Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mayan Riviera Travel Blog--Day Nine

Another beach day. We’re getting into the rhythm and routine of resort life; we have our favourite restaurants, our favourite foods and drinks, we know how to choose a great spot on the beach, and we know how to work the Mexican keyboard. Our room steward makes towel sculptures every day. It's always a nice welcome when we return to our room. They do similar things on cruises.
I purchased gifts before we left Canada, to give to our room steward every day. The only problem is, that I assumed it would be a woman, so some of the gifts are a little inappropriate, unless he gives them to his mother or sister, or girlfriend. I think he’ll use the Canada mug, or pens, or cards, but not the lip gloss, pantyhose, and hair accessories.
The Asian restaurant was our favourite. I prefer Japanese food and my husband likes Chinese so we both liked our selections. Tonight we ate at the steak house again, and I had ribs this time and my husband had a steak. Afterwards, the entertainment was on the beach, a show and then a beach party. We got some of that on the camcorder.

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