Monday, July 11, 2011

Almost There

July 11, 2011.

Outside my, hazy and humid. About 40 with humidity.No complaints.
I am thinking...we're going to be away from church for four Sundays. Not just away from our church, but away from any church. Usually when we're on vacation, we try to find a church to visit. The pace of this trip is too fast for us to go to church, and I'm sure we couldn't find a Protestant, English speaking church in Italy anyway.
I am thankful for...thirty three days off. I love my job. I love my life. My husband and I are going to Europe on Saturday for three weeks. Ten countries, 27 cities in 21 days. We'll be exhausted but it's a trip of a lifetime, and t's to celebrate our 25th anniversary.
From the kitchen...veggie samosas, greek pasta salad, baguette, roast chicken, cherries.
I am wearing...jean capris and a printed top.
I am reading...11 Secrets of Getting Published by Mary deMuth.
I am hoping...the DVBS will go well this week. There are 25 kids registered and the people involved have worked hard. The theme is Discovering the Rock of Ages. My husband and I can only help out three evenings this week because we're doing last minute prep for our trip.
I am early episode of Combat Hospital.
Around the house...I never realized how much prep work it took in order to go away for a long holiday and not have to worry. My daughter is excited that she'll have the new vehicle for three weeks. We bought a new camera and a ten inch laptop so we can upload pictures as we go, and keep in touch at home. I also plan to keep a travel blog going.
One of my favourite things...naps. I don't know why kids don't like them.
Some plans for the week...DVBS help. Prep, pack, clean and then leave to Europe on Saturday evening. On Sunday we have some free time and will be meeting some of my husband's relatives in London.

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