Monday, December 13, 2010


December 13, 2010.

Outside my window...cold, cold, cold. Occasional snow. We ended up not going to London for our Finnish family Christmas gathering due to road conditions.
I am thinking...the Ladies' Christmas banquet went well. I was able to take Wednesday night off so I had enough time to get everything ready. I felt calm and relaxed, and I think the Bible study went well, too.
I am thankful friends. Since we had a change in plans, we invited a new couple from church over for dinner on Sunday. It was one of those times where we just hit it off right away. I can see us becoming close friends. That's happened maybe half a dozen times in our lives. We had such sweet fellowship. Serendipity.
From the kitchen...honey garlic meatballs, home fries, baby carrots, green beans, and salad.
I am wearing...jeans, a grey long-sleeved top, and a thick sweater. I'm even wearing a silly looking black and white Elmer Fudd hat with my hood over top. I'm not a hat person, so that tells you how cold it is.
I am reading...Stuff Christians Like by Jonathan Acuff. It's a look at the funny side of faith.
I am finalize my menu tonight for the College and Careers Christmas Dinner Party on Saturday night. I have to run the menu past them to make sure I'm not making something one of them is allergic to. We had discussed hospitality, (see the post under Bible Studies), and then they asked me to teach them how to plan and execute a fancy dinner party. So they'll be helping to cook and serve, but I'll have to be teaching as we go. I'm feeling a little nervous about it. Usually if I forget something, I'm the only one who knows it.
I am hearing...the train. At least the passengers are quiet for once.
Around the house...we went to the furniture store, cancelled our eight-month old order for the buffet/hutch, and purchased a floor model for half of our deposit. They gave us a cheque back and now we can purchase a t.v for the basement, along with an x-box game system. The buffet-hutch should arrive in time for Christmas.
One of my favourite things...surprise money, especially at Christmas time. Serendipity, again.
Some plans for the four nights, prep and do the C&C dinner party, church on Sunday. Next week I only work one night, then I'm off for six over Christmas. I just finished a five day weekend, too. Not bad, considering I ran out of vacation days back in August. I love my job.

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