Monday, February 23, 2009

My Bucket List

This is a list of things I’d like to do before I kick the bucket. It assumes a regular life span, health and the grace of God. As you can see, I haven’t chosen anything too daring, and definitely nothing to do with heights. This is in no particular order.

( ) See Machu Piccu.
( ) Publish a novel.
( ) Go to Papua New Guinea.
( ) Do a short-term Missions trip.
( ) Go on a Mediterranean cruise.
( ) Travel thru Europe.
( ) See an English Premier League or Bundesliga soccer game live.
(X) Ride in a submarine.
( ) Visit Australia.
( ) Cruise the Nile/ see the pyramids.
( ) Learn to scuba dive.
( ) Go on an African Safari.
( ) Travel to Israel.
(X) Go on a Caribbean cruise.
( ) Live in a house with a sauna.
( ) See the Grand Canyon.
(X) Go to San Diego.
(X) See the Mayan ruins. (within the month!)
( ) Visit every province in Canada.
( ) Learn a third language (Spanish or German).
(X) Tour a warship.
( ) Dance at my grandchildrens’ weddings.
( ) Be able to write full-time.
( ) See Pearl Harbour in Hawaii.
(X) Go to Disneyworld.
( ) Climb Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica.
( ) Re-visit Finland.
( ) See Scandinavia.
(X) See our daughters saved and baptized.
( ) Learn sign language.

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