Saturday, June 4, 2016

They Decree Wickedness by Law

May Journaling
1.Great day at church today, because our daughter and grandson came with us.

2.  Had to spend the morning cleaning and prepping the house to be photographed for an appraisal to increase our line of credit. That was too much, added to the weekend with my grandson.  Now having a lot of pain and exhaustion. I wouldn’t undo the opportunity to see him, though.

3. Bible study, then a doctor’s appointment and chiro appointment. Too much for one day. Need rest.

4. Our house was appraised at $725,000 even before our renovations. Good to know.

5. Picked up my mom to come over for a few days. Went to the WINGS gala fundraiser. They do such great work there.

6.  My mom is so helpful. She cleaned out the linen closet. We need to do so much purging. Did the census online.

7. Weekend. I brought my mom back home. Napped. We had our ducts cleaned because of a groupon my sister gave us. We assumed it was free, but it only covered twelve ducts, so we had to pay more than we expected. Won’t make that mistake again.

8. Church. No evening service because of Mother’s Day.

9. Massage today.

10. Final Bible study in Leviticus, then next week I do my summary. Not done yet.

11. Went to visit my grandson. He’s saying new words every day.

12. We had our house spring cleaned today. We can only afford to do it once a year, but it’s so nice to have someone clean the blinds and baseboards as well as do a regular cleaning. Then we had some contractors in to talk about re-facing our kitchen cupboards and putting in a new island, backsplash and countertops. Exciting.

13. Seeing yet another specialist. This time I initiated it. It’s for a second opinion, or really a fourth opinion because I’ve had three specialist tell me what the lump in my abdomen is without ever examining me. If it is just an adhesion, fine, but tell me based on a history AND physical. Of course, this doctor didn’t examine me either, (sigh) but they did a five part ultrasound. Should I be concerned that after they did the abdominal wall ultrasound, the tech said she just wanted to check the lymph nodes in my groin? As a cancer nurse my spidey senses were tingling.

14. Went back to our old church today to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Pastor and his wife. Although it was great to see old friends for a few hours, I paid for it with pain the rest of the day.

15. Still in pain all day, in my abdomen and through to my back. Also having trouble with steps as I get pain in my lower back when I lift my right leg.

16.Yay! My name change certificate arrived today! It only took forty years since I started using Pia to make it official. Now to change my driver’s licence.

17.Presenting the summary of Leviticus at our women’s Bible study, then we’re taking the summer off.

18. Visiting my grandson. Love seeing him but it takes so much out of me.

19. Seeing an osteopath today to get some help for these surgical adhesions, then going to find out the result of my ultrasounds to see if they are really adhesions or something else. So my ultrasound showed benign lipomas, typical with fibromyalgia. Nothing fatal. On to the next health concern.

20. Our first meeting of the Women’s Ministry team.

21. We’re going to see our grandson on this long weekend and having jerked chicken.

22. The world is going mad. I’m so stressed over this bathroom bill. People are tripping over each other to do more radical things than the law specifies. The ROM now has all-gender bathrooms. That’s not what was required. I’m not using a public washroom with men. No way, no how.

23. Then the assisted suicide bill, double talk by calling it assisted dying, not allowing doctors to opt out. They decree wickedness by law, just like the psalm I read the other day.

24. I can see persecution coming soon.

25. Went to see my grandson. Always nice when he recognizes me. He asks for Mimi and Pappa every day.

26. Prepping two devotionals for the women’s retreat this weekend. Reworking messages I wrote years ago.

27. Heading off to the retreat. My mom’s coming with me. It’s supposed to be a scorcher of a weekend.

28.I did the morning devotionals; redoing some from a few years ago, about the fourth man in the fire, and adoption through the story of David and Mephibosheth.

29. We had cupboards and a new slop sink installed in our laundry room. Looks good, except now we realize it also needs backsplash.

30. I finally had my driver’s licence changed over to my “new” name. I’ve used Pia for 40 years, but my lovely daughters paid for my official name change for my birthday. I’m so happy. Also happy since I found an organic meat  store. Then I went to see my osteopath. I didn’t know what they did before or how helpful they’d be.

31.  Our daughter’s family is coming this weekend to celebrate my husband’s birthday and father’s day early since they’ll be away in Finland that weekend. Our grandson will also come to church with us again.