Monday, April 9, 2012

Resurrection Day!

Outside my window...sunny but cool. We’re putting the patio furniture out. Not likely to get anymore snow.
I am thinking...I can’t believe that Toronto is legalizing brothels. How is this a law for the public good? All it will do is encourage human trafficking and make it easier to hide underage girls. Disgusting.
I am hoping...our friend will be able to improve his financial situation. I know we’re cutting back, but I was still able to pull together two weeks’ worth of food for him, without even feeling the effect. The church also gave him some cash.
I am thankful for...the grace of God in my salvation. If He had not saved me, I wouldn’t be saved. Such is my hard heart. It was a nice Easter weekend.
I am wearing...jeans, a navy floral top and a blue zip up sweater.
From the kitchen... we bbq’d chicken, skewered shrimp, two ways, and grilled veggies.
I am hearing... the evening news.
I am reading...Sarai by Jill Eileen Smith.
Around the eldest is finished school and coming home on Wednesday. My youngest and I are in week two of the Couch to 5K running. Today we ran 4 minutes. I didn’t stop and I didn’t die. My breathing is improving. We are considering doing the Terry Fox Run in September. That was the cancer my husband had 14 years ago. We are also doing toning. It helps to have her as a work out buddy. I would’ve quit already, without her.
One of my favourite things...mani-pedis. I love the massage chair. A Princess day with my daughter. It was her reward for working hard at school this year.
Some plans for the two nights. I’m getting my hair cut and highlighted on Friday.

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