Monday, June 6, 2011

New Car Smell

June 6, 2011.

Outside my window...finally, some sunshine and heat. 26 C.
I am thinking...mammograms are another necessary evil. I had mine this morning. I hate them. They hurt. But because I have a family history of breast cancer, I have to get them done once a year. Always glad when they're over.
I am thankful for...good news from the ENT. No signs of malignancy in my throat. Still don't know why it's been sore for three months, though. My poor husband. It's not easy being married to a hypochondriac. Everything is always worst case scenario. When I think of all the dread diseases I thought I had over the past few years, it's an impressive list. But I warned him, it would happen again. Not only that, but one day I'll be right. Because we all have to die of something. The hypochondriac's tombstone: I told you I was sick. So no dread disease. Praise God and carry on.
From the kitchen...beef pot pie made with leftover roast from yesterday.
I am capris and a new navy print top with ruffles, and a teal short sleeved cardigan.
I am reading...Just Between You and Me, by Jenny B. Jones on my Kindle.
I am youngest finds a summer job. She'll be depressed and bored with nothing to do. Not to mention, broke.
I am hearing...a neighbour cutting his lawn. If I was strong enough to start the mower, I'd do ours, too. But, I'm weak.
Around the house...both girls were home last weekend, with friends, so really, they were out. Juggling vehicles with so many people with social engagements is a challenge. We had a baptism on Sunday of a young woman who grew up with our girls in church. We've been praying for her for years, and it's such an answer to prayer to see her saved and taking this step. We also went to a dinner party with four other couples on the weekend. We've all been married between 24-27 years. They were a fun bunch.
One of my favourite things...that new car smell. Thursday night!
Some plans for the three nights. Take Kody to the vet tomorrow to be neutered and micro-chipped. He may also have his dew claws removed and his last few baby teeth. He's going to be sore all over and wear the cone of shame for 3-5 days. Right now he has the three t's against him: teenager (in dog age, teething, and testosterone. Tomorrow, we'll do something about two of those things. He's six months old and 50 pounds. Not sure how much bigger he'll get. He seems to be over his growth spurt and is eating less. On Thursday evening, we're picking up the new vehicle. We plan to keep the old van for the summer, so my eldest can drive it up to her work at camp. The a.c. just died, so the timing of the new vehicle is good. Friday evening, we're going to another dinner party. Saturday, the men from church are going to a Jays' game and I'm having the women over for a bbq. I'm speaking on the cities of refuge. Sunday;church.

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