Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Seven

The snorkeling trip was great. We went with Mayan Adventures to Cenote Azul, the coral reefs of Akumal, and Cenote Estrella, which is in a cave. We took some underwater photos, but we won’t know until we get home if they turned out. Luckily, at the cave, they took photos of us, and sold us a CD of those photos, plus some professional ones of the places we snorkeled at as well as the local wildlife. When we were at Akumal, a stingray swam directly underneath me. It was so cool. We had about a mile of swimming there, and the last half was against the current. My husband had a hard time near the end, but he did it. A cenote (se-note-eh) is a natural sink hole with fresh water. They are joined throughout Mexico. The last cenote, in a cave, was the most intimidating, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to go in. It was dark when we went in, and the water was colder, I mean, “more refreshing” than the other locations. I never considered myself claustrophobic, but when I was in the water, surrounded by limestone stalagmites and stalactites that hung down almost to the water, I tried not to think that Mexico has had earthquakes.
Overall, I liked snorkeling. I was afraid I would have to hold my breath and dive below the surface, but I was able to stay on the surface the whole time, and the water was calm, so no water went down my snorkel. The lunch they served after it was done, was the best chicken any of us have had in Mexico. I had three pieces. They joked that they were serving us Iguana. I think they were joking.
We met some nice people on the bus; a woman from New Jersey travelling alone, and a couple from Niagara Falls. They were staying at a different resort.

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