Monday, June 20, 2011


June 20, 2011.

Outside my window...a beautiful sunny day; but rain is forecast for the rest of the week.
I am thinking...we met my eldest daughter's boyfriend yesterday. He came over for dinner. A very nice guy. We joke that you'd think he was coached because he liked all the right things. He listens to the same Bible on CD that my husband does; he also listens to Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology, which I've read, and he reads the Puritans. He shared his testimony and told about his family. He got the stamp of approval from us, but then I wasn't really worried. I trust my daughter's judgment and her commitment to Christ.
I am thankful youngest daughter getting a job. It ends up being at the same day camp she has worked at the last two years. Nothing else was turning up and they called again to offer it to her. She had a Jonah moment because she really didn't want to go back there because of her boss; but she knows that's where she's supposed to be. I told her we all have to work with difficult people at some point; and just think of the hardship stories she can tell her kids. A bonus is that with this job she can still go to Pennsylvania next week before work starts.
From the kitchen...leftovers.
I am uniform. I'm at work.
I am reading...The Perfect Blend by Trish Perry.
I am get in some serious writing time when I'm off work next week. My youngest will be away and I'll have the puppy, but it should be fine.
I am hearing...silence. It's quiet at work tonight.
Around the house...I'm starting to finally prep for our trip to Europe. We leave in a month. Usually I'm more organized than this. It's going to sneak up on me. We went to Medieval Times on Friday for my husband's birthday. Since he had cancer 13 years ago, he never complains about ageing. Not everyone gets that opportunity. It was fun there, even though it's a little hokey with paper crowns and eating with your hands, but we played along and cheered for our Knight. My husband's favourite part was the falcon.I can't see why you'd go there more than once, but we had fun as a family. Saturday we went to a bbq at my brother-in-law's house. He's 44 and married, and has had a motorcycle for eight months. He finally built up the courage to tell his Mom, who is an ER nurse, about it. She took it okay, considering she has always warned them off them. My eldest started work today at camp north of the city. Kody got his cone of shame off on Friday and wanted to put it back on. Silly puppy!
One of my favourite things...veggie samosas. I'm on a food jag with them right now and I found a place nearby that makes them fresh and tasty for only 25 cents apiece.
Some plans for the four nights, then I'm off for ten days! I wanted to enjoy some summertime weather before we go to Europe; hopefully get in a beach day or two. Once we're in Europe we'll be on buses and playing tourist instead of lounging on the beach.

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