Monday, August 9, 2010

Summertime Living

August 9, 2010.

Outside my window...a rainy day, but we needed it.
I am thinking...we had a nice weekend. We went to a cottage in Huntsville. It belongs to the parents of my daughter's roommate. They live in Bermuda and spend summers in Canada. We only recently met them, so it was nice to get to know them better. He's a pediatrician and she's a writer. It was nice to talk shop with someone who is farther along in the journey than I am. She has an agent, and a completed manuscript with several publishers. I am still working on seven unfinished first drafts. Anyway, the kids went boating and swimming. We ate well and had a campfire. The trip home, which should have taken four hours, took seven, because of traffic, rain, and a detour to drop off our daughter at camp.
I am thankful for...making new friends.
From the kitchen...lemon and herb haddock, rice and corn on the cob. Yes, we've been eating a lot of corn, but then, it's summer. We picked some up from a roadside farmer's market, along with some northern blueberries to get us through winter.
I am wearing...jeans and a beige and brown top.
I am reading...Under the Northern Lights and Whispers of Winter by Tracie Peterson.
I am hoping...the strike by the GO train maintenance workers at Union Station will be averted, so the GO won't STOP.
I am hearing...conversations on the train.
Around the house...steady progress on the renovations. Electrical is done, base boards and crown moulding, flooring, and the paint colours have been chosen. The girls are working hard. My youngest has one week left, as does my husband, I have two weeks, my eldest has three. Then we're going to the Carey Conference. My eldest can't make it this year.
One of my favourite things...signs in rural Ontario. Hillbilly Camp, Varmint Control, and Do-it-yourself pig roasts.
Some plans for the week...I didn't have a very productive day. I slept in, didn't work out, took a nap, and made dinner. I'm working four nights this week. We plan to do some cleaning and organizing on Saturday, haul stuff to the dump and start packing for the Carey. I need to plan my menu for that week, but I've already made my packing list. This is our 18th year so I know what to take. I'm so looking forward to not having any responsibilities this year. If people need me, they'll find me reading by the pool. Sunday we'll be back at our church after three weekends away in a row. It feels like we've been away forever.

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