Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Five

We had an early morning trip by bus to the Mayan ruins at Tulum. They were quite amazing. Tulum is the oldest Mayan city. It was a sea port. They had canoes, only though. A natural reef protected against large ships. It’s a walled city set on a hill. It had guard towers. The upper class lived in the city, the lower classes outside. They estimate about 7,000 people in total. At one point in history, the upper class disappeared. The theories include a rebellion by the lower classes, who had no way to obtain eternal life and may have invaded and killed or exiled the upper class to take over the city. They then merged with the Toltecs, who were big into human sacrifice. This is how the Conquistadors found them. They had a concept of a descending god, because they understood that everything good came from above. How different might things have been if missionaries, rather than Conquistadors, had arrived first?
We also swam on the beach there. It was overcast and even drizzled a bit when we first got there, but then it cleared nicely. We used the video camera for the first time. We purchased a towel that says, Tulum, Mexico.
After lunch, we headed to the beach for a Spanish language class, which was about body parts. Our teacher was Ricky, a 27 year old Chilean guy, very friendly, very buff.
We watched a beach volleyball game, and found one woman, whom we called, Green Bikini, who had had way too much to drink, kissing any guy who walked by; the only qualification being that they walked by near enough to grab. Speaking of drunks, there was another woman walking back from the beach who was falling down drunk. Pretty sad. It was mid-day and she was not able to walk straight.
We met a woman from Edmonton who asked my husband to take a picture of her near the beach volleyball game, looking like she’s going for the ball, so her kids would think she was playing. It’s all about appearances. My kids would see right through that if I tried it.
This evening, after dinner in the Mexican themed restaurant, we saw a show with a Michael Jackson impersonator. His dancing and moon walk was good.
We can get some English language t.v. in our room. It has Spanish sub-titles so it’s a good way to learn the language. I’m learning how to order coffee and wine in Spanish. We’ve even seen some soccer games commentated in Spanish, but futbol is an international language. GOOOOOOOOOL!
We checked out the in-room Jacuzzi, which was a nice treat.

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