Monday, July 4, 2011

Travel Prep

July 4, 2011.

Outside my window...a beautiful week of sunshine and heat. No complaints, except that I'm working four nights and sleeping the days away.
I am thinking...I'm surprised that I can still be so possessive and jealous after 25 years of marriage. My husband is trustworthy, but I'm insecure.
I am thankful youngest daughter being accepted into her desired program of study for September. She will be in the Peace and Conflict Studies; Specialist program. So proud of her. She had to apply with a paper explaining why she wanted to be in the program. About 300 apply but they take only 90 students. She had an interview and just found out when she returned from Pennsylvania yesterday. She cried happy tears.
From the kitchen...tacos. We've been overeating all week.
I am uniform, at work.
I am reading...Me Talk Pretty by David Sedaris. Very funny book.
I am mom's health will be okay while we're in Europe.
I am hearing...a quiet unit.
Around the house...We had a busy week. Monday evening I was in emerg with my Mom when she had a few hours of dizziness. They did an ecg and cat scan to rule out heart problems and a stroke, then sent her home with medication for dizziness. Very thankful. Tuesday, we attended my niece's high school graduation. Very proud of her; she won the law award. Wednesday, I went to church for prayer meeting, which my husband was leading. There is a new format, which I didn't think I'd feel comfortable with, but it was fine. The only thing I found a little hokey was the end, when we stood in a circle, held hands and sang. Not my style, really. Thursday, we had a couple from church over for dinner, then Friday, my mother in law came over for dinner and a hot tub. Saturday and Sunday we had an out of town guest. We took him out for Greek food, which he likes since we introduced him to it a few years ago, and went in the hot tub, walked in a park and went to church. Today I took the dog to the off-leash park and the pet store, to buy enough food for him for while we're away.
One of my favourite things...when a plan you didn't think would happen, ends up happening. We had planned for doggie daycare for one of the three weeks we'll be away, with the woman who did Kody's training. She wasn't able to do the other two weeks due to the number of dogs. When I called to confirm the dates, she informed me she had a change, and could now accommodate Kody. So he'll go there five nights of each week, and the girls will look after him on the weekends. I feel much better with this arrangement. It would have been too much for the girls, who are both working all day. He'll be well looked after, will play with other dogs, and get some reinforcement on his training. I'll be able to enjoy the trip without worry.
Some plans for the four nights, then finish up our preparations for our trip to Europe on the 16th. I'll be off for 33 nights sstarting Friday morning.

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