Monday, February 29, 2016

Grandson a year old

February Journaling

1.  Our grandson is a year old today. They took him to Ripley’s Aquarium. I’ll post a picture.

2. Our daughter returned to work today part-time. Our grandson is adjusting well to home daycare.

3.  Very strange. Just as I was waking up, I remembered part of my dream. An angel was standing next to my bed. I somehow had the impression one was on the other side as well. He had a trumpet at his lips and was about to sound it when I awoke. Hmmm. Curious. Was I about to be called up higher? Last month I awoke to a feeling of a spirit hovering over me as I awoke in the night. For some reason it didn’t strike terror into me. I’ve never had visions or dreams like this. Is it related to my word of the year: Heaven? Time will tell.

4. Went to see my grandson today. We went out to the library so he could play.

5. So much abdominal and back pain and headache.

6.   Sleep is my only reprieve from my pain. When I wake up, it’s there. I wake up every time I turn over, since they are all three point turns. I took another three hour nap today.

7.  It’s sad when you look forward to a surgical consult. I just want relief.

8.  Showered and shaved my legs, and cleaned the bathroom.  I’m spent, but I still need to go out to run a few errands. I see the surgeon Thursday. I need to turn off my stoic Finn and let her know the pain I’m in daily. I really hope she does something soon, at least a CT scan so I can get some answers.

9.  I set my table on Tuesday for guests on Saturday. That’s my new normal.

10. Saw the surgeon. I will have my gallbladder removed in three weeks. Unfortunately she wouldn’t address the other issue, so now I need to go back to my family doctor and get another consult. So frustrating.

11. Shopping today. That’s all I can do.

12. Making the soup, salad stuff, and dessert in preparation for tomorrow.

13.Our dinner party went well, but after they left I was on the couch in pain.

14.Our grandson is coming over tonight.

15.Family day. My mom, sister, daughter’s family, other daughter and her friend had a lovely dinner of the trout my husband caught last fall.

16. I have such severe abdominal pain. I’m considering going to emerg. I need a CT. Very concerned about this heaviness.

17. Going to spend the day at my daughter’s so she can pack. They’re moving in a few weeks to a larger apartment.

18. I stayed over at my daughter’s because my night vision is worse with Fibro. Safety first.

19. Too many errands today. Then the men of our church hosted an event for Valentine’s Day for the women of the church. They sang Stand by Me and other songs, recited poetry, served us apps and cake, and used lame pick-up lines.

20. Lunch after church today. Excited to see the doctor tomorrow. Hopefully she’ll investigate this abdominal pain.

21. Discouraging. My pain was ignored again. I tried to stress that this was different from my fibro pain and my gallstone pain. I’m not looking for drugs, just answers. But instead, she’s passing me off to another specialist, whenever that will happen.

22. Saw my Naturopath today. She’s so helpful.

23.To the hospital for the pre-admit clinic. I’m bringing a mask to wear to see if it helps prevent a reaction. It’s kind of embarrassing to call attention to myself. People will think I have a cold and am wearing it to protect them, but I’m doing it to protect myself from the chemicals.

24. A useless day. Pain and exhaustion.

25. We went to see War Room at church tonight. I can handle it there, but I can’t go to movie theatres. But I had gallstone pain almost the whole time. It’s happening every day now.

26.  So excited. When I first called a Gastroenterologist’s office with my referral, they said they were taking appointments for September. When I told them about my pain, they fit me in for next Tuesday, along with a scope. So I have the prep Monday, that on Tuesday, visiting my grandson on Wednesday, and my surgery on Friday.

27.  My big accomplishment was cleaning the bathrooms, and then I took a two hour nap.

28.  Nap, flanked by church.

29.  Fasting for my test. This is when all you can think about is food. But I’m not as hungry as I’d expect. I napped most of the day away so I wouldn’t think about food.