Sunday, October 1, 2017

Nursery school

September Journaling

1.      A final day at sea as we head to Miami. As nice as vacations are, it’s nice to go home to my routines and more rest.

2.      A long day of travel. Customs is automated on the Canadian side now, but they’re still working out the bugs.

3.      Back home late last night. Got to go back to our own church today. Then we had guests over (the Hudsons) and I got a nice long nap today. That’s what it’s all about.

4.      Labour Day. The last day of my husband’s two week vacation. He gets six weeks a year total.

5.      Grocery shopping with my husband.

6.      A new treatment today. It was amazing! My cognitive impairment has been so bad. I haven’t been able to do even simple math like addition and subtraction for three years. But I could suddenly balance my chequebook again. The numbers made sense again. It’s the little things that are the big things.

7.      Dental appointment.

8.      A rare day at home in the next two weeks. So many medical appointments, it’s like the old days.

9.      Church picnic. It was too much for me so I slept in the car for two hours.

10.   Church today flanking a long nap.

11.   I will teach my grandson nursery school every Monday. My mom is coming with me because it would be too much for me on my own. It helps my daughter out and he loves to learn. It’s mostly play since he’s still a toddler (2-1/2).

12.   Women’s Bible study started up again. Then a treatment, dinner and then a Women’s ministry planning meeting. Too much for one day.

13.   Doctor’s appointment to fill out insurance forms. Stressful, plus a two hour wait.

14.   Chiropractor and massage. Sent insurance forms off.

15.   Pain clinic today.

16.   My husband and I went to visit the grandchildren today.

17.   Church today.

18.   The Women’s Ministry is showing the movie, The Case for Christ, at church tonight. My mother in law is coming. We switched Benny’s school day to Friday this week.

19.   Women’s Bible study, then my mom visited.

20.   Treatment.

21.   A rare day of rest.

22.   School day. My mom came with me. My grandson loves school.

23.   A quiet day with a long nap.

24.   Church today, with an international luncheon for Missions Week. My husband made jerked chicken for Jamaica and I made a buttermilk spice cake to represent Finland. I’ll also wear the t-shirt my mom brought me from Finland that has my hometown on it.

25.   School day. On my own. Too hard.

26.   Bible study, lunch, then injections to my face. Uggh.

27.   Treatment. My mom is staying over for a few nights. There was a snake in her apartment last week. It went out under the door and into someone else’s apartment. They haven’t found it yet which is a little creepy.

28.   Heard about some long overdue money coming from the government. So thankful.

29.   I feel bad that my elderly mother is here cleaning my fridge and bathrooms and cooking dinner. All those things I used to take for granted are hard for me now, but I do appreciate her help.

30.   A church historian spoke at our church to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Then I napped a few hours. Also I sat at the back with my feet up.

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