Sunday, December 27, 2009

Letting Go

December 27, 2009.

Outside my window...we had a green Christmas. Snow would have looked nice but I can live without it.
I am thinking...that potential terrorist attack on the plane on Christmas Day is a scary concept.
I am thankful for...a great Christmas, the last in our home of eighteen years. See the following posts.
I am wearing...a skirt and burgundy sweater.
From the kitchen...leftover turkey.
I am reading...Chocolate Beach by Julie Carobini, which is Christian chick-lit.
I am eldest daughter has a good time at the ONE THING conference she's at in Kansas City. She drove down with other people from camp. I was quite worried about them being on the roads in winter, at night but I guess there comes a time when they make their own decisions and you've got to let them go and trust them to God's care.
I am old Sherlock Holmes movie. My husband likes them more than me, but sometimes you just do things to spend time together.
Around the that Christmas is over, I've started packing. Half the library is packed with very little effort. Four weeks should be more than enough. We've chosen a moving company and now are beginning to inform companies of our move. I'm sooooooooo excited.
One of my favourite things...Turtles, my favourite chocolates. Yes, I got more than I should have.
Some plans for the week...Shopping with my daughter tomorrow, work three nights, including New Years' Eve this year, attend our niece's baptism on Sunday.

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