Monday, June 14, 2010


June 14, 2010.

Outside my window...warm, but cloudy. It'll probably rain.
I am thinking...the G-8 and G-20 summits held in Ontario this year are generating a lot of concern about security. The professional protesters,anarchists and communists will be stirring up trouble; the security preparations, costs and inconvenience are getting people annoyed, and the political fallout of the things they're doing to impress the world leaders (indoor fake lake) may yet come back to haunt the government.
I am thankful for...good times with friends. We had two couples over on Sunday night for soccer, subs, strawberry shortcake and hot tub. My team, Germany, beat Australia 4-0. Three of my favourite players; Klose, Podolski and Cacau scored. I was a happy girl.
From the, rice and peas.
I am capris, and a navy and white printed top.
I am reading...Hot Tropics and Cold Feet by Diann Hunt. It's Christian chick-lit. I felt like reading something light and funny.
I am hoping...that my husband's semi-annual appointment with his Oncology surgeon goes well. I am always a little nervous about it, even after twelve years. Look at where I work. Mostly the appointment is to check his "replacement parts" and do a chest x-ray to make sure his cancer hasn't come back. It's mostly likely to recur in the lungs. We're always relieved when he gets a clean bill of health.
I am hearing...the train. It's Monday; that means blogging on the train day.
Around the house...our plans for gardening fell through on Saturday when my husband woke up sick and spent the day in bed. My eldest completed her highest level of lifeguarding. Now she can officially save a life. My youngest has her last day of high school tomorrow, before exams. It goes so fast. This fall, we'll have two in university. My youngest won another bursary this week. That decreases her tuition costs by half, so far. Nice. My husband is working hard and still one month from vacation. No wonder he got sick. He goes and goes and then his body shuts down and says, "No further. Rest."
One of my favourite night with my husband. Marriage keeps getting better and better. We're almost at 24 years of marriage and more in love than ever. Sappy? Yes.
Some plans for the three nights. I'm off on Tuesday so I can watch Portugal vs. Ivory Coast. Didier Drogba is the only player I know on Ivory Coast, but Portugal is strong. It can go either way and I have no loyalties in this match. Friday, my husband has to go to H-town for a meeting so no date night then. A relaxing evening at home sounds nice. Saturday, stuff around the house. Sunday is Father's Day. My husband doesn't care for breakfast in bed or gifts. All he asked for was time with his girls, so my eldest will come to town for that day. I think I'll make filet mignon and jumbo garlic shrimp, with a double chocolate cake. He'll like that. My husband's birthday is mid-week. He'll be 47 years old. He doesn't complain about aging. After cancer, he's happy to see each year.

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