Monday, June 30, 2014

Daughter's University Graduation

June Journalling

1.     Many tears at church today as our Pastor announced his retirement. Even though I knew it was coming, it was hard now that it’s official, but I’m happy for him and his family as they begin this new chapter at the end of August.

2.     I got my orthotics this morning. I need to break them in slowly. It’s going to take some time to straighten myself out.

3.     Busy night last night. Also orientating a new nurse, which I like to do, but it takes longer to stop and explain why you’re doing what you do at each step.

4.     Last night. Urology night. I hate urology night, have I mentioned that before? Enjoying the orthotics. I feel like I’m walking straighter.

5.     Exercising my civic duty/privilege and voting in the Provincial election. Our youngest daughter will be working on election day at one of the polling centres nearby. She also interviewed for a job today with the Black History month society. It’s only for six weeks, but it would help her out with her schooling costs. Also went to a musical my niece is in this evening. She has a great singing voice and can act as well.

6.     So many appointments today; physio, the weight doctor, a massage, then off to shop for a grad dress and shoes for my daughter for Tuesday.

7.     We went to the Niagara area to the wedding of a couple in our church. It was outdoors in a chapel in the woods, and then indoors for the reception. It was casual but very well suited to this adventurous couple. Perfect weather, though I got a sunburn. Our daughter went to Kingston today with her new housemates and they signed a lease on a beautiful semi-detached colonial side split. Very clean and nice, and reasonably priced and a few blocks from the lake and a short walk from the university.

8.     Church was awkward today. There’s been some fallout about our Pastor’s retirement as many are thinking of it as a resignation and are unwilling to accept it. Ah, church life. There’s no life like it! I feel bad because we haven’t had strife in the church for at least ten years and I remember now that I don’t like it. My poor husband, as he has stress at work and stress at church. At least he feels his home and marriage are a haven. Can you imagine if all three were pressing in on him?

9.     Physio this morning. It seems to be helping. I went without taking any muscle relaxants since last night. When the physiotherapist was putting his weight onto my back I felt like I would break. My daughter told me to be tough. “Pain is just weakness leaving the body.” It was good for a laugh. Also printing out documents for the upcoming writer’s conference this week, and beginning to pack.

10.  My youngest is graduating from university. I can’t believe how quickly the years have gone by. So proud of her. She is graduating with an Honours B.A. with distinction, in Peace, Conflict and Justice Studies from University of Toronto. Then we’re going out for dinner at Port in Pickering. Update. My youngest also heard about her summer job. She will be working at the Ontario Black History Society for six weeks starting in July. Yay!

11.  Annual meeting tonight. I hope it goes well, or at least not as bad as it could. Worst case scenario we would have to leave the church. I’ve been there 30 years, and he’s been there 37 years.

12.  The meeting did go as poorly as we feared. I’m afraid of how this will end. I hope it doesn’t split the church. In other news, I’m off to Guelph for the Write! Canada conference for writers who are Christian. I’ll be gone Thursday thru Saturday. I hope my back can handle all the sitting.

13. At Conference. I had professional photos taken and attended great classes and had great feedback at appointments with agents and editors. I met so many nice people and learned so much.

14.  Home and back to see World Cup Soccer. I am cheering for Germany, who happen to be favoured to win this year. We recorded a few games while I was away. After 37 years at Faith, and 28 of those in leadership, my husband handed in his resignation tonight. I’ve been there 30 years. My heart is breaking. I will especially miss my Women of Faith group.

15.  Father’s Day. We attended a nearby church where we know some people and the preaching is good. It still seems so surreal not to go to Faith. My husband feels such a release from the stress. He needed to look out for his health and well-being. I’m not there, yet. It seemed to happen so suddenly.

16.  Still ruminating all the events of the week through my mind. I guess I am grieving and included in that is anger and resentment, sadness and confusion. I think this was totally unnecessary and I wish it didn’t happen. I am trying to let go and look forward to what the Lord has for us in a new place, but it’s so hard to not think of myself as a member of Faith. I pray for the people there, I love them, and I know others will take our place.

17. Work is a little less crazy this week, thankfully. Sometimes I have hot flashes that steam up my glasses. Isn’t that ridiculous?

18.  My mom will be going to Finland for the whole summer. It will be so different without her around.

19. Pay day. Always a good day.

20. I had massage this morning at physio. Quite nice. Our daughter and her husband came to spend the night and we ordered in. They wanted to see my mom before she goes away.

21.  A beautiful summer day. Longest day of the year. My husband re-stained the deck. The icy winter did a number on it.

22.  We went to Newcastle Baptist Church this morning. I like the feel of it. We felt welcome. I felt funny when the Pastor welcomed us from the pulpit, mentioning we were from Faith. He doesn’t know otherwise, and we don’t really want to talk about it. This place would be nice if we retired and lived closer but for winter or for service and having people over, it’s not feasible.

23. Three nights this week.

24. Friends over to talk it out.

25.  I’m sad that people are filling in the holes of their understanding of the ituation and totally getting it wrong. We didn’t leave because of the resignation issue, but that seems to be the story going around. As much as we want to clear my husband’s name, we won’t tell people the details. We just want to let go and move on, now.

26. I ordered some books with the gift cards I got for my birthday. Some of them were books on writing that were recommended at the conference.

27.  In spite of the food at the conference, which I couldn’t control, I lost more weight. Total of 10 pounds in 7 weeks. The main thing is I’ve lost 12 inches overall. And my blood pressure is improved.

28.   We had our dinner party tonight. Our theme was Canadian Summer fresh and the menu was cherry sangria, caprese bites, mushroom and garlic bruschetta, spring pea soup, walnut pear and bleu cheese salad with maple vinaigrette, grilled quail, bison bites, and Atlantic salmon with smashed roasted potatoes and bacon wrapped asparagus, and strawberry shortcake trifle for dessert. Yeah, it was delicious, and the weather was awesome.

29.   We went back to a nearby church again. We already know quite a few people from there and the women were happy to hear we may attend there. It was encouraging. My mom headed off to Finland tonight.

30.  My nieces are going to live in Paris, France for a month. Pretty awesome experience for them.

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