Friday, November 20, 2009

Showing the House

Nov.19, 2009

Outside my window...darkness and city lights. Such a nice view facing southwest from the lounge at work.
I am thinking...that I'm happy to hear that my friend, Kathy, who I travel to Oncology Nursing conferences with, is engaged. She chose a good guy and I'm sure they'll be happy.
I am thankful for...our house being on the market, finally. It's clean, tidy, and looks totally un-lived in. I guess with marketing, you have to remove personal effects so people can picture themselves living there. It's no longer our home, but an item on the market.
I am uniform. I'm at work.
From the kitchen...lasagna, salad, and bread.
I am reading...The Swiss Courier by Tricia Goyer and Mike Yorkey, a spy thriller set during WW2.
I am hoping...that my eldest daughter discovers the source of her allergies. Her eyes are swollen and red, the worst they've ever been. She's been to the doctor and now has a referral to see an allergist.
I am announcement for Code Blue on another unit. Three a.m. Not likely to be a good outcome. They may have been dead at least an hour since last rounds. Also, I've heard that 3 a.m. is the "most popular time" to die.
Around the house...a steady parade of people interested in our house. Most are South Asian, okay, all are. They really want to buy in this neighbourhood; some to get out of the apartments, others to buy homes for extended family. I hope our next-door-neighbour puts in the best offer. They seem the most eager and have their financing pre-approved. Our real estate agent says the house shows well and he is expecting multiple offers on Monday evening when we open the bidding. He even has plans for an Open House on Saturday to accommodate all the inquiries.
One of my favourite things...having relatives who live across the street. I slept there today while our house was being shown. Now they've decided to move, as well, and bought a house in Ajax, too. They move in March. They won't be across the street, but close enough.
Some plans for the sleep tomorrow morning, since we have to be in Burlington in the afternoon for the SGF Annual Assembly and Banquet. I'm looking forward to seeing friends. The usual Sunday, with church, but we need to be prepared to vacate the premises if the house is to be shown. People need to be free to comment without worrying if we hear what they're saying. We take offers Monday and make a decision by Tuesday morning. Then we can start packing. Work four nights.

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