to encourage her that God knows her situation and that she wouldn't want to be anywhere that He doesn't want her to be.
I am hearing...a very quiet unit. We have only nine patients, with three nurses. I also have a student, who has commandeered the assignment so she can learn time management, so I've just been reading, writing and surfing.
Around the house...not much happening. We walk the dog three times a day, work, eat and sleep. It was nice to have both my girls home on the weekend.
One of my favourite things...hot weather. I wait all winter for this! No complaints.
Some plans for the week...work three nights. ENT appointment Friday morning. Shop for clothes for Europe on Friday night. Housework Saturday and then a dinner party Saturday night with a few other couples. Sunday church, and a friend over Sunday night for a hot tub.

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