Sunday, December 13, 2009

Almost Ready

Dec. 3, 2009.

Outside my window...a light dusting of snow. An hour north of Toronto they had a metre of snow within two days. That's just, wrong.
I am Pastor shocked me this morning when I found he out he was an Infralapsarian. I'm Supralapsarian. I've agreed with him on everything else so far. Oh, well. Who knows? Those things are non-essential and we'll be corrected about many things when we get to heaven.
I am thankful for...the faithful preaching of the gospel at my church. I think our Pastor is one of the best preachers I've ever heard.
I am wearing...jeans, a burgundy sweater, and a grey cardigan.
Fom the kitchen...mashed potatoes, karjalanpaistia (Finnish meal with beef and pork), veggies and chocolate cake.
I am reading...The Inheritance by Tamera Alexander.
I am ex-brother-in-law will come to his daughter's baptism is January. I'm so happy for her. We've taken her to the Carey Conference for years, and now that she's going to school in Hamilton, she's been attending Trinity Baptist Church.
I am hearing...the movie, Flyboys, which I've seen before. I'm more of a Navy girl, myself, but it was interesting.
Around the house...ready for Christmas. Cards are sent and I've sent care packages to the girl we support in Haiti and a soldier in Iraq. My husband was sick the past week and now he's off for two weeks so he can get a few things done around the house before we move. We had the youth over Friday night for the dessert part of a Progressive dinner.
One of my favourite things...having my family at home. I love that my daughters get along so well. They went to a different church together. I'm glad they want to go to church.
Some plans for the with my daughter who is home for a few days. Work Monday night. Ladies' meeting potluck dinner Tuesday, work Wednesday and Thursday.

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