Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Quiet Night at the "Office".

Dec. 30, 2009.

Outside my window...a dark, very cold winter night. (Minus 25 C with the wind chill factor).
I am thinking...that the College of Nurses Quality Assurance gets more ridiculous each year. Now, instead of letting you decide what you need or want to learn related to nursing, they make you choose to learn something related to the two "competencies" that they've chosen for the year, such as Ethics and Infection Prevention & Control. So, being an honest nurse and a rule-follower, I do it, but honestly, I find it more helpful to learn about something directly related to my practice (Oncology Nursing). Being interested in what I'm learning is a huge factor for me in whether or not I retain what I've learned. Just saying...
I am thankful for...both our daughters. They are becoming fine young women. Our eldest is still in Kansas City at a conference. Our youngest and I had a great discussion the other day about politics and world issues. I'm so pleased that they have concerns for people around them and for the bigger issues. So many girls their age are only interested in boys, or gossipping or shopping.
I am wearing...my uniform. I'm at work. The O.R. is closed this week. Tonight there are only five patients for two nurses.
From the kitchen...ham, potatoes, asparagus.
I am reading...Dear Lady by Robin Lee Hatcher.
I am hoping...that I get New Years' Eve off after all.
I am hearing...a very quiet unit.
Around the house...I spent the whole morning on the phone, cancelling existing services and setting up new accounts for our new house. It's days like this I thank God that I'm not a secretary. I hate telephones and admin. But it did get me more excited about moving. Can't wait.
One of my favourite things...a warm house and bed on a cold day like this. We are blessed.
A few plans for the week...my three nights of work may change to only two. On New Years' Eve we're expecting to have only one patient left. They may do what they did on Christmas Eve and transfer them, close our unit, and give us the night off. I was looking forward to time and a half, but I wouldn't mind the evening off. My husband is bringing the New Years' message at church this year. Plus we have a potluck dinner and board games. It'd be nice to go.

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