Monday, February 16, 2009

Days Off

Feb.16, 2009

Outside my window...a mild, sunny day. You could almost forget it was still winter.
I am thinking...I can't believe the boldness of some people. Two women and a man came into our church yesterday. They were pretty rough looking, but I didn't want to prejudge them. Our church is in inner city Scarborough and there are alot of people in the neighbourhood on social assistance. I was in the nursery, holding a baby near the half-door, when one of the women came downstairs. She went straight for the coats and started checking the pockets. Then she saw me watching her, and stepped into the bathroom. When everyone came downstairs for the church supper, a few minutes later, I told my husband. A few minutes after that, she and the man were gone, and someone's purse was missing. The other woman said she sort of knew them and gave the woman's address, but we're not sure if she had anything to do with it. The police were called, but more than likely the money was removed, and the purse was tossed. Fortunately, she had only $20 and no credit cards. She was upset, of course, and had to cancel and replace her debit and health cards and replace keys and locks. The church will reimburse her for this. I shudder to think what would have happened if it had been my purse, which has both sets of my reading glasses(why, I don't know), both memory cards that have my stories on them (why both, I don't know), credit cards, I.D. and about 20 rewards cards. This tells me I need to re-think the contents of my purse.
I am thankful for...having my mom in my life. She lives in our basement apartment and we get along well. Two women in one house, though, need two kitchens. We have privacy and see each other when we want to, but she's not a meddler, and we don't feel like we have to eat together every day, or invite her upstairs if we're having guests. My husband likes the situation, as well. Not every man can live with his mother-in-law, which shows how exceptional he is. It's been great to have her with us. Ten years ago, when my husband had cancer, she was living 8 hours away, and that's when she realized she wanted to be closer. Her grand-daughters were growing up and she was only seeing them once or twice a year. Now she has a great relationship with them, and there is obvious mutual affection.
I know one day we may be looking after her, if she is ill or frail, but for now, she looks after us in many ways; driving my daughter to school, cooking supper a few days a week, and doing our laundry. Did I mention before that I had a good life?
From the back ribs (my favourite), hassleback potatoes, carrots and broccoli, and apple coffee cake. We're having a guest for dinner today; our late Pastor's widow. She has been a good friend to us, and to my mom since she moved to Toronto when she turned 60. When you move at that age, you tend to leave all your friends behind. This lady is still a member at our church, and has been witnessing to my mom.
I am wearing...jeans and a black "mom sweater".
I am reading...Revealed, by Tamera Alexander. It's a Christian historical romance.
I am hoping...we can figure out how to operate our new camcorder before we go to Mexico. If we do, I'll post the video of the tour of our library.
I am hearing...the soundtrack from Sense and Sensibility.
Around the house...My eldest is in Scotland, safe and sound. My youngest just started a blog this week. She's a chip off the old block.
Today would have been my father's seventieth birthday, if he hadn't died at age 28. It's a sad day for my mom. When my husband was talking with her the other day, she revealed that she was angry at God that her husband died young.
One of my favourite things...long weekends. Even though I work hard while I'm at work, it's the kind of work I can leave at work (unlike my husband, who is always on duty). On the weekend, my time is my own, and this is my fourth night off.
A few plans for the week...haircut, doctor's appointment, working three nights. I wanted to get things done today, but almost every place is closed because of the new Family Day holiday.

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