Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Longing Season

The Longing Season: The Amazing Story Of 'Amazing Grace'
By Christine Schaub

This is the love story of John Newton and Mary Catlett. John Newton was an infamous slave trader who was converted to Christianity during a storm at sea and then laboured to end slavery in England. John and Mary were separated for three years and alternated between longing and despair.
It has a mixture of fictional and non-fictional characters. I don't like when a book introduces a second love interest, especially when he's more charming than the one she really loves. I would have chosen the other guy, but then, maybe I'm just shallow.
Reading the life story of John Newton makes the words to the hymn he wrote more poignant. He really was a wretch.
This is the second book in the Music of the Heart series, which pressents the background stories of famous hymns and writers, in this case John Newton's Amazing Grace.

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