Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

We celebrated our Finnish Christmas tonight. That means we had a ham dinner, along with a few other traditional foods, like mashed turnip casserole. It's better than it sounds. My mom cooked and my sister's family joined us. After dinner we opened our gifts. I got an electric blanket (to be used only in the day when my husband isn't with me), a book (Though Waters Roar by Lynn Austin), a CD by Casting Crowns called Until the Whole World Hears, Turtles (my favourite chocolates), Tim Horton's coffee (another favourite), and gift cards for IKEA, Pier One, RONA, and Chapters. The first three will be helpful for our upcoming move, the last one will just feed my bookaholic addiction. No complaints, though.
One of the gifts my husband received was a Christian reggae CD by the son of a Pastor we know. He's a white guy, but it's amazingly well done, with catchy tunes and good lyrics. H also received gift cards, sweaters and socks.
For our eldest daughter, we bought a weighted keyboard for her to use at her house in university. It's supposedly got the feel of a piano. That was her main gift because it was expensive. Our youngest daughter received money, books, music, and movies. Her main gift was actually not for herself. She asked if we'd donate money on her behalf to International Justice Mission, which is an organization she would one day love to work for as a lawyer. The money was towards their ministry in South East Asia and is related to their work in redeeming girls from the sex trade. This is a ministry close to her heart. How can you say no to such an unselfish gift?
This was our last Christmas in this house. We'll start our packing after our Jamaican Christmas with my husband's family tomorrow.

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