Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back to Reality

March 26, 2009

Outside my window...a cool, but sunny spring day. The robins are out.
I am thinking...why is it that people often get sick after vacation? Is it the "change of seasons" twice in two weeks, the different food, the exposure to people from all over the world? Since the day we got back from Mexico, I've had a cold. My husband got an ear infection from swimming and flying.
I am thankful...for my job. It's pretty stable as jobs go. Even though some nights we work pretty hard, it's still a good place to be. I get two months of vacation per year. That's not too shabby.
From the kitchen...szechwan chicken and vegetable stir fry with rice noodles.
I am pyjamas.
I am reading...Through a Glass Darkly, by Gilbert Morris. A Christian book about a man with amnesia.
I am be able to make it through my shifts this week, even though I don't feel 100%. I would feel too guilty to call in sick after just having 15 days off.
I am hearing...Jon and Kate, plus 8. They are moving. Better them, than me. I hate moving. The last time we moved was when we bought this house, and I was seven months pregnant.
Around the house...My youngest daughter finished the classroom portion of her drivers' education, during her March break. She isn't interested in getting on the road, but life's like that...
One of my favourite things...when someone else cooks.
A few plans for the week...finish four night shifts. Celebrate my mom's 69th birthday on Friday. Finish booking our trip to San Antonio for next month for an oncology nursing conference. My friend, Kathy, my mom and my eldest daughter (who will be done school) is coming with me. Fun, fun, fun.

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