Wednesday, December 2, 2009

House is Sold!

Dec. 2, 2009

Outside my window...a rainy day. Toronto actually got through November with no snow. That hasn't happened in over 100 years.
I am thinking...I need to compare moving companies and find a reputable one that won't hold our stuff hostage while they extort more money from us.
I am thankful for...the quick sale of our house. There were five offers, and we sold for almost $19,000 over the asking price. It was sold to our next-door neighbours. I'm glad they got it. They seem very happy.
I am uniform. I'm at work.
From the kitchen...pork loin, mixed veggies, stuffing.
I am reading...Pontius Pilate by Paul L. Maier. It's historical fiction. It's very well researched and interesting to hear the familiar story from a Roman point of view.
I am brother-in-law's house across the street will sell soon. They don't move until March, so they have a little more time.
I am hearing...a quiet unit.
Around the house...decorating for Christmas. We'll start packing in January. It shouldn't take too long, since we already cleaned out our closets and shed to show the house, so everything that's left if what we want to take with us. My Christmas letter is done, but my cards aren't addressed. Mostly I'll post it on facebook and save the hassle of mailing except to those without computers. Half our Christmas shopping is done. I haven't baked yet.
One of my favourite things...being organized. I seem to alternate years. This is a good one. Also I don't have to cook Christmas dinner this year, so less stress.
Some plans for the four nights, again. Shop. Send out my Christmas cards. Get a haircut. Clean my house.

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