Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pride and Shame

June 28, 2011.

Outside my window...a beautiful sunny day. Rain earlier this morning, but the rest of the week should be beautiful. I’m off work all week.
I am thinking...so it’s Shame Week in Toronto again. They’re giving the Mayor a hard time about not promising to go to their parade on Sunday. They try to pressure you to not just tolerate them, but to sanction and even promote their behaviour. I think he can follow his conscience and not go if he feels strongly against it. I don’t expect him to show up at Caribana, the Jesus parade, or the Santa Claus parade either. What does it matter? Also, they misspent their funds and are demanding the city keep this thing running. No other group gets that kind of treatment. If they are not self-sufficient, they should scrap their plans. Caribana had to revamp how they do things when the same thing happened to them. Also their flag should not be flown at City Hall. Again, it is showing preferential treatment for one group.
I am thankful for...my Mom being okay. She had some dizziness yesterday and we spent 3-1/2 hours in emerg as they checked her out. Her heart was fine, and they wondered if it was a sign of a stroke, but the CT scan was fine, too. Also thankful for free healthcare.
From the kitchen...we’re eating at Red Lobster before my niece’s high school graduation.
I am wearing...beige capris, and a red tank top and red short sleeved button down shirt. I’ll change into something nicer for the graduation.
I am reading...The Winter War: a novel by William Durbin, about the 1939 invasion of Finland by Russia. It is the same concept of one of my projects. He even used two of the examples I was planning to use. Snap!
I am hoping...to have a productive writing week.
Around the house...my eldest is up at camp working, and my youngest left for Pennsylvania for a week. She is attending Creation, a week of Christian concerts and camping. We need to try to find a kennel for Kody for part of the time we’re in Europe. He’s too difficult for my youngest to handle on her own.
One of my favourite things...eating out. Food always tastes better when it’s prepared by someone else.
Some plans for the week...take the dog to the off leash doggie park we discovered near our home, daily, and write a few hours a day, graduation, prayer meeting, and friends over on Canada Day. Perhaps a beach day. My daughter comes back on Sunday evening.

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