Monday, June 13, 2011


June 13, 2011.

Outside my window...overcast. Lousy spring and summer’s just around the corner.
I am thinking...I'm not really a fan of prophecy. I'm glad our Pastor is at the end of Revelation. The last two chapters will be better, because it's the happy ending, where we see Heaven.
I am thankful for...a good weekend. We bought the crv on Thursday, then went out to dinner to celebrate. My husband was given a gift card from his co-workers so we went to Milestones and it hardly cost us anything for a steak dinner. Friday we went to dinner at the home of a couple from church. They are Dutch and we had a nice time. Saturday the men went to a Jays’ game and I had eight women from church over for a bbq. It went well, even my message on the cities of refuge, which was one of my sections from the non-fiction project which is my work-in-progress.
From the kitchen...Atlantic salmon, grilled veggies, hassleback potatoes.
I am wearing...jeans and a navy print top.
I am reading...Yesterday’s Tomorrow, by my friend Catherine West. It’s her first published novel, a Christian romance set during the Vietnam war.
I am hoping...Kody can have his cone of shame removed soon. The bandages come off on Wednesday. He didn’t end up having any baby teeth to remove, so just neutering, microchip, and four dew claws removed. I feel bad because he has no sense of time and we can’t explain to him that the cone is a temporary thing. Poor thing.
I am 80’s channel on the t.v. Yes, I’m in a time warp.
Around the house...we will leave the van to my eldest even though it costs a lot to insure it and she has to pay for gas, which is just a ridiculous amount. My youngest will be going to Pennsylvania at the end of the month for a Christian concert called Creation. It’s like Christian Woodstock, where thousands camp on the rolling hills. I know she doesn’t have a job yet, but she needs to have something to look forward to.
One of my favourite things...books, but you knew that, didn’t you? I just read six books on my Kindle. I also received a package of books from chapters. I just can’t read fast enough.
Some plans for the four nights, go to Medieval Times on Friday night with our family for my husband’s birthday. The selling point, according to my daughter is, “You can eat half a chicken with your BARE HANDS!” Then, Saturday, cleaning and shopping and a family bbq at my brother-in-law's, and Sunday night, my eldest is bringing her boyfriend over for dinner. We already met him a few weeks ago, when they were just friends. Now that they’re officially dating, we would like to get to know him. We knew this day would come eventually.My husband doesn’t have a shotgun. Will a fishing rod be as intimidating?

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